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My Hair is A Serious Problem *Neymar Imagine*


I’m so tired. My hair takes forever to straighten, and I’m only doing this because my niece’s graduation is tomorrow and I’d rather get it done today than tomorrow.

So here I am in my bathroom straightening my hair. When all of a sudden, my boyfriend Neymar comes in, holding water. I turned around putting my hands out, half of my hair was done. HALF! “Neymar, you don’t want to do this right now” I said

“Do what?” He asked playing dumb

“Pour that water on me. You don’t want to do that” I said

He looked like he was thinking about it. “Will I regret it?”

I nodded, he shrugged and threw the water on my already straightened half. I stared at him. “NEYMAR!” I yelled

He started laughing, I was used to him playing around. But I really didn’t need him to do that right now. I unplugged the straightener, and dried my hair but it was to late. My hair started going back to it’s natural curly state.

I groaned, and changed my wet shirt. “Babe, come on it was just a joke” He said coming up behind me and hugging me

I shook him off, and walked out of our bedroom. “Babe!, Y/N I’m sorry seriously” He said

I looked at him and walked out the door, him following me. “Babe, come on you’re really going to be mad because I wet your hair” He asks

I didn’t answer, and kept walking. “Fine! Be mad at me!” He said I turned around and watched as he walked away

Hell I have a valid reason for him to be mad at him. He threw water on my hair, who does that?! Especially with hair like mine. I walked down to the park that was probably 10 minutes away from the house.

I stayed there for a while before heading home. When I went inside, Neymar was on the couch. “Are you still mad at me?” He asked

I just ignored him, and went into the bathroom. I plugged in the straightener and made sure to lock the door. I’m trying not to get more water poured on my hair again. After a total of 4 hours, I finished.

The bathroom was hot, and I wanted out of there. So being very careful, I poked my head out the door making sure Neymar was no where in here I walked out. “I’m in the living room if you’re looking for me “ He said

“I know” I said to myself

As I walked into the living room, he stood up. “So do you wanna go out to eat? Or do you want to stay here?” He asked

I looked at him and then opened the fridge. “So I’m guessing its here. I like your hair”

I nodded my head at him.”Are seriously going to give me the silent treatment?”

I smiled, “Y/N, you can’t be seriously still can’t be mad at me . I said I was sorry multiple times. It’s just hair, look it came out great this time” He said

I turned to face him, “Yes! I can still be mad at you, you poured water on my hair. Something that takes hours for me to do, and you just put water on it. Yeah you said sorry but this is completely different. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to mess with a woman’s hair?” I said

“No, no one ever told me that”

I shook my head walking away. I swore to the Lord up above I was going to seriously end up hurting this man. He tripped me and then pinned me to the couch. “Neymar get off of me” I said

“Why, you know you love it” He said kissing my neck

“No, I don’t I’m mad at you”

He looked at me in the eyes. “No you’re not mad at me”

“Yes I am. I’m so mad I could-”

I couldn’t even finish my sentence, before Neymar’s lips were on mine. “Are you still mad?” He asked


He smiled, as he placed his lips back on mine. You know as much as I wanted to still punch him for pouring that water on my hair but when he does this I didn’t care. “Are you still mad?”


“Good I’m going to keeping going so it’ll be a sorry for anything else you might get mad at”

Anyway I’m tired of people making fun of Hector Bellerin. The poor boy can’t do anything without people taking the piss out of him. Hector donated so much money while he played the U-21 and he was proud to get in second place, yet got made fun of for wearing the runner up medal. Like really?? Leave Hector alone