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Dumb shit that happened in the X-Men prequel trilogy
  • The Charles/Moira romantic subplot
  • The Hank/Raven romantic subplot
  • The Erik/Raven romantic subplot
  • The awful haircut they gave Alex in apocalypse (by far the second worse they did to him)
  • Killing Sean for literally no reason and having Erik only refer to him as Banshee when talking about his death
  • Killing Darwin who’s mutation was literally adapting to SURVIVE.
  • (xmfc) In a movie about progression within society, out of the only two main pocs one dies less than half way into the movie and the other ends up betraying everyone less than half way into the movie
  • Erik having some rando family in the third movie
  • The botching of Emma Frost’s character
  • The fact that Pietro has a conversation with just about everyone about Erik being his dad

    EXCEPT Erik

The Signs as X-Men

Aries: Havok/Storm
Taurus: Mystique/Blink
Gemini: Rouge/Psylocke
Cancer: Storm
Leo: Beast/Iceman
Virgo: Cyclops
Libra: Storm/Jean
Scorpio: Wolverine
Sagittarius: Kitty/Nightcrawler
Capricorn: Angel/Magneto
Aquarius: Quicksilver
Pisces: Professor X/Kitty

X Men Nicknames??

Made these babies up let’s see how it goes
Peter: Peter Pea
Kurt: Blueberry Cinnamon-Roll
Warren: Birdy Boy
Charles: Eggy Head Master Mind
Erik: MagNEATo
Raven: RayBae
Hank: B-Dog
Ororo: RoRo (or Sunshine. Just because.)
Scott: Slim Shady Shades
Jubilee: Juju Baby
Logan: Overgrown Angry Cat
Bobby: Frosty/Jack Frost
Rouge: Touch-Me-Not
Peter Rasputin: Buns o’ Steel (I’ll add to this probably but I need help with Jean, I can’t think of one for her!?)