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EA SPORTS FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the most immersive, social, and authentic football game ever created for Nintendo players. Feature packed, you can now play the world’s game anytime, anywhere and in unique ways with FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. 

Your FIFA, Your Way: Brand-new ways to play single and multiplayer on the most social FIFA experience ever. With a variety of controller and display configurations available, as well as split Joy-Con support, FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch offers a responsive and engaging gaming experience – no matter how you play.    

Your Favorite FIFA Modes, for Nintendo Switch: With FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Switch-tailored Kick Off, and Local Seasons, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the deepest portable FIFA ever.    

Immersive Presentation and Gameplay: With advanced rendering   technology, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch delivers an unparalleled experience. The product boasts a full 1080p on TV and 720p on handheld, delivering authentic football atmospheres, no matter where you play. Experience brand-new pitch environments, unique physically based rendering for all characters, and new gameplay mechanics.

I cant stop laughing, in the hotel i work at theres a couple, a brazilian woman and an argentinian man. They have two sons, BUT one of them speaks spanish and is argentina af and the other one is brazil af, speaks portuguese AND refuses to speak in spanish to his father LMAOO they literally argued every two seconds, that poor mother


Beckham Boy *Cristiano Ronaldo X Brooklyn Beckham imagine* @taintedlipx


If I could count the amount of times I’ve screamed today, and get paid for it I think Pai would probably have twice as much in his account. Why did I scream you ask? Good reason actually, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw Brooklyn’s post and he just looked so hot. 

Well I mean he always looks hot so there wasn’t a change but just seeing him made me scream. I sighed, “WHAT HAPPENED!” Pai yelled coming into the room

I turned around to look at him, “Pai really a shoe?That’s going to protect your 17 year old daughter?” I asked him

He looked down at his hand, and then sighed dropping his hand. “Why were you screaming Y/N?” He asked

I smiled up at him, “Look at this picture” I said getting up and showing him the photo

Pai looked from me to the phone before rolling his eyes, “Really? Y/N that’s why you were screaming?” He asked

I nodded, “He’s cute Pai” 

Pai shook his head, and turned around walking out of my room. I chuckled following behind him, “Pai come on you have to admit he’s cute” I said following behind him and into the kitchen

Pai shook his head, “He’s not cute, Jr. is cute. Brooklyn Beckham……I don’t think so” He said opening the fridge

I rolled my eyes, taking a seat on the counter. “Irma who is that?” Jr asked 

I smiled, “Brooklyn Beckham” I said

Jr looked over to Pai who was shaking his head once again. I sighed, “Pai if you meet him I’m pretty sure you’ll love him” I told him

Pai chuckled, “I’ve met him before Y/N”

I stared at him confused, “How?” 

“You do realize that I do play Futbol right” 

I nodded, “Really? Because I’d always thought you were a professional golfer who goes to futbol games” I said

Jr giggled, and gave me a high-five. Pai sighed, “I really don’t know where you get it from” He said turning back to the fridge.

I gave him a smile, “So what does you playing futbol have to do with meeting Brooklyn?” I asked

He sighed, “I do know his Father” 

It took me a little while before realizing, what this actually meant. Pai chuckled, and shook his head. “So what you’re saying is you’ve met your son-in law?” I said 

Pai raised an eyebrow, “Son-in-law?” 

I nodded, “Yeah, that’s your future son-in-law”

Pai laughed, “Aren’t you too young to be thinking of marriage?” He asked

I shook my head, “Never I’m 17 Pai, marriage is only a few years away” 

He nodded, we continued to talk more about Brooklyn. Well in reality it was me talking about him and Pai just doing whatever he could to not give his sole attention on it. 

~4 Weeks Later

“Y/N can you get the door” Pai shouted

I sighed, getting up from the couch. “Hello? Is it important there’s a really good game on?” I asked while opening the door

“Well if the games so important I guess I could go back to England” The person said

Drawing my attention away from the TV, I turned towards the voice and nearly had a heart attack. “D-D-”

“David, glad you could come”

I don’t wanna be /that/ person bc I love RM with ALL my heart but James is my absolute fave and I’m sad for him

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