Completely screwed

I hate the f… word, screwed not much better. I agree with crisswift. I am concerned with Darren’s well being at this point. Could he even take on another beard? He talks about not remembering words to songs. I question if this is because he can’t focus…to a degree PTSD. We have seen the bruises. He ends up hurting himself, M possibly. I believe it is him with so much on his mind he cannot focus or think clearly. I’m sure he tries to escape within his own mind, while I’m sure Chris is there for him he can not take Darren’s demons away fully, as much as he wishes. Remember sometimes it is better to deal with the norm “M”. Pain, confusion, hurt are an entity unto themselves. Darren says he goes with the flow, malleable…never heard Aquarius defined that way…they march to the beat of there own drum, they have never meet a person they didn’t in some way connect with….malleable? My dad was an Aquarius, he’d give you the shirt off his back, but then expect you to learn to stand on your own two feet. Something M has never done. I think Darren describes himself this way to be able to live in his own world. I also believe that is why he describes himself as an exercise nerd/junky. The release of endorpins takes you away from both thoughts and feelings. Not saying not ok, actually a healthy way to cope. But in the end does not make the problem go away, just a brief respite. He is caught between “a rock and a hard place”. I wish I had a crystal ball. I do believe the way things are now will not stand. I believe as this intensifies it will at sometime get uglier! I am concerned for Darren’s welfare. He is no doubt strong. A body and mind can take only so much. I pray every day for his sanity and physical health, and that Chris will be there. I believe their love is one of the only reasons he gets through. Look at what he went though to save the Christmas holidays for himself and those he loves. As said in the end it is his life, he has to make the choices. He has grown, matured and faught for his career and life.  He needs the people who love him to support him, not judge him… and be proud of the person he has become!


My number one concern is Darren and his mental and physical health. And it always has been. I strong believe he struggles with depression. And I agree. When he is going through an especially rough patch, it’s written all over his face and expressed though his body language. And I think Chris has been his rock that has stood by him and has helped him to survive. Their love is rare. It is epic. Nothing less would have enabled them to survive this nightmare. 

 And his parents. I am so grateful that has has 2 parents that clearly love and support him. And will do anything for him. I think the combination of these three amazing people fighting this war by his side are the reason he’s still standing and that he has managed to have an amazing career and artistically be true to himself despite the evil that is constantly surrounding him. 

 But as @crisswift stated. Yes they can help him. They can relieve the burden somewhat. But they can’t take away his pain and his internal struggle. Because it is Darren alone that is hiding his true self. Yes Chris has a PR relationship. But he is out. He is proud. He advocates for LGBT+ rights proudly as a member of the community. Darren is not able to do this. And I think he blames himself for involving so many people that he loves in the charade. Particularly Chris. 

And the nightmare for Darren is not just hiding his sexuality. And being told on a constant basis that his true self is not good enough. That if he were to reveal that he identifies as gay/bi/pan, the constant reinforcement he receives from his team that his fans would love him less, or worse, walk away. That the only way he is valuable is if he fulfills the teenage dream fantasy.

What exacerbates his situation by a million fold is the person who has been cast as his girlfriend. Who is insufferable and spoiled. Manipulative and abusive. A complete liability. And who has demanded way too much of him and his time. 

And I firmly believe he needs to be free of her. To me. That is key and the number one most important step in his journey. I believe once she is gone, he will breathe easier. That a weight will be lifted. Even if he decides the time is not right to expose the full truth. 

I think on what comes next. We have to trust them. I know what we all want. But we have to remember. What we think is right, isn’t necessarily right. They have to consider what’s right for them. What’s right for their careers. And what is right for their fans. And remember. Most of their fans aren’t reading CriissColfer blogs. I was a clueless fan for years. I naively believed what I was sold. I just didn’t look that close. Miarren always seemed off to me. But I made no logical sense that fox would closet Darren. And over the past 2 years. Since I immersed myself in this world. My eyes have become wide open. 

 And remember. The secret Darren has. It’s not just his sexuality. It’s the identity of his partner. There are so many fans of these gentlemen that are not a fan of the other. They are not going to be pleased at the depth of the lies and the lengths taken to hide the truth. They are fully invested in Will and Mia. This is a strong consideration in formulating the plan for moving forward. 

Does Darren take on a new beard? Maybe. And if that is the decision that he and Chris make., and make no mistake they are walking side by side and making these decisions together, we have to support them. Because I don’t think it will be one made lightly. And I think it’s the last thing Darren wants. But I think there needs to be damage control. 

Fact. When miarren “break up” immediately the spotlight will shine on CrissColfer. It’s inevitable. It’s why Chris named Will. And we will likely see more Chill outings than normal. And if there is a new beard, that will make the light shine less brightly and perhaps provide a bridging between the end of miarren and the future reveal of CrissColfer. In my opinion. 

What I think is critical. Regardless of whether a new woman is contracted to play Darren’s plus one. Re-establishing that Chris and Darren are friends. Because people believe they hate each other. And they need to be disavowed of that notion. And soon. They need to be seen together. Start with something less obvious like attending the same event. Move to attending the same party. Then move to perhaps hanging out on their own. They need to show they are, at a minimum, friends. And this will lay the foundation for them to come out as a couple. In time. Which I believe is the ultimate plan. It’s just a question of how many steps will there be before we achieve that goal.

Why CrissColfer?

First, a bit about me…

Am I am teenager who has a world view decorated by inexperience about how things ‘work’ in the real world?

I am a 40 (something!), University educated, professional woman who has seen and experienced a lot of different people, interactions, relationships and who has (I admit) a somewhat cynical view of the idea of “happily ever after”.

Do I blithely 'ship’ all on-screen couples as a real-life couple with their co-star?

Over the years I’ve had several 'OTP’s’ (Jack/Daniel - stargate; Angel/Cordelia - Angel; Ianto/Jack - Torchwood; Wash/Zoe - firefly… to name but a few) a mix of het and same-sex couples.

Of those couples how many have I 'shipped’ as a “real-life” couple?

1…. Yes…. One….only one

You guessed it..

That 'one’ is CrissColfer

Why, you say?

Because even with (or perhaps because of) my cynical world-view I can tell the difference between 'real’ and 'make-believe’

But, in the case of Klaine and CrissColfer the line between those states (real vs make-believe) is not just 'blurred’… It’s so zig-zagged that A+B=CrissColfer is more than likely to be a valid equation.

But what if it is “proven” (some time in the future) that CrissColfer never was?

Well, I’ll just shake my head and think “Silly boys…you could have been great together”

And for that matter .. “Proven” needs to be lot more convincing and heartfelt than the PR drivel we are being force-fed currently, and will require a valid and believable explanation for all the CrissColfer-ness I/we have noticed over the years

What brought this diatribe on?

Watching Shadowhunters and seeing the kiss between the characters Alec and Magnus and then also seeing off camera interactions between the actors (our glee pal Harry Shum Jr. And Matthew Daddario) and seeing only make-believe and nothing that even slightly says “more than co-stars”. It also reminded me that I’ve not seen or 'shipped’ any other real-life co-stars (obviously excluding CrissColfer) - which means CrissColfer is an anomoly for me.

The difference I saw between the “Malec” stage-kiss (as cute as it was) and Klaine’s 'stage kisses’ is obvious to me - and, I would propose, obvious to most believers in CrissColfer

You don’t agree with my views?

Well, that’s your choice. I respect your right to an opinion, but don’t expect me to validate it or respond to it. My post, my blog, my choice

Ok, rant over…back to our regularly scheduled tumblring…

I had a dream...

I had a dream last night.  Darren was being interviewed and one of the same questions that is perpetually asked got asked.  The interview went like this…

“So Darren, tell us about your girlfriend, you’ve been together a long time”

“I don’t have a girlfriend”

“Oh,but your bio…”

“I don’t have a girlfriend…I have a fiance”

“Oh, you’re engaged, how wonderful, when did you propose?”

“I didn’t, they did”

“Really? How romantic.  She must be some woman to get down on one knee.  When can we meet her?”

“They’re here with me, want me to bring them out?”

“Oh course”

“Ok, then, everybody, meet my fiance!”

Out walks Chris Colfer!

“Everybody, meet my future husband”

Anon prompted: chris and darren’s baby recently started sucking on pacifier but both of them won’t stop making the baby laugh when the other is not looking so the pacifer always ends up dirty

(I’m using Friends as a spark of inspiration, I hope you don’t mind?)

They had taken just about gazillion pictures of baby Dylan with his new, bright yellow pacifier in his mouth. One day, in distant future, the boy would murder them for posting them on Twitter but for now they were just basking in their new-parent happiness. 

“Who is the cutest baby in the world?” Darren cooed, kissing his son’s bare feet. He was lying on the floor on his stomach while Dylan laid on his back, staring up at his dad with huge eyes. “You’re going to be such a heart-breaker, oh yes you are. Yes you are. You’ll be one huge teenage dream, I can tell." 

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Prompt: Darren and Chris like to slap each others butts at random moments as a "game" and junior and Harry are quite confused what they´re doing and ask questions. Why does their parents have to be so weird after all xD haha

It had become a sport for them. They loved to surprise each other, catch other of guard and watch the other try not to react. It had all started way, way back during the Season Two Glee tour, before they were even together. Chris had started the game, dead set on breaking Darren out of character. Darren had waited patiently so very patiently until the last show.

He almost cracked when Chris read his poem, his smile said it all. ‘You talented little shit.’

And then Darren had released his secret weapon. His lips. And it had taken Chris completely by surprise. He loved it, love the way Chris froze and sucked in his breath just allowing Darren to take control, he loved how it made Chris dissolve into giggles like a little school boy…he loved making Chris loose it like that.

And even know when they belonged to each other, happily married with two beautiful babies, they loved to catch each other unaware.

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Anon prompted: Do you take prompts? I’m just going to leave you this idea and you decide if it’s worthy of being written. Chris and Darren’s son is 13/14 and he likes girls so he comes to seek some advice from Darren bc he had experience w/ girls. Chris gets hurt bc it shouldn’t matter, he’s a parent, too! Darren sees that Chris is upset and has a talk with their son and in the end they go to Chris together and talk about it as a family. :)

Dylan was an only child. He had never had to share the spotlight with anyone and had grown up in a home where he was always the priority. That is why it was perfectly normal for him to interrupt his parents’ movie night by squeezing his way between them on the couch, announcing that “Pops, I need help." 

Darren smiled at his son’s anxious face. "With what?" 


Chris nearly choked on a mouthful of popcorn. "Dating? You need dating advice?" 

Of course, Dylan was already 13, nearly 14. This day could not have been avoided for much longer. But it was one of those definite signs that the boy was growing up and Chris wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. 

"Yeah, well, there’s this girl in school that I really like. She’s funny and smart and beautiful and completely out of my league in every way so… Pops, how does one court girls properly, like, in a way that makes them want to date you?" 

Chris had to chuckle at Dylan’s choice of words. Court? Really? Oh yeah, the boy was definitely his. "Well, D, how much do you think your dad knows about courting girls? Given the fact that he’s married to me?" 

"I know but he’s dated them! He told me. So, unlike you, he’s got to have some experience, right? Come on, Pops, you can’t have forgotten it all!" 

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Harry, Junior and Chris backstage at one of Darren's concerts??

Darren was so happy like.., god he was ecstatic. He could feel it resonating through his mind trough his heart and into every molecule of his body. Sure the buzz he got from touring, from pleasing a crowd of people was imense. But the buzz he got from spotting his family giggling across the room backstage was another feeling all together.
In some ways it mellowed when he aproached Harry’s inquisitive voice, in some it rested him at the sight of Junior mid laugh. And in someways as Chris tender and captivating eyes met his he felt so much at home, he felt so much love he thought he’d implode.
He collided with Chris first with a whimper of the relief he didn’t know he felt until Chris’ lips were on his, anchoring him, steadying him so he could be strong for their boys who were now clinging and bouncing happily by his feet.
He chuckled staying only for a second and pressing his forehead to Chris’ before lifting a clingy Harry and flinging him around his hip. He buried his fingers in Junior’s curls and let out an exhilarated breath as he nuzzles his nose with Chris’. The man giggles at the feel and at the woops they’re receiving from the band.
“Not that I’m complaining but, what are you guys DOING here!” Darren blurted in on breath.
Chris just gazed at him, eyes sparkling and Harry explained.
“Daddy and Junior and me misses you so went here.”
Darren gave a soft laugh at his boy as Junior added. “And Daddy said it was gonna make you all smiley and he was right.”
Darren let out a soft breath and turned his golden orbs towards Chris.
“I love you…all of you.” He said in a quiet awe kissing Harry’s forehead and Chris’ lip and ruffling Juniors curls.
“We’re so proud of you…” Chris murmured back fingers tracing the tan cheekbone.
As much as Darren Criss loved the stage, right here was his true home.