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Tips from a YA Editor by Anne Regan: Making Sense of Tense
  • Tenses set your story in time: Past, Present, or Future.
    • Past tense describes events after they occur: “I woke up with a massive hangover.”
    • Present tense describes events as they occur: “I wake up with a massive hangover.”
    • Future tense describes events yet to occur: “I will wake up with a massive hangover.”
  • Each tense can also be divided into subcategories or aspects.
    • Perfect describes events that began before or will continue beyond the story timeline.
    • “I had never gone drinking until Eric convinced me to go to Hog Wild with him.” (past perfect)
    • Progressive (aka Continuous) describes ongoing events.
    • “Eric is complaining about his hangover too.” (present progressive)
    • Subjunctive describes conditional or hypothetical situations (think if or I wish).
    • “If I were able to turn back time, I wouldn’t have ordered that last drink.” (past subjunctive)
  • How do you know when to use which tense?
    • Most fiction is written in past tense.
    • Some readers may be put off by an entire story written in present or future tense.
    • Present or future tense might be effective for genre stories (mystery/suspense, sci fi/fantasy).
  • The most important rule is to keep the main tense consistent.
    • “I walked into the bar and order a mimosa” is incorrect.
    • Use either “I walked into the bar and ordered a mimosa”
    • Or “I walk into the bar and order a mimosa.”
  • It may be appropriate to use subcategories of the main tense when describing conditional actions or those that happen before or will happen after the story time frame.
    • “I should have known better than to order a mimosa at a biker bar. Now I had a hangover and a black eye.”
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I’m placing some newbie resources/general info I’ve stumbled across while researching in this post for future reference:

Baby Witch 101:

Energy work:

Cottage witchery:

  • Lizzy’s guides 1, 2, 3

Spell Indexes:

Correspondences and guides:

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reynalypso | first meeting

For all that Reyna is a demigod whose entire life is determined by capital-f Fate, she’s not one to trust in destiny. It’s far too nebulous, far too shady, and practically impossible to pin down and get right. And given her nasty history with Venus, Reyna has pretty much determined that she thinks very little of fate and destiny, especially when it comes to love, and she’d very much prefer to be left out of matters concerning fate, destiny, and love for the foreseeable future.

Needless to say, she does not take it well when she winds up at Camp Half-Blood on some strange diplomacy mission because Apollo fucked up and Leo Valdez is back from the dead or whatever the hell is going on lately. But she’s spent too long as sole acting praetor to make Frank go alone, and figures it might potentially look bad for future relations between Greeks and Romans if she decides to bail. Anyway, she’ll be able to check in on Nico, if nothing else.

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Hi I saw that one of the anons u answered u said getting the RCA deal was part of the Zayn leaving 1D Stunt, just wondering now that we know Zayn's a solo artist and is releasing a single this week + album in March, how is he leaving 1D still a stunt, I don't really understand

Lemme be honest, I’m just baffled that people are still confused. It’s a stunt because it wasn’t an organic happening. It was plotted and planned. Zayn did not up and quit with the blessing of the people he says overworked him. That narrative makes no sense. So that spells stunt. We don’t even need to go any further. But let’s go further anyway.

Ok, you’ve got an outgoing team and an incoming team. Outgoing team’s objective is to scorch the earth in an effort to distract and deflect from the fact that their biggest client is dumping them while also revenge trashing the ringleaders of Operation Dump (Zayn and Louis). Incoming team’s objective is to mitigate the damage of that scorched earth policy and to turn lemons in lemonade on behalf of 1D.

I don’t think 1DHQ could launch a stunt of this magnitude and not have to concede a few things. One of those concessions had to be Zayn’s record deal. Because the balance of power lies with 1DHQ. They didn’t have to release him. They didn’t have to do shit. They have a very pro-management contract on their side. Solo Zayn happened because Zayn had experienced and powerful people advocating and negotiating on his behalf. So to get something, they had to give something.   

  • Scorched Earth: Kick Zayn out of 1D. Weaken the band, the brand, launch Zayn is trainwreck and 1D is falling apart narratives.
  • Lemons into Lemonade: Solo Zayn. Too rebellious, too deep, too cool,  too much for a boyband. However, all that newly minted rebellious, deep, coolness could work in 1D’s favor should a 1D reunion happen. And the reunion doesn’t even have to be a new album. Just getting 5/5 happily in the same place would be a media frenzy inducing game changer. And it’s gonna happen this year. I’m sure of it. So the net effect will keep 1D relevant and help rebrand them ahead of future projects.

There is nothing random happening here. There is too much money on the table for anything to just kinda sorta be happening all willy nilly like. No way. There is a plan. Everyone is playing their position and the result is this mega stunt.

Let’s Talk about a little thing I’m going to call... CONCERT COURTESY!


Last night (4/15/2015) I attended the first date of the Future Hearts Tour with All Time Low, Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs. And I had my rib broken by another fan.

Now, I’ve been to a few concerts in my days and I know the rules of the road, whats to be expected, the dirty and sneaky ways people have to get to the front to see their favorite artists, but there comes a point where a line is drawn and you wanting to get to the front SOO BAD becomes unsafe to those around you.

Last night alone two girls in my one area had to be lifted over the barricade because they were seconds from passing out and no one would move to let them and their friends out because that would mean they may lose their spot. Which is honestly so beyond disrespectful its rediculous. 

But the other thing I want to talk about - which some of you may have seen on twitter or whatever - but another girl broke her rib, THAT GIRL WAS ME.

Now, I’m a small person so being tossed around and knocked into at concerts is something I’ve accepted and adapted to, but never once before have I been injured at a show. I wasn’t crowd surfing, or in a mosh pit, or trying to get to the front. No. I was just standing, enjoying the concert trying my hardest not to bump into someone by accident. That was when four girls at least twice my size, two of them at least a foot taller then me, the other two not that much shorter from the glimpse I got, pushed by me.

And I’m not talking the casual bump and grind, I’m talking soccer mom on black friday SHOVING everyone out of the way, and I stumbled backwards, only to be shoved forward into the four girls who were trying to forcefully shove everyone out of the way. When I knocked into her - I don’t know if she thought I was trying to push her back or what but I was shoved, pushed and elbowed- HARD.


I instantly could not breathe. I damn nearly screamed and turned to try and find my friend who I had been separated from by the mob but I couldn’t scream because I couldn’t breathe. And the reason I was slightly collect instead of in a full on panic was because I had broken the very rib once before and I knew the pain, I knew what was wrong. And I knew I needed to get out of there before I passed out.

I found my friend with the help of someone who had known I was with her and she took one look at me before picking me up and running through the crowd trying to find and EMT, But know- my friend is a SHY human being. She doesn’t talk back, she never yells, she doesn’t even sing at concerts because she’s afraid shes bad and doesn’t want to bother other people so she just hums. And seeing me like that had he screaming. Thankfully everyone moved out of her way- probably just very confused as to why one girl was carrying another who was gasping for air and crying but still.

I JUST WANT TO SAY.. that basically the reason that I’m writing this is because I love ATL as much as the next girl- trust me, I DO. But if you honestly think that getting to the front for the last two songs of the entire concert is worth elbowing someone with enough force to break their rib cage, then I don’t think you deserve to be at the concert at all.

No one needs to be at the front that bad. No one needs their spot an inch closer at the hand off of refusing to let a girl who is going to pass out leave or to break another girls bone.

It’s just not fucking right.


Stop fucking shoving people, if you want to get to the front that bad then show up early, if not- then make friends with who your standing with. You’re all their for the same reason. You all love the same bands. You all have that in common. It’s not worth risking the safety of others what so ever.

So if you are going to a concert in the near future, please do be courteous to those around you, and please dont break anyone’s ribs :)


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Hey Sasha do you think 1D will say anything about Zayn if they win a Billboard award? Like a thank you would be nice regardless what happened with Zouis Zayn was a part of that band till only a month ago so he deserves any award as much as the rest of them. Let's not forget that Zayn thanked them at the Asian Awards and he didn't even have to. So I hope they mention him cause it would be a really asshole move if they don't.

It depends on where they wanna go next with this stunt. If they’re moving towards reconciliation, then Zayn will get a shoutout. Who does the shoutout will also be interesting. That could tell us who will play peacemaker. If they want the “feud” to continue longer, then Zayn will either not be acknowledged or some kinda shady comment will be made. For sure 1D’s team has set them up for some golden publicity with The Late Late Show and the Billboard awards coming up. And what happens on The Late Late Show could potentially set the stage for what happens at the Billboard awards. 

I think Zayn shoutout is the way to go. I dunno that they wanna flood the media with too much more ugliness. It can get tricky. They run the risk of becoming a joke and not a hot topic if there’s another spat. So I’m gonna guess Zayn will get a nice thank you. 

I suggest 1DHQ do this: Send Zayn, Perrie and Naughty Boy to the Billboard awards. Obviously, seat them away from OT4. Oh the tension! All eyes on them! 1D wins! Liam drags Zayn on stage! Everybody hugs it out! Perrie looks hella pissed! Naughty Boy looks confused! 1D, Little Mix and NB get tons of press! The stage is set for Zayn to make his choice: 1D! Perrie! Naughty Boy! Zayn chooses 1D just in time for the LM single release. The Naughty Boy/Zayn collabo will be released regardless because it’s a done deal t! Let’s gooo!

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I don't wanna bother but do you have or can you do some Reyna headcanons?? :) have a wonderful day

  • She loves chocolate
  • She’s wicked good at games, especially card games, especially poker
  • Takes really good selfies
  • Her years on Circe’s Island gave her an understanding and respect for makeup, even if she was too little to do it back then. She gets a cosmetology license just for the hell of it.
  • People yell YAAAAAS QUEEN at her for some reason, she has no idea why people think it’s so funny to translate her name and scream it at her? (leo takes pity and explains one day)
  • Everyone chips in to get her a German Shepherd puppy for her birthday and she’s so beyond excited. She names it Cyprium (copper)
  • She’s an animal lover to her core, she doesn’t get grossed out or skittish around anything and always knows how to treat a wounded animal
  • She loves to dance and she’s really good at it, although it’s a little known fact
  • Her abs are a work of art
  • She has this soft, genuine smile that could melt anyone’s heart, you should count yourself lucky if you get to see it
  • She’s a really good cook
  • She’s happy to discover the campfire at Camp Half-Blood. It’s definitely her favorite aspect of the camp
  • She has a really understated, soft spoken form of joking
  • She speaks quietly in general most of the time, obviously unless she’s giving a speech or something
  • She gives really great hugs
  • Her hands are really warm
  • She hates sundresses with a passion but is always down to rock a little black dress
  • She’s kind. Like, not polite, not nice, not sweet, kind. She’s warm, she genuinely cares, she’s passionate, she’ll fight for the underdog
  • She loves working out. She’s really good at kickboxing. She also gets a license as a personal trainer and uses her strength lending abilities to help people.
  • She’s blunt as hell most of the time and when politicians get talking she rolls her eyes so hard that people tease her they’ll get stuck that way
  • Her dogs set her up with her future wife 101 Dalmatians Style

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