future 2.0




not gonna be living in the street then 

… which, you know, i wouldn’t actually have had to but being broke and not able to afford anything all the time is no fun either


The OUREA Christian Grajewski

“317 years after human kind’s extinction, the OUREA reaches her final destination, the planet Aion. Loaded with the genetic samples and the memory of a billion people and the equipment to build a new world. Theia the artificial intelligence has the task to rebuild human society…“

Currently volunteering a 3hr shift to the Pet Loss Support Hotline at MSU CVM. I am a firm believer that our ‘pets’ are a part of our family and if you are grieving, struggling to cope with their loss, then there should be someone there to help you. Tonight, that might be me!

If you or anyone you know is struggling with the loss of a pet and feels like they need someone to talk to, there are options!

  • The Listening Ear 24-hour Crisis Hotline: (517) 337-1717
  • The Iams Pet Loss Support Resource Center: (888) 332 7738 [M-F 8-5]
  • WSU Hotline: (886) 266-8635 
  • Until April 20th, 2017 MSU Pet Loss Support Hotline: (517) 432-2696
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST [T,W,Th]

Okay, let’s talk about coping. Like, the Paladins have been through hell and survived, but how do they cope? Keith wastes his life away pushing his body to its limits. Hunk creates things, not just food, but machines, and just anything to keep his mind off everything. Pidge learns, Pidge adapts, Pidge doesn’t allow themselves to be affected as much, but secretly, Pidge cries. Shiro, Shiro pushes himself- mentally. Not in the way Keith works til his breaking point, but the way he tries to bond with black until he can’t, the way he goes into the astral plane, just, pushing himself.

Lance however, jokes. Lance makes jokes about almost dying, Lance makes jokes about anything, Lance doesn’t stop to allow himself sadness, because right now- right when the whole team is falling apart- they’ll need a joke. He allows himself to become the joke of the team. He makes sure people laugh, that they breath. Lance makes sure Keith isn’t pushing himself, by challenging him, and allowing Keith to make fun of him, and laughing with him. Lance makes sure Hunk doesn’t neglect his emotions, by talking to him, by sitting and chatting, and making him smile. Lance makes sure Pidge isn’t over working themselves, by annoying them until they smirk, or reminding them their great, and making sure they can breath. Lance makes sure Shiro will be alright after each mental session, talks to him, tells him stories about earth, keeps him light hearted.

But Lance doesn’t cope. Him joking is to make sure everyone else copes. Cause the blue lion is selfless. And it’s paladin is even more so. Lance doesn’t cope and that’s okay with him. Until it’s not.

alternate dragon age subtitles

Dragon Age: Oh You Want to Romance a Dwarf? Well, Uh, Maybe Later

Dragon Age: If You’re Tired of Fancypants Tolkienian Elves That Have Everything Handed to Them on a Silver Leafy Platter, Have We Got a Story For You

Dragon Age: Sing-Along With Mother Giselle!

Dragon Age: We Put the Eyyyyyyy in Morally Grey

Dragon Age: Every Ancient Order of Honorable Warriors Is Probably Corrupt and/or Keeping More Secrets Than Your Entire Party Put Together

Dragon Age: Those Barriers Can Totally Be Broken Without Magic of the Opposing Type, We Lied (Oops)

Dragon Age: How the FUCK Are You Swinging That 8-Foot Sword

Dragon Age: There’s Either a Billion Dragons That Are a Mild Nuisance Or Ten That Will Violently Destroy You, There Is No Middle Ground

Dragon Age: Chances Are Flemeth Will Never Die, Ever

Dragon Age: If Joan of Arc Got a Little Out of Hand

Dragon Age: Every Time We Tell You Somewhere Is Terrible It Probably Isn’t That Bad (Except Maybe Kirkwall)

Dragon Age: Being an Elf Means You’ll Never Ever Be Happy and Literally No One Cares (Except Possibly Someone Who’d Just as Soon Destroy All of the World, So, Good Luck with That)

Dragon Age: The Myths Are Mostly True and The History Mostly Isn’t

Dragon Age: Magic Is Evil and Terrible and Will Make You a Monster Unless You’re the One Doing It (Or You’re Friends With the One With the Fancy Title)

Dragon Age: Generally Speaking, Everything You Thought Was True Is Probably a Huge Lie Spread By People In Power So They Could Stay That Way

Dragon Age: If You Thought the Real Church Was Fucked Up…

and last but not least

Dragon Age: If You Think You’re in Control, There is Probably a Mage Among Your Friends Who’s Scheming Something That Will Make You an Accessory to Murder and/or World-Destruction But Hasn’t Told You Yet (Sorry)