Zlatan Ibrahimović, Forward, began his career at Malmö FF in the late 1990s before being signed by Ajax, where he made a name for himself. He signed for Juventus and excelled in Serie A in a strike partnership with David Trezeguet. In 2006, he signed for rival side Internazionale and was named to the UEFA Team of the Year in both 2007 and 2009. In addition, Ibrahimović would finish as the league’s top scorer in 2008–09 and win three straight Scudetti. In the summer of 2009, he transferred to Barcelona, before moving back to Serie A football the following season, joining Milan in a deal that made him one of the highest-paid players in the world. He won another Scudetto with Milan in the 2010–11 season. He joined Paris Saint-Germain in July 2012. During his four-season stay at PSG, Ibrahimović won four consecutive Ligue 1 titles, three Coupes de la Ligue, two Coupes de France and was the top scorer in Ligue 1 for three seasons. In October 2015, he became PSG’s all time leading goalscorer. He finished his PSG career with 156 goals in 180 competitive matches. 

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Don’t Speak *Cristiano Ronaldo imagine*


I sighed closing the door to the house, today was a long day and all I wanted to do right now was sleep. However as I walked past the kitchen I realized that sleep wasn’t even close to what I could do. Groaning I set my bag down, and tied up my hair as I begun to wash dishes. 

As I continued to wash the dishes, it seemed like it was never ending because every time I washed a dish more would appear like it was some sort of sorcery. And at some point in my mind I just said, “Fuck it!” throwing the sponge in the sink I stormed through the house looking for one person in particular. 

When I walked past the game room, I heard laughing and stopped. Taking a look inside I saw exactly who I was looking for. I slammed the door open and it ended up hitting the wall. Cristiano jumped slightly and turned around giving me a smile, “Hey babe” 

I raised an eyebrow, “Don’t you hey babe me” I told him

Cristiano stood up and made his way over to give me a kiss when I stopped him, “What’s wrong?” He asked

“What’s wrong Cristiano? How about I’ve been working late shifts every night since the last two weeks, and when I come home I come home to dishes that seem to be multiplying every second. You’re home since 4 o’clock you can’t wash the dishes?Are your hands broken or some shit?” I asked

Cristiano stared at me in shock, “I’m sorry, you feel that way but there’s nothing I can do about your late shifts” He said trying to be funny

I gave him a blank stare, “I’m not fucking around Cristiano” 

He sighed, “Alright I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you want me to do honestly. The house stuff is all your job, I just fix things and play soccer” Cristiano said turning around

“So you’re saying house chores are for women alone?”

Cristiano quickly turned around, “Well I mean-”

I scoffed, “Fuck you Cristiano” 

“Y/N come on”

I pushed his hands away, “No seriously fuck you, I do some much shit and you don’t do anything minus play video games when you’re not on the field or at practice.”

“And what do you do at work? You’re a nurse, you just assist the damn doctors all day and you’re here yelling at me!”

I stared at him, “So that’s what you think I do all day? I have to fucking deal with other ignorant ass people and then come home and deal with the fucking king of ignorance” I yelled at him

“And how do you think it is with you?! You’re the same way!You never stop nagging and you’re just as ignorant as I am” 

I groaned in frustration, and walked out of the game room. Fine! He doesn’t want to hear my nagging, he won’t have to hear it anymore then. 

~The Next Day

When I woke up, I didn’t even bother making breakfast and just grabbed a bowl of cereal I sat down at the table and scrolled through the news on my phone. After a little while, Cristiano woke up and looked around. “You didn’t make breakfast?” He asked

I didn’t say anything and placed my bowl in the sink. Cristiano raised an eyebrow, “Hello? Am I speaking into the air?” He asked again

I walked past him and he reached out grabbing my arm but missing. I just continued walking to the room and getting ready to go to work, grabbing my keys I walked out into the garage. “Y/N, hey I haven’t seen you in a while?”Marcelo said 

I smiled giving him a hug, “It has been how are the boys?” I asked

Cristiano looked between us with his mouth open and a face full of shock, Marcelo chuckled, “They’re great, Liam’s not keeping us up as much as he used to, and Enzo’s actually been asking about you” He said

I smiled, “Well tell Enzo, I’ll stop by soon with Junior one of these days” 

Marcelo nodded, “Will do”

“Hey Y/N, can you pass me that?” Cristiano asked

I payed him no attention, and gave Marcelo a hug. “I’ve got to run to the hospital, I’ll see you later alright” I told him

Marcelo nodded chuckling, "Have fun at work" He said

I waved and started walking to my car, “You see what I mean, she’s been ignoring me like that since this morning” I heard Cristiano say

I rolled my eyes getting in my car and heading off to work. My time at work was so nice, for some reason today no one was begging ignorant or rude it was just a nice and peaceful day. So you could imagine how I felt when the day ended, I groaned walking through the doors Leila and Frankie next to me. “What’s up with you? Are you Y/N actually enjoying work today?” Frankie asked

I nodded, “It’s my break today”

They chuckled, we eventually had to split up and get into our separate cars and then home. Once I got home, I sighed as soon as I walked through the door. Heading into the kitchen I had already started to tie my hair up when I saw the amount of dishes in the sink.

I rolled my eyes not even not speaking to the damn man will get him to help out. “Y/N these are for you” Cristiano said

I didn’t pay him any attention, and continued to wash the mount of dishes in the sink. Cristiano sighed, “Y/N are you really going to ignore me? I said I was sorry”

Again I didn’t say anything, and just scoffed. Cristiano stayed all the way till I finished washing the dishes. He followed me all the way around the house as I did everything that needed to be done even when I went to the bathroom he stayed outside the door. 

And just as I was going to walk out of the door, Cristiano pulled the door shut. I groaned, “I’m not letting go of the door until you talk to me Y/N” He said

I raised an eyebrow, and looked around the bathroom. I shook my head, and opened up the window. Climbing out, I walked around the house and to the front door getting the key from under the mat I unlocked the door and went to the bedroom. 

When I walked in Cristiano stared at me shocked, “How did you? There’s no-God Damnit Y/N” He said

I shook my head at him, and changed my clothes. 


When I woke up the next morning, the entire living room and coffee table was filled with flowers and teddy bear’s. I looked around confused, and Cristiano came over placing his hand over my shoulder, “So do you like it? It’s my way of saying I’m sorry about what I said the other day. I was wrong, and I-Wait where are you going?” He asked as I walked away

I didn’t answer him, and continued walking out of the living room. Cristiano sighed, “Y/N please speak to me I’m sorry, alright I’m a fucking tool and I deserve to be hit” He said

I tried my hardest not to laugh, but he continued, “Seriously sometimes I don’t know why you stay with me, but then I remember how attractive I am and then I realize-but that’s not the point.” He said continuing to ramble on

I chuckled shaking my head, “Shut up Ronaldo” 

Cristiano smiled, “She speaks” He said

I rolled my eyebrows, “She does speak”

Cristiano sighed, “I really am sorry about what I said to you the other night, I know what you do is important both at work and here. I understand that now, and I don’t know what made me be an ass and say those things” 

I nodded, “I’m glad you realized how important I am” 

Cristiano chuckled, “Is there anything you’d like to say to me?” 

I sighed, “I’m sorry for calling you ignorant and comparing you with the patients, and thank you for washing the dishes this morning” 

Cristiano gave me a smile pulling me close to him, “I love you”

I smiled, “I love myself too”


Beckham Boy pt.2 (Cristiano Ronaldo X Brooklyn Beckham imagine)


I looked between Pai and David as they sat on the couch chatting as if it was just some other normal day. Which to them it kind of was any other day, meanwhile I on the other hand was freaking out on the inside. Brooklyn sat next to his Dad looking around the house. 

“So this is your girl?” David asked

Pai nodded, “My oldest, Y/N”

David smiled extending his hand out to me, I looked at his hand and smiled before shaking it. “Nice to meet you Y/N” He said

I smiled nervously, “Nice to meet you too” I said

Pai chuckled, and I shot him a look. “This is my son, Brooklyn” He said introducing 

Pai smiled shaking his hand, “I’ve heard about you plenty, Brooklyn” Pai said

I gave him a look, and he just laughed. “I-I’m going to finish my homework” I said getting up from the couch

Just as I was about to make it to the couch, Pai spoke up, “Y/N why don’t you show Brooklyn around the house, see if Junior’s up yet” 

I turned slowly to look at Pai, “Yeah but that home-”

“If you count staring at pictures online homework, wouldn’t you rather show him around the house?” He asked

I stared at him, “Fine” I said

Brooklyn chuckled getting up and following me, at first it was silent but I thought I was really going to just explode right here on the spot. My heart feels like exploding, or like it’s going to pop out of my chest any moment and do some little dance on the floor. 

“So you’re the oldest?” Brooklyn asked breaking the silence

I nodded, “Yeah, it’s just Junior and I” 

He nodded, “Do you guys ever fight over anything?”

I chuckled, “You’d be surprised”

Brooklyn smiled, “Really? I didn’t think two Ronaldo children would fight over anything that they could just get two of” He said

I shrugged, “I thought the same thing, but our fighting isn’t all the time. It’s mainly over minor things honestly” 

Brooklyn raised an eyebrow, “Like what?” He asked as we turned a corner

“Mostly food, like the pineapples in the fridge or the candy that our Avo gives us. Things like that” I said 

Brooklyn started laughing, “I think you guys are the first pair of siblings I’ve heard fight over food” He said

I nodded chuckling, we continued walking throughout the house talking every now and then as I showed him the different rooms and stuff. Eventually we’d made it to Junior’s room, when we walked in he was sitting on his bed the TV on. 

As he looked over he looked confused while looking at Brooklyn, “Irma don’t I know him?” Junior asked

My eyes widened, “No!” I said

“But didn’t you-”

I rushed over placing my hand over his mouth, “You don’t know him, this is the first time you’re meeting him right?” I said

Junior caught on and nodded his head, getting off his bed and walking over to Brooklyn. “You’re tall” Junior said

Brooklyn chuckled bending down to his height, “My name is Brooklyn, what’s yours?” He asked

Junior looked over to me, and I nodded. “My name is Cristiano Ronaldo jr.”

Brooklyn smiled, “That’s why you guys call him Junior?” Brooklyn asked

I nodded, “It’s a handful to say all the time, so Junior is the next best thing” I told him

The three of us walked out of Juniors room, and continued the tour around the house. We’d finally made it back to the living room, and the conversation we’d walked into made me want to turn back and never come back. “Brooklyn does the same thing, he’s always on her page.”

“He’s not as bad as Y/N, she screams every time his photo comes on the screen” 

The two laughed, and I could really feel my face just go red. After a while the two looked over, “Oh you guys are done already?” Pai said

Both Brooklyn and I nodded, “Great let’s go out to eat since you guys have come all the way to Spain.”Pai said

David nodded, “Let’s”