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being hispanic and dating tom holland would include:

this is short and horrible so yes, read it if you want (is not edited either)

-listening to your music always bc he thinks is amazing

-like in the car you sing your heart out to marc antony and jennifer lopez

-zendaya and harrison looking at you funny while tom tries to sing with you

-failing complety

-or when you clean and dance to it too

-he getting so frustated when you say something in spañish and he doens’t know it

-when you watch futboll games together you say a lot of bad words in spañish plus screaming

-they never mess with your hispanic ass bc they know what you are capable of

-learning more spañish just listening to you

-95% are bad words (gif)

-when you meet your parents you have to tranlate everything because he thinks his spañish its not good enogh

-it is good, too good

-when you listened to him speaking spañish you lost it but it was in an interwier so you had to wait

-when you two are having sex you say a lot in spanish and he melds when you do it

-sometimes you mess with him and say “extraño tus rulos” (i miss your curls) and he being like “yes baby keep talking” wich makes you laugh so much that you can’t have any sex :(

-when you dance bachata for the firts time he almost dies

-jumping around wainting to learn some

-he learn it so fast omg

-his snap history is just you singing in spañish with the caption “i dont undestand anything but its hot”

-everyone freaking losing it

- when you visist your country he learns almost everything about it

-showing him where you lived and he being so exited about everything

-like you have to buy milk and he runs out of the house bc he wants to know where you buy your milk

-he loves siting with you anywhere and listen to you talk about your childhood in your country

-your accent is something that makes him feel very confused and very scared when you are angry

-fuck trump 

-he in an interwie said that you are the best kisser he ever date, ha

-he loves everything about you with or without being latina


FIFA 18 - Nintendo Switch


Miskick or Magic? - Ronaldinho’s 2002 FIFA World Cup Free Kick 

This has been debated ever since the Brazilian starlet lobbed the ball over a flat footed David Seaman from a wide right position 35 yards out. At the time Ronaldinho was adamant, and stated, "It was definitely a shot,“ he went on to claim, "It was Cafu who advised me beforehand that there was a space and that Seaman was standing in a very advanced position in the penalty area. It seemed only natural to have a go, and there was nothing lucky about it.”

Unsurprisingly, a few players from the England team; which as a consequence of the goal were knocked out of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, felt a little differently about what happened.

David Beckham, a man with more than a few free-kick goals to his name, felt, “It was not his (Seaman’s) fault,” said the Manchester United star. “The goal was a fluke. It was a cross that ended up being a goal.”

England’s then Right-Back Danny Mills also claimed, “Rio Ferdinand asked Ronaldinho after the game if he meant to shoot and he just gave a shrug and grinned. His sheepishness suggests to me that it was a misguided cross.“

In fact, that grin – as Ronaldinho later explained – reflected not that the goal was an intended cross, but rather a less-than-accurate shot. "When I hit the ball I wanted to shoot for goal - but maybe not exactly where the ball ended up,” he said. “If I’m being totally honest, I was aiming for the other side of the net.

So then, miskick or magic? I guess we must look to Ronaldinho himself for the final word:  “No, no, you can’t say that, because I was aware of the keeper’s position and went for the shot at goal. The fact that it did not go in exactly as I planned is secondary to the fact that I was having a go.

"What basically happened is that I hit my shot too hard and, as it travelled through the air, it swerved more and ended up looping over Seaman. There was nothing he could do about it and I suppose there was an element of luck involved.”

“But,” he added, “a goal is a goal!”