future amazing graphic design


As designers (because we hate to limit our roles simply as “graphic” designers when we are capable of so much creativity, so why limit our talent?) we are often observing and taking mental note, not only for ideas on new projects, or ways to inspire or influence - this is a blessing and a curse, trust that. The sensory overload can be overwhelming, but it’s these observations that always spur great conversations, whether it be at the round table in the office or while grabbing a cup of joe.

You may fall under the category of “WHO FRIGGIN CARES” haha, but this is one bit of observation worth sharing because it’s a glimpse at how keen our observation has become as well trained professional designers… The Green Band Trailer layout before every film trailer has CHANGED! Once again, you may think it’s nothing worh talking about, but it is…

It’s the subtlety that really intrigues us, from a lighter green color, to a the removal of dropshadow, to simpifying the layout to even a change in typography. What was once marred with dropshadows and big clunky ARIAL typeface, is now a very clean and subtle layout with NO drop shadow and the intro to a FUTURA typeface. At first we felt offended by this - it was immediate like a slap to the face, because once again, us designers notice these things. But it was a SLAP, because of the thought… “Why change something that has withstood the test of time? Why change the standard?? Why even bother with something that most people dont even care about???

But there lies the beauty of this change… It was noticed… Not only by a group of designers munchin on some popcorn, but with old timer movie goers, and movie snobs alike. Immediately we felt like Wes Anderson took over the MPAA, because of his love for the typeface FUTURA and every excuse he has to display it in his films. But no… Wes did not take over, by force or any means necessary. The change was due in part to bring unification to the newly introduced RED BAND trailers (introed several years ago), and most of all reflect the type of films that are enjoyed today - to seem less of a stern badge, and more of a lending piece of design that compliments what you are about to see, and NOT warn you for what you are about to see.

We welcome the new design, not only because our opinion doesnt matter, haha, but because change is good, and change sparks conversation and change reflects what surrounds us.

PS: Change is not so good however, when it comes to the almost disastrous GAP logo chanage, horrible JC Penny change, and horrible, yes horrible DC logo redesign…