Fossilized rivers on Mars’ surface suggest the red planet had a warmer, wetter climate

Scientists have found over 17,000 kilometers of fossilized river beds in a region on Mars called Arabia Terra.This is the latest discovery in a growing body of evidence that Mars used to be a warm wetland instead of the cold desert it is today. The fossilized river beds are giving explorers new hope about one futuristic endeavor.

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Of course the QR codes in ‘Mr. Robot’ actually work — here’s the latest one

However you may feel about the second season of Mr. Robot, you can’t deny the show’s commitment to tech realism. What other show rewards you for watching with a QR reader in your pocket? In Thursday night’s episode, following the on-screen QR code brought the world of the show and ours even closer together.

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Full disclosure: cyberpunk is arguably my favorite genre of sci-fi, followed closely by space opera. I think it has something to do with the street level and not-too-distant future aspect of it all that seems like it could actually happen to me more so than whipping across the galaxy in a…