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Two things I caught about this scene:

1. The three torches Rosita is lighting in the beginning represent the three lives lost in season 7, Glenn, Abraham, and Sasha. Considering this was supposed to be in the first episode of the season, this is foreshadowing as we don’t find out Sasha dies until the last episode of the season.

2. Rick and Michonne are (hopefully) going to have a son some time in the future. Did you see how Michonne glances at a pregnant Sasha, then walks to the table holding two wine bottles, one with a red label and one with a blue label. She looks at the red one briefly, and then she puts the blue one on the table. Maybe this is foreshadowing a son?? Or a boy and girl twins? (Although that is probably way too much to hope for from this show) 

hey guys heres a terrifying thought

homestuck, john dies at the end, and the adventure zone all have weirdly similar fanbases that are, in some cases, nearly impossible to tell apart

Can’t Help Falling in Love (Part 18)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

A/N: Part 18 here we go! Extreme violence ahead and mild swearing, this chapter is the battle between Lilith and Lucifer and everyone else, hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Violence and language

Word count: 2549

Sam x Reader

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“Okay, well are you sure we have to wait for Castiel? I mean, why is there a set time that he can bring Y/N back” John questions.

“I don’t really know, all I know is that Cas said it’s risky enough as it is to steal people from Heaven, the longer she’s there the longer they can track her whatever that means” Dean answers, loading another gun.

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Highlights of Griezmann’s interview

I hope that Juve to wins the UCL and then we can give the Ballon D’Or to Buffon (he did That)

The only way to calm Mia down is by singing Atleti’s anthem to her

Tranfer rumours:

I would only leave Atleti to play next to Derrick Rose

I’m just as happy now as I was on the day of my presentation

Grizione alert:

I’m happy in Atleti. I adore Cholo and my team mates (he did That 2.0)

My future in Atleti doesn’t depend from Cholo’s future 

Every player that is coached by Cholo, improves. He is the one who has helped me in everything. Thanks to him I am where I have always wanted to be.

At the beginning of the season, people thought the Cholo era was over… but here we are.

When Cholo doesn’t speak during a training, we think that’s something is wrong with him


I would love Cavani. He has our style, is Uruguayan, gives everything with each ball. It would be top. 

I love listening to Gabi and Godín, their talks really get into you.

I don’t see myself as a fundamental piece for Atleti’s success

We haven’t talked about Theo, I only mocked Luquitas about it

I have completed my formation as a South American with Godín

Ok, but

Rose and Pearl fused into Rainbow Quartz.

But, the gems for Rainbow Quartz don’t really look like any ACTUAL Rainbow Quartzes.

Just look her gems.

Now, look at an actual Rainbow Quartz.

Mostly clear, and not nearly as pink as Rainbow Quart’z gems.

What am I getting at here, you ask? Well, to me, Rainbow Quartz’s gems look more like Rainbow Aura Quartz.

Still clear, but much more pink and yellow, as depicted on her gems. Another name for Rainbow Aura Quartz is Angel Aura Quartz.

Why am I pointing this out?

Look at my design for a fusion of Steven and Pearl (made before this episode, of course).


Why Littlefinger’s death sucks

First, I’m disappointed in Sansa. In a way I’m satisfied that most Sansa haters can now see how wrong they were about her but I just hate that she got LF killed. I really wanted her to become one of the biggest players of the show, I saw her as a future Cersei 2.0 but with her working with her family this won’t happen. She will stay “morally” right instead of being the ambiguous character she was after Lysa’s death. Arya will also probably influence her too much for her to be independant. Moreover I just don’t get why she stayed loyal to her family : Arya is an asshole who was always mean to her and always felt superior to her. Bran knew all of what happened and never even tried to help her or at least send some help. Jon betrayed the North by going to see Daenerys and obviously by saying she was his Queen. 

Littlefinger did so much to help her, and yes he screwed up with Ramsay but he genuinely asked him not to hurt her. If Bran can see everything he probably saw this, he probably knows that Petyr loved Sansa and wanted to protect her. He left the peace and quiet of the Vale to defend Winterfell and then got killed by the only person he even cared about. 

Also, all of this is a bit unbelievable. LF was one of the biggest triggers in the war of the Kings and you want to make me believe they played him like a beginner. He obviously knew about Bran’s abilities (remember that “chaos is a ladder” thing) so why wouldn’t he be suspicious? It was way too easy. And Sansa really looked terrified by Arya when she found the masks, even though LF had been spying in that moment, I don’t think she would have looked so terrified if it was all a trick. 

None of this makes sense and Petyr Baelish deserved a better story and a better death. 


jennifer johnson
                   –she’s the kid at the end of camelot.