Bender learning enough about human anatamy to help Fry with his binder and dysphoria.
Bender constantly touching Fry to assure him that his body is great just the way it is.
Bender beating the shit out of anyone who misgenders Fry, inntentional or not (Fry stops him if they don’t deserve it).
Bender constantly pulling PDA just to make Fry blush.
Bender and Leeks gushing about their significant others and making tons of “wow I’m gay” jokes.
Bender holding Fry as he has breakdowns about missing the past and dysphoria and other issues.
Bender doing his best to give up crime and failing misserably, but still trying.
Bender giving Fry little smooches all over his body til he’s giggling and happy and not worrying about his body anymore.
Bender trying to learn about the 20s century to help Fry feel comfortable.
Bender proposing awkwardly but lovingly and Fry crying a lot.
Bender being an adorable blushing bride because he looks good in dresses and there’s no way Fry is wearing one but they cant both be in tuxes Fry, God do you have any class.
Bender and Fry genuinely loving each other.