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Hi just wanted to say you have a cool blog, and that I see your a Liverpool supporter, and so am I. Someone should really do a poll of how many Madridistas are also Liverpool supporters, and Spain, and Germany, supporters too. :)

hey! sorry for not seeing this earlier! haven’t been back on my computer until today.

thanks for liking the blog! there really are a LOT of us who also like liverpool. lol not sure just how many of them there are though. feels like most of the liverpool supporters i see on twitter are barca fans though… like they can’t be fans of real madrid because we took xabi alonso away from them or something? (i don’t really know the reason since i haven’t been a fan for a long time. lol)

but how cool would it be if tumblr did polls like that!

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Hi, I've been aware that alote of 90's rock bands are coming out with new stuff this year, I was wondering which ones? I heard Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, SoundGarden, Foo Fighters, The Cranberries, Alien Ant Farm, Garbage, ect. Thanks!

I know for a fact Alice in Chains, Garbage, No Doubt, and the Cranberries are. From looking it up now, Pearl Jam plan on releasing, as well as Soundgarden and Alien Ant Farm. I’m not sure if Foo Fighters will be RELEASING this year, but I know they plan on recording this year :) Some others might be too, but I’m not sure.

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Wanted to thank you for the link! And is it just me or does there seemed to be alot of he/she said football rumors going on ? Cause I don't believe half of them.

You’re welcome :)

Yeah, football is like high school at times and around El Clásico it’s like the two queen bees clashing heads so there’s an extra attempt to trash each other. Most is rubbish I believe, but people believe what they want to believe