a-pessimist-reader  asked:

i love you so much, Keaton, both as a poet and as a human being. i've never sent a prompt before, i think. anyway, prompt: the book of revelation (my personal favorite book of the bible).

I. the call of the distant temple
haunts me, lord; my bones
thunder. exile is a word that reeks
of roman bronze. see how the guards
laugh at me, their foreign captive,

a wingless starling who they say
curses the dawn winds. i curse nothing
save the hands that robbed you
from me. promise, my king,
your return will taste of ashishot.

II. i saw you sitting on my bed quilts,
columbines in your hair, constellations
in your eyes, the wounds open.

you touched my mouth with bloodied
fingers & i knew then that to wait
for the psalms of your ribs is better

than to run from sun to sun seeking
ounces of finite heats. you weave
my dreams, lord, so i’ll carry the arc

of your throat as far as ink & my lungs
allow; your throat which is both
the hammer & the home being built.

III. night will fall as red as a martyr’s
corpse. lions will walk toothless,
dragons shed their scales. alleluia
to the mirrors melting & the bones
exhuming themselves. alleluia to fears

clotting shut & music clinging
in chainmail to our bodies. alleluia,
your ghost will be blooming green
as veins & we shall bite into it.

IV. when red tides lie
pregnant with salt,

baptize me there
& kiss me

clean again.

I can’t wait until I meet the woman who will be my wife.

I can’t wait to take her out on simple dates or just stay in and cuddle on the couch with her and watch movies until we fall asleep.

I can’t wait to let her lay her head in my lap and play with her hair, or to cook her whatever she wants to eat.

I can’t wait to just make her laugh, to hold her hand and just talk about everything and nothing with her. I can’t wait to just be with her.

I hope I meet her soon.