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Clasico tapatio


Ya había compartido anteriormente esta imagen para anunciar la venta de este diseño en Redbubble.
Pero ahora la comparto individualmente para que se aprecie mejor.

Y aprovechando que mañana, 17 de diciembre, es el juego “100 años del verdadero Clásico del Pueblo”, Atlas vs Guadalajara; qué mejor que esparcir los buenos deseos a ambos equipos, y que lo tomen como es: como un juego. No como una batalla.


I had previously shared this image to announce the sale of this shirt design in Redbubble.
But now I share it individually so you can better appreciated it.

And taking advantage that tomorrow is the soccer match “100 years of Town’s Classic”, Atlas vs. Guadalajara; I thought it was nice to spread the good wishes to both teams, and to take it as it is: as a game. Not like a battle.

Dating Simon would include...

- Trips to visit his family
- His mom loving you
- Even more than Simon
- Getting along with his brothers
- Supporting Leeds
- Neck kisses
- Giving massages when he edits
- Random Kisses
- Long nights filming
- Him teaching you how to play fifa
- Wearing his clothes
- Stealing his jumpers
- “when am I going to get grandkids”
- “When we get married mom”
- Cute dates
- going to futbol games
- helping him relax
- being seen in the background of videos
- being called love
- everyone loving your relationship
- “stop filming me Si.”
- “No can do love, you are to perfect not to film.”
- lots of sex
- he’s actually really kinky
- love bites
- Being In Love

IG Post:Watching The Game(Alexis Sanchez, Neymar, Rafinha, Jonathan dos Santos, and Marc Bartra) for anon

Alexis Sanchez:She’s made at the call

Neymar:This game is awesome

Rafinha:I’m braiding her hair during halftime

Jonathan dos Santos: I can’t take my eyes off her, I don’t even know the score

Marc Bartra: Crappy stream, but its nice to be with her