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A CFSWF Rec List

Seeing as we’ve got a lot of new folks in the Cosmere fandom, here’s a little list of past Cosmere Fandom Still Worst Fandom month projects that I particularly love, if that’s the right word.

Note that this list is purely subjective on a number of levels; there are, for instance, some works that I chose not to list because they ended too positively.  Additionally, this is NOT a rec list of all Cosmere sadfic/art/etc, but ONLY those projects produced specifically for the #CFSWF challenge, which started in July 2014.  If it wasn’t tagged with #CFSWF, I didn’t look at it for this list - hence the absence of Beneath The Bells of Kharbranth, etc.

Organized by Shardworld, and in no particular order.





+ bonus non-Cosmere but written for CFSWF:


 Bias selfie or just selfie tag! finally had the time to do this T_T 
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bias selfie tag | couple polaroids 💓📷

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My opinion on the members of Stray Kids

I obviously love all of them, but I thought I’d recap my opinions so far so it would be fun to look back on as I get to know them more ^_^

Chan: 10/10 leader; so supportive and understanding. The dad of the group. Everyone’s best friend. His smile is amazing. That person you want to hang out with all the time.

Woojin: Adorable af honestly, he’s trying to wreck my bias list. Not the mom of the group, not the dad of the group, but a mix of the two?? Relatable af. Seems a little quiet maybe compared to some other members? But also extra at some moments so honestly know knows.

Minho: THE MOM. He’s the Mom. Have you seen his bundle of clothes?? Honestly he’s an underrated visual, he looks great. Haven’t seen much of his dancing, but it looks amazing. Took me the longest to recongnize his face but I’m obsessed??

Changbin: My Bias/bias wrecker/can I even choose a single bias? His dark concept is some bull to hide that he’s soft af. His smile owns me. I like his mom XDXD.

Hyunjin: I FEEL LIKE THERE HASN’T BEEN ENOUGH OF HIM. Honestly, he needs more talking time. His rapping slays me. Also his dog slays me. Just slays me in general.

Jisung: Speeking of visuals DAMNNNNN. I live for his piercings. What can’t he do?? I love his friendship with Changbin; I want more of it. Probably will bias wreck me in the future.

Felix: Bias/Bias wrecker/ Idk who will win my heart. Lost 24/7. His voice is deep but his soul is soft. All the screentime he gets is either him lost or dabbing. I like his black hair more than blonde, oops.

Seungmin: I need more of him. His singing is amazing. Also his friendship with Felix is g8. I feel like his screentime has been low? Honestly, he seems really soft and I like it.

Jeongin: My son. Even though he’s the youngest, he seems so close to everyone. He invented trot and braces. He looks cute af, but I bet you he will glow up even more in a few years and slay the fandom.

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Who's jungkook?

Your future Bias wrecker 👀👀👀👀 THIS THING 👇👇👇👇 IS WHAT WE CALL A “Jungkook” . You will experiment breathing problems and dizziness if it get close to you. It can also cause more side effects such as : spazing, seizures, fainting, endless crying ,screaming ,squealing , cerebral damage (you will bang your head in walls everyday) etc. OH and BTW , you don’t get to choose him as your bias. HE CHOOSES YOU 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨🚫🚫🚫AVOID AT ALL COSTS🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

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Chanyeol gifs spam~♥

It’s my baby’s birthday~~ ♥ Happy birthday Chanyeol oppa♥
I swear this boy is too cute, sexy, goofy, wonderful, happy virus (ok he can’t be too happy :3 ) and should I just admit that he is basically my ideal type? ♥ Ok, ok let’s start ;)


How he can always be so bright and happy? :3♥


Then to the cuteness and dorkiness ;p

He’s so clueless sometimes :D Awwwwwwww:3

Don’t act you understood ;D♥

That’s the face :D

Then he has this side… I hate him…so much…D: DAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM♥.♥

AAAAAAARG~~ THIS BOY! TT_TT He looks a bit of Hongbin from this angleO.O

His smile and laughing face are just…gold♥;D

When I first got to know him I thought is he laughing or about to cry xp

And he definitely looks good with glasses on ♥.♥

Back to the dorkiness and cute Yeollie feat. his band members. AND TO MY OTP BAEKYEOL! :3♥

These two..sigh…love them♥

Smooth Chanyeol



/laughsoutloud/ sure babe, sure.

I can’t take this D;

A tall baby tower who hasn’t used to his long legs yet x)♥

Don’t mess with mr. Park ;D

Damn Baekyeol (;

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What the hell..? Oh well I should be used to this:D

Awww :DD♥ Although what I can think is how that little brat is always breaking Yeollie’s heart D: ;D



I said that brat keeps breaking his heart so no wonder;D

Look who’s jelly ;)

Me :3

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Chanyeol says bye~~♥

It’s already 28th day in Korea but I was a bit busy today so sorry for being late! Happy birthday still to my future husband (¬‿¬) ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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“Cellphones are making us stupid!”

We are constantly able to learn new information using technology. People used to only know what they were studying in school or what their parents taught them. We can now research anything we want, anywhere, with the push of a few buttons. We can ask opinions from people who study what ever we are currently researching, without having to look at 20 year old outdated books that have half correct and half incorrect information. We can look into both sides of politics and decide where we stand, instead of believing cookie cutter what our parents teach us, which will always be bias. We can donate to shelters with the click of a button. We can spread awareness with a few typed out words. We can stay in contact with friends whom we get along with better than the people we see in person, no matter where they live. We can document our lives for our children and grandchildren to see, in full color pictures and videos. I know I would jump at the chance to see what my grandparents did for fun! We can document the present for future generations, with less bias than the history books have now. We can learn a new language while riding on the bus, we can cheer each other up on bad days with snapchat, we can contact friends in our time of need to get help from them, without wondering if they will be home to answer the land line phone. We can record our childrens first words, first steps, first EVERYTHING no matter when or where it happens. If we are kidnapped or attacked, we can reach out for help easier than ever. We can record violence while it happens so there is proof and no need for a huge trial that wastes time and money. So what if we look at a cat video now and then? Technology is an amazing feat.

Excuse me, but even if he qualified as k-pop…

External image


External image

He is not the first

External image

In fact he’s not even close

External image

And suggesting otherwise

External image

Is not only ignorant

External image

But an insult to all the awesome American K-Pop artists out there.

In 2015, being a girl can still be a hurdle, but you can choose to do something other than jumping over it. No one can stop you from walking around it. No one has ever stopped me from knocking it down every single time someone tries to stand it back up in front of me. I’ve got places to go, and they’re more important than a misogynistic child trying to make me play some game.
—  An excerpt of something I started writing today (January 16, 2015) that was originally supposed to be a 30-60 second speech I was writing for my English class about who I am and what I believe, that turned into a messy 2-page feminist rant with all sorts of symbolism that I didn’t know where I was going with. I liked pieces of it, though, so here’s one.
Hwiyoung Spam!

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(am i the only one who doesn’t like aegyo? Yes? ok)

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This hair yaasss i’m excited for future hair styles

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Duuuuuuuuuude Bias wrecker over here! Btw that ^ is sooo adorable!! Eeeeeeehh i am squealing rn

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What is this ^? When did this happen?

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