future apologies if i ever do it again

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I'd just like to say that your style - especially the way you draw Tiki - captivates me utterly and your MaMU/Tiki art makes my heart melt and I would absolutely love to commission you to draw more if I ever got the chance. Have a lovely day.

Thank you! I love MaMUxTiki pairing. I’m glad some of my art can make u happy :’) I would like to draw more of this pairing in the future. And I apologize for not posting art lately. I’m having a terrible wrist problem that makes it hard to draw, but i do hope i can continue commissions again! 😭 Have a good day to u too

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hello! how would the members react when reader confesses with a cheesy or corny pickup line? kkk~

hello! I apologize for taking a millennium to do this request dear lord 

would absolutely love it and would definitely say something cheesy/corny back 10000%: Seungcheol, Jun, Hoshi, Dokyeom

would laugh at it a cringe a bit, but would gladly say yes and tease you about it in the future: Jeonghan, Joshua, Mingyu, Minghao, Dino

would hAte it lord help him they’d cringe so bad, make a gross face make vomiting noises but don’t get me wrong bc they’d still say yes with a small laugh, “we can date but don’t say anything like that ever again”: Wonwoo, Woozi, Seungkwan, Vernon, 

I hope you like it anon~

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Now It's Time to Say Goodbye.

I’ve been debating making this post all day or leaving it as is and letting it go where it may, as it may. In the end I decided it would be wholly unlike me not to say something, so that brings us here, to where we are.

It’s time for me to move on, I should think. I have enjoyed my year and a half in this fandom immensely, it’s been life changing and wonderful and tragic and sad and beautiful and breathtaking, all rolled into one. I have made friends and I have lost friends, I have felt on top of the world and buried underneath it; I have laughed and I have cried, felt immense joy and immense sorrow.

Thank you for being a part of that, whomever you are. Whether we are friends or were once, whether you were merely a spectator of this blog or a regular contributor, I love you all and always will hold you in incredibly high esteem with vast amounts of love and fondness.

To be clear about the inevitable: No, I do not believe Louis is a father. Yes, I still very much believe him to be mind numbingly infatuated with the love of his life, Harry Styles. I do not think he chose this for himself and I absolutely foresee a day when he will move forward from the current station of his life, Harry by his side.

For me, this fandom became a place that held more sadness than it did joy, and so I’ve chosen to follow the advice I’ve given so many wherein we are responsible for our own happiness. To those I’ve hurt along the way, please hold my most sincere and deepest apologies. Regardless of what may be thought, no hurt ever inflicted was intentional.

It has been the greatest joy being a part of this community, and I do hope we all cross paths one day again in the future. Thank you for the honor of your company and your friendship, and please remember to be good to each other and practice kindness, it will be your savior when you feel the most lost.

All my love,
Ashlee AKA Unintentionalarry


Summary: She knows he has to die, but she doesn’t want it to be while she is still alive. Annalogia.

Notes: So I guess the new chapters don’t expand on Acnologia. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for you all), this means that the multitude of Annalogia possibilities in my head can only multiply. Which means more Annalogia. I’m sorry, my followers.

Second part (sorta kinda sequel) here: the end.

When more than six hands rise high in the air, she finally realizes that she can’t hold her secrets back anymore.

“Then it is determined by the vote then,” the head of the council notes, recording the number. “It is 7 agreed to 5, which is majority. Acnologia must be killed.”

After a moment, quiet murmurs rustle the Council table. No one has expected the plan to not have passed, but no one has expected such a conflicted win.

“No,” she states. Her voice breaks through the cloud of whispers. “We can’t.”

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X JAPANのPATA、緊急入院で現在は小康状態、活動の一部を当面延期(MusicVoice) - Yahoo!ニュース

X Japan’s Pata who was admitted urgently to the hospital is now in remission, activities are postponed.

Rock band X Japan’s member Pata (whose real name is Tomoaki Ishizuka) was admitted to the hospital from January 15th. He was being treated in the ICU but is currently stable.

He was diagnosed with large intestine diverticulitis and portal vein thrombosis and is receiving IV treatment. Because of this situation, this year’s March 12th planned Wembley Arena performance will be postponed to March 4th, 2017 and the situation with the new album sale date will be examined.

The members of X JAPAN comments as follows:

Yoshiki: I am feeling a lot of sad emotions. I am not able to express it with just words when I think that I am disappointing the fans. I’m so sorry. I am always saying “the show much go on” but I can’t do anything but watch protectively over Pata’s condition at this time. I can only pray that there are no further tragedies with X JAPAN. Without all our fans, there is no X JAPAN. I promise that we will come back stronger than ever.

ToshI: To all our fans, to have made you worried and to trouble you I apologize whole heartedly. I am looking forward to being able to do music activities with PATA as X JAPAN again in the future.

Heath: I apologize whole heartedly for the Wembley performance and the new album being postponed. Because I want to send an X JAPAN in perfect condition to all the fans it may take some time. When we return in perfect condition, we will deliver the best sound and best stage performance so please look forward to it.

Sugizo: Without PATA, X Japan is impossible. I will continue to wait.

Presently X Japan had released a documentary film called “WE ARE X”. Amongst the sad news the film was featured in the International Sundance Film Festival which is a huge honor. It was also nominated and won the Film Editing Award. Yoshiki, the leader, attended and played a piano performace as the official opening event of the film festival on January 22nd.

While the world tour and studio album releases were forced to be postponed and is a disappointing result, I pray that even if it’s only a day faster that Pata makes a speedy recovery and so that X Japan can continue to carry out activities for their fans.

To my future daughter,
I won’t hesitate to tell you that I am not always right. And while you may never hear me say it again, it is important you read it now. That being said I want you to know that if you’re my child the word I’m sorry will fall from your lips like rain from the clouds and you won’t know why. There may be days where you feel like you take up too much room in the cosmos, but I assure you that you don’t yet take up enough. Please do not ever apologize for your existence, instead spread your arms wide like wings and learn to fly in a way that causes others to fear your confidence. There will be people who steal your heart, others who attempt to win it and others who wait patiently for it as a gift. I can tell you now that if it feels wrong, it probably is. You may love them, they may love you, but that does not mean it is right, and that does not mean you have to stay. Sweetheart, no matter what happens to your heart, try to not fear leaving it open. There are a million stories that will never be loved because a book was not opened and your heart should not be one of them. And finally, when you are weak, look to your mother. I do not know her yet, but her strength is unlike any others. She will have put the stars in my sky by the time you know her voice. The world is yours already, I love you.
Your future Father

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Hey, a while back you posted a submission with an adorable dog (a pug mix maybe?) named Buddha. That's inappropriate, the owner should have considered the disrespect of naming a pet after a religious icon. People should not even be naming their kids as such. It's inappropriate. Anyways I'd really appreciate it if you could filter such submissions. Thanks

i apologize, i didn’t realize it was insensitive. i’ve posted many submissions with dogs named after pagan gods and no one has ever said anything (but then again, different religious beliefs equates to different values sometimes). this is the first time this is being brought to my attention so i would like some help and advice on the matter. should i tag it as something in the future? should i disregard the post?

please note: i don’t mean to sound rude when i say this, but please don’t just say “no it’s fine don’t do anything” without seriously considering the religious values/beliefs of other people

ok! 2 announcements! lms/reply if u read prtty plz!

good morning every1 !! i hope everyone slept well and is havign a good day so far!!

i had th opportunity 2 talk w/ blaire abt my name and! my being a fictive! and i have settled on a name, nd found a way to start moving away from being  a chihiro fictive in a sense!

first! ive chosen cielo (chi-elo) and cinna (sin-ah) as my new names (theyre interchangeable!)! im srry 2 change it so much since yesterday but i think im gonna stick with this for now! :D i talked abt it w/ blaire and she said cielo is ok because its intent isnt 2 seem/sound like a shortened japanese name! and cinna i didnt ask abt but its just cinnamon shortenwd nd has no connection to chihiro or chiro (except for starting w/ c i guess ^ ^;) so !!

and!! 4 the fictive thing! she told me tht it is possible to sorta like..change who u are when a fictive! i jst have to start liek..applying myself more 2 a different character! i may not fully become whatevrr new character i choose, but i can liek..overshadow my traits from chihiro with ones from th new character!! 

i havent rly found a new character! tho im thiinking mayb aph america since im already kin w/ him ! i wanna find maybe a more similar character 2 me tho if possible! i dnt rly watch much tv so i actually dnt rly kno of many characters ^ ^; soul eater was suggested 2 me since apparently most of th characters are not  japanese, jst a few! (correct me if im wrong!)

but since i hav such limited knowledge of characters, id rly appreciate any suggestions for characters ! i hope 2 find one similar to me right now, but tht may not be possible! thw only thing i ask is plz dont suggest characters who are poc (unless they r native american bbut ive never heard of a native american character so ^ ^;) !

thank u all vry much for ur support, nd taking the time 2 read this! i rly appreciate every1 who has stuck w/ me thru all of this!

i realize tht my past actions were bad, and id like to apologize for tht! im very sorry for using thw name chiro (and chihiro vry far in th past), and not asking sooner if it was possible 2 change myself as a fictive! im srry for being so resistant nd difficult in th past as well!

these are my first steps towards correcting my behavior !! im trying rly hard 2 b a better person ! if u ever see me doing something bad again in thw future, pretty plz let me kno!! 

again thank u all for reading this, nd putting up w/ me 4 so long ^ ^;; 

gosh this got super long! srry!! i hope everyones having a good day !! i lov u all! 


The past few days have been very difficult for me mentally, but whenever I think back to the incredible night that was TATINOF, I can’t help but smile. I still can’t believe that I actually got to meet these two sunshines who have been saving me and making me smile since 2009. I am eternally grateful for everything they have done for me.

I know it’s only been four days since I saw them, but I have been on such an emotional roller coaster in that time and my memories of them and the show are what’s pulling me through right now. To anyone still on the fence about going, go. You will not regret it. Words cannot begin to describe how amazing this show is. Not a single detail was missed and Dan and Phil poured their hearts and souls into making the performance special and memorable for everyone. You will not be able to stop smiling and laughing even after the show has ended.

@danisnotonfire @amazingphil I didn’t get a chance to say this in the m&g (and I doubt you’ll ever see this), but I am so incredibly proud of both of you. Having sort of grown into adulthood with you (I’m almost 24), you both have always been such a huge comfort for me. Seeing how far you’ve come and how much you have achieved since I first started watching in 2009 gives me hope for my own future, that everything will turn out okay. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for everything you do for us. This was the most fun I’ve ever had. <3