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Kagome, Rin, and Izaiyoi/Kimi princess royals in the Inu Empire AU. I am loving in this new doujinshi, hope you will get to it soon.💋💚

Ohh, yes, yes, yes. I’m extremely excited with this future AU doujin related to the Inu Empire. Kagome is the main female character, as it’s a mainly InuKag story, but the other girls does have such important roles too. I’ll show more sketches shortly.
This is exactly how I feel regarding to this project (I’m like both hamsters lol):

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How many NaruHina doujins has Saitomo created? Is it still possible to obtain physical copies of them?

As far as I know he has made 4 (four) so far. Those are (in chronological order):

Now for physical copies…

I happen to have a physical copy of “With You In The Future” and “Best Wishes For Your Birthday”. I am also expecting a brand new copy of “To The Future With You” which I don’t need anymore either since somebody apparently scanned the doujin already. Just message me off anon or send me your contact details in a message or something and we will negotiate something.

Now if you don’t trust me (perfectly understandable), here are your other options:

“To the Future with you” is still available online at Toranoana, so if you can make sense out of doujinpress,  or you are lucky enough to have a friend in Japan, you can place an order there.

“With You In The Future” and “Best Wishes on Your Birthday” are sold out on Toranoana but you can easily find them on Yahoo Auctions or eBay if you search the NaruHina tag. If you don’t have a friend in Japan there are proxy services like Jauce or Buyee that you can use. Make sure you verify the import charges before you bid! I can not stress this enough! You can end up paying WAY more than the original doujin price. I speak from experience.

Now “Gift”… it’s pretty rare. I’ve been trying to get it for quite some time now. Seriously, the last time I found it I placed a bid of over 50$ and I still lost the auction! It seems to be really highly sought after. Hopefully I will be able to obtain it one of those days…