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Nickname: Saga

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′3 and ready to fight

Last thing you googled: Are we in the milky way?(don’t judge me I got confused due to the fact WE’RE IN THE SAME GALAXY WE CAN STILL SEE)

Favorite music artist: Linkin Park, Sleeping At Last, Melanie Martinez, Imagine Dragons, Caravan Palace, etc.

Song Stuck In Your Head: My Time by Bo En

Last movie you watched: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: New Beginnings (I didn’t think it was going to be so disturbing omg)

Last TV show you watched: Futurama (I’ve rewatched it about 3 times, but I still love it)

When you created this blog: I believe it was January 2, 2016? At least my first post was

What kind of things do you post?: Memes, a hypocrite, and a fabulous feather skeleton

Do you do asks regularly? Yes I do, whether out of random or anything

Why did you choose your URL: I’ve always liked my username and have had this one for a long time now. Has a meaning for it too.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Everyone’s usually determined me as Hufflepuff for some reason lol

Pokemon team: Mystic 

Favorite characters: Sans and Papyrus(Undertale), Sonic the Hedgehog(Sonic), Bill and Dipper (Gravity Falls), Karkat and Terezi(Homestuck), Steven and Lapis(Steven Universe), Soul Eater Evans(Soul Eater), Lawless and Kuro(Servamp), etc

Dream Job: Psychologist or Animator for Dreamworks or Cartoon Network

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 3

Followers: 220 and I appreciate each of my followers 

I tag: @mangofritter @mkitkat @mysteryharp @relicarn @marshiemonarch @pandabearbackpack @apex-knight @mynekoheart

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nickname: i got none irl but im a frog child. or frogbro , froggo idk they gave me lots of them here

star sign: Taurus 

height: I think im probably 5′3 or 5′2 idk

favourite music artists: i like CODA, OLDCODEX ,UB40, mainly bands. I also like Gackt and some others

last tv show you watched: Futurama .

what kind of stuff do you post: memes, jojo, sometimes relatable stuff and my art

do you have any other blogs: nope

why did you choose your url: im a bro and im into jojo

hogwarts house: none

pokemon team: i mean i got none unless u mean pokemon go then instinct 

favourite color: Green

how many blankets do you sleep with:  2 thick ones i just lov blankets

following: 997 lol but i lost interest in many of them so thats slowly going down

followers: 130

20 blogs im tagging: im not tagging 20 ok . @purplemana @cherrym8 @gay-jojo @ollies-outies and if anyone else wanna do it you can! Feel free to say that i tagged you. Also if any of the ones i tagged already have done it or dont want to do it you can just ignore this! :D