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What I Want To See Before ACOTAR Ends

•Tamlin either get fucked up by Feyre or him redeem himself enough that we can swallow it
•The King of Hybern die a miserable death
•Hybern die with him and just burn in hell
•The racial discrimination and social classes be obliterated
•Tarquin and Rhys make peace and dream together for a brighter and bigger future
•Feyre becoming personal besties with Tarquin and maybe the other high lords
•The Suriel continuing to be our favorite Gossip Girl and fuck us up with his info
•The Suriel being bffs with Feyre (I know this is already a big thing in the fandom but actually reading it)
•Mor finding who she needs and continuing to love herself and be happy
•Amren freeing herself and us finally knowing exactly what kind of monstrous beast of death she is and shower hell
•Azriel finding who he needs and being happy and not so gloomy and just sticking with his shadows
•Cassian finding who he needs and stop being a buffer for his friends and being happy himself
•Elain and Nesta redeeming themselves and making a change
•Lucien finding himself out of his broken shell and being happy with Elain
•Nesta finding her calling and finding who she needs
•Miryam and Drakon???
•Prythian and the mortal realm being at peace once more
•Peace to reign for so long, Rhys opens up Velaris to all
•Illyrian females to properly train, stop getting their wings clipped, and being just as respected and feared than any other Illyrian male
•Beron and his other sons of the Autumn Court also burning in hell and Lucien having the honors
•Feyre being able to paint for an eternity and be so full of life and joy and love for living she can’t even think about anything else (other than probably doing Rhys, but you know)
•The Inner Circle finding true happiness for an eternity
•Rhys not getting such a volatile bad rep anymore
•Small baby bats and fae running around everywhere from our favorite ships
•Illyrian wingspans correlating with other parts being fully proven in detail ;)

Anyone else?

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Happy New Year everyone ! 🎉🍾

I hope everyone had an amazing night just like i did, because there is nothing better than to spend new years eve with the two most important people in my life.

On the one side the love of my life, better half and future husband who always supports me in everything and anything i do, who makes me happy like nobody else ever could and who i love more than anything in the world.

And on the other side my bestie, and future flower “girl” at my wedding lmao. Who is always there for me no matter what and supports every decision i make.. Who i can count on without doubts and who knows what i think before i even say it.

You two, thank you so much for everything. I honestly couldnt imagine my life without you both and i wouldnt want to. I cant wait for the next amazing year and all the memories we will make together. <3

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[And to all of my follower here on tumblr, who support me and show love to the things i do… thank you so much 💜 I will try my best to make you happy with many new projects, collections and pictures. Happy New Year! ]


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