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Sweetness *Jonathan Dos Santos imagine*


“Just breathe Y/N” Carry said a smile on her face

I turned to her, “I can’t why is this so nerve racking?” I asked

Carry chuckled, and placed her hands on my shoulders. Looking me in the eyes, “Y/N don’t worry about it, you’re marrying the guy of your dreams it’s going to be the best wedding ever so don’t you worry your pretty little head about it” She said hugging me

I smiled, “Thank you Carry” I said hugging her back

After Carry left I was alone in the dressing room before my Dad came in and walked me down the aisle. The entire process made me really nervous, when I’d finally walked and made it to where Jonathan and I were standing face to face with one another the nervous slowly went away. “Since the couple has agreed to no vows, we’ll go right on to the exchanging of the rings.” The pastor said 

My niece, and Jonathan’s cousin both held the rings in their pillows as they handed the rings to us. “ GROOM, as you place the ring on the BRIDE’s finger, please repeat after me “ The pastor said

Jonathan nodded and began repeating, “ I give you this ring to wear
As a symbol of my abiding love,
My eternal faith, and my undying devotion.
It is an outward reminder of our inner unity. I promise to love and to hold you cherish you and support you on anything that you do.” Rafinha said as he finished repeating

The pastor then turned towards me with a smile, “BRIDE, as you place the ring on the GROOM’s finger, please repeat after me” He said once again

I nodded my head and stared at Jonathan, “ I give you this ring to wear
As a symbol of my abiding love,
My eternal faith, and my undying devotion.
It is an outward reminder of our inner unity. I promise to love and to hold you cherish you and support you on anything and everything that you do. “I said as I finally slipped the ring completely on his finger.

“I may now pronounce you husband and wife, You may kiss the bride” The pastor said

Jonathan smiled, placing his lips on mine. The entire Church hall was engulfed in cheers and claps, “I now introduce you to the new couple Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Y/N Dos Santos” 

When we parted, and walked down the aisle once more this time together and as husband and wife a little part of me was relieved but another part of me for some reason was still nervous. 

So after the wedding, Jonathan and I headed to the limo where it would take us to the reception. “Hey, are you alright?” Jonathan asked as the door closed

I looked over to him, and nodded. “Yeah I’m fine” 

He nodded, “If anything’s bothering you anytime during the night I want you to tell me alright?”

I smiled, “Yessir” I said jokingly

Jonathan smiled, placing a kiss on my forehead. The ride to the reception wasn’t too long, and by the time we got there everybody was already inside the venue and seated. “Alright everybody, the bride and groom of the night are here and we’ll start the night by their first dance.” My cousin Lisa said

Jonathan gave me one more smile before taking my hand, and walking us out and onto the dance-floor. Our first dance was something that made me laugh, well more like Jonathan made me laugh. 

After our first dance, we headed towards the long table that was on the stage and sat down. We talked, and laughed the entire reception was something I don’t think I’ll ever forget because it was nice. Different than all those receptions you see on TV are. 

When the reception ended, we made our way outside and towards the limo. For our honeymoon, we didn’t want to go to far so we decided to go to Paris since the two of us have never been. 

“I’m so proud of you my little baby” My mom said giving me a hug

I smiled, “Thank you mom” 

Pulling away she looked up at my dad, “She’s all grown up now” She said 

My Dad chuckled, and then turned his attention towards us.Giving us a smile, “Don’t worry about anything, and just have fun we’ll take care of the house and the Pups” He said

I smiled, and gave him a hug. “Thank you” 

Him and Jonathan said their goodbyes before we finally got into the limo and went on our way to the airport. The plane ride to Paris wasn’t so bad, so when we finally arrived at our hotel I looked around as we placed the bags inside. 

Jonathan sighed closing the door behind him, “This is nice” He said looking around

I nodded, “There’s a lot of room” 

He chuckled and we placed the bags in the room, I sat on the bed while Jonathan looked around the room. After a good look around, Jonathan came and laid down next to me on the bed. “This feels really nice” He said

I chuckled, “Lay down with me” He said pulling me down with him. At this my heart beat picked up. Jonathan chuckled from next to me, and when I looked at his face he was smiling down at me. “What?” I asked my voice coming out shaky

He chuckled, “Why are you so nervous?”Jonathan asked

I shook my head, “I-I-I’m not nervous” 

He raised an eyebrow, “You sure?” 

I nodded, “Yes” 

“You’re offer’s still on the table about telling me when something’s bothering you, you know that right?” He asked

I sighed, and nodded, “So are you going to tell me what’s bothering you?”

I shook my head, “You’ll think it’s stupid” I said

“Nothing you say is stupid” 

I looked over to him, “You said me saying norwall was stupid”

“That’s besides the point”

I chuckled, “Is it really” 

“Yes it is now tell what’s wrong?” 

I sighed, “It’s just-I don’t know if I’m ready” I said 

He raised an eyebrow not understanding, “Ready for?” 

“You know the big bang” I said

Jonathan stared at me, “You’re not ready to watch the Big Bang Theory? Y/N nobody brought that up” He said

I laughed slightly, “Jonathan that’s not what I’m talking about” 

“Then what are you-Oh! I got it now” He exclaimed

I chuckled, “Yes,”

Jonathan looked me up and down, “Are you afraid that you wouldn’t be able to handle me?” He asked chuckling at the end

I smacked his arm, “I’m serious Jonathan” 

He rubbed his arm, “You don’t have to be scared or nervous, I know this is your first time. And I told you countless times before that I’ll wait until you’re ready.” 

~20 minutes later

“Are you sure?You won’t smack or hit me half way through?” 

“I’m sure”


1st Image (2004): At the young age of 19 (youngest player to ever play a final at the time) and breaking onto the scene with stellar performances throughout the tournament, he and his star-studded Portuguese team came up just short in the final on their home turf to the underdog Cinderella story of Greece; ending up in tears of heartbreak and pain.

2nd Image (2016): Leading and carrying a team of youngsters, forgotten names, and role players all the way to the final against the host nation (who for many were favorites to win it all prior to the start of the tournament) - only to find himself injured in just 20 minutes of action and forced to sit out the rest of the match. Witnessing his teammates from the sideline deliver with all the passion and fight that he led them with up to this moment. This time, the tears were of relief, joy, and nightmares erased.

I’m usually neutral to begin the Euro’s, but by the end I usually end up leaning towards certain teams, for this final however I was ok with either team winning initially, but I found myself reminiscing about my experience watching euro 2004 as a kid and how badly I wanted C.Ronaldo and Figo (some of my favorite players) to win at that time; those emotions were ignited again and I just had to hope Portugal would defy all odds and pull it off somehow.

Congrats to Portugal, and congrats to C.Ronaldo for getting his first international trophy. This is the reason I watch sports, for these beautiful narratives, it’s amazing watching certain careers and storylines unfold over the years.