Okay so this video honestly put me through so much. Deadass deleted everything off my laptop bc iMovie is trash and wouldn’t let me do anything so if some of these clips look shitty it’s because I had to get them from youtube. But anyway Futurama is my favorite show of all time and it’s so beautiful and I really just wanted to express all of that in this video. I tried to include every relationship within the Planet Express crew that I could, but I’m sure that I missed something. Please like and comment - I really hope everyone likes it :)


That poor bastard has seen some shit.

Their son Roy is home.

I honestly did not get the Jetsons reference on any of these sims singularly.  It’s when you stick those bitches all together in one room that you could see this shit from space (no pun intended).


It’s party time because I camped at this damned house and WILLED IT TO BE.

Suddenly there were two dears upstairs… and…

That poor dude.

Don’t worry, guy who is obviously a major Futurama reference.

There are no birthday cakes here.

Unless you want one.

anonymous asked:

how are lisa and fry LGBT+/ace?

fry is pansexual and happily dates an alien that identifies as non-gendered in one of the futurama movies (i can’t remember which one at the top of my head)

Something I had for about a week and forgot to upload.

Fuck me I’ve been distracted from drawing for awhile now due to school.

But back to the drawing. An idea that popped into my head when I was rewatching Phantom Blood with my friend and how we brought up that Dio in that jar looked like a head from Futurama.

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Castiel - Supernatural

Cisco Ramon - The Flash

Bender - Futurama

Harley Quinn - DC Comics, Batman: The Animated Series

Han Solo - Star Wars

Sokka - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Bolin - The Legend of Korra

Autolycus - Xena: Warrior Princess

Pidge - Voltron: Legendary Defender

Peggy Carter - MCU, Agent Carter

Jack Harkness or River Song (I honestly can’t choose between the two) - Doctor Who

(I gave an 11th one because to me, Avatar and Korra are the same fandom)

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