i hope you all have successful careers. whether your field is low paying or high paying, whether you are pursuing a passion or doing what you can to get by, whether you have known your future since fifth grade or are still trying to figure out what you want to be, whether you become an engineer or an artist or a stripper or a technician or a business owner or a nurse or a designer or a construction worker; i hope your career thrives and brings you some type of joy. you deserve it.


Scenes from our game prototype

I’ve poured my cyberpunk heart into this game. Everything - except the holographic billboards - is made from voxels (small cubes) and then brought into Unity for rendering.

You will find more bits and pieces on my blog and I plan to add more. The future is now.


Scenes from our game prototype (Pt. 2)

We’re creating an entire cyberpunk city from voxels, cube by cube built in a software called MagicaVoxel and then Unity to bring all the pieces together. We want to display hundreds of civilian characters and vehices on the screen at the same time to make the game as immersive as possible.

At the moment we are building more assets to be able to record a trailer and finally announce the game. Until then enjoy these little snippets.