Why Now? *Erik Durm imagine*


“Mommy can we get ice cream?” Ayden asked tugging on my hand

I looked over to the ice cream stand and nodded giving him a smile, “Let’s go” I said

A smile appeared on Ayden’s face and we made our way to the ice cream stand. As we stood there Ayden ordered his ice cream and I ordered mine, “That’ll be $10.20″ The ice cream vendor said

I nodded and reached into my purse, “I’ll pay for it” Someone said

I smiled, “It’s fine really but thank you-Erik?” I said turning to face the person

My face immediately dropped, and I stared at him. Turning to the vendor I handed him the money before Erik could give it to him, taking Ayden’s hand in mine I walked away with him even though I could hear Erik calling out to us. 

“Mommy why is he calling your name?” Ayden asked

I sighed, “He’s someone that Mommy doesn’t like” I said when we had finally stopped

I picked up Ayden with my free hand, and set him on the chair. Sitting across from him, I smiled. “Eat your ice cream baby before it melts” I said

He nodded and dug into his ice cream, I smiled watching him eat in happiness. 

Now I know why would I move as fast as I possibly could to get away from a guy who’s calling out my name? It’s because not only was that guy my ex-boyfriend but he’s also Ayden’s father who left me at 5 months. We haven’t spoken in years, and now all of a sudden he show’s up? 

And it’s not like I haven’t told Ayden about his father I’ve mentioned him, but he’s never seen Erik or even held a conversation with him. I mean yeah I’m curious as to how Erik knew it was me and as to what he wanted to say exactly but I didn’t want to give him the time to say anything to me. 

When Ayden had finished eating his ice cream he showed me the empty container with a smile, “Look Mommy I’m all done” He said smiling

I smiled back, “That’s my big boy” I said as I wiped the ice cream he’d managed to get on his cheek

“Can I go to the bathroom Mommy?” He asked

I nodded, “It’s right there go and come back I’ll be right here” I said

Ayden nodded, and went into the bathroom I sat there waiting for him and wondering what Erik wanted. But you know what, I should really stop thinking about it because I swear right now in front of me Erik was sitting where Ayden once was. 

“Y/N” He said

I tilted my head, and looked down at the ice cream, “Is there something in this?” I asked outloud

Erik chuckled, “No, I’m really here” He said

I stared at him, “What do you want?” I asked

He sighed, “Did you get my messages? The texts? Anything?” He asked

I sighed, “What about them Erik? It didn’t make a difference in what you did” I said

Erik nodded, “I know it didn’t” 

“Mommy look it’s the man” Ayden said as he came and sat on my lap

Erik’s eye’s shifted towards Ayden, and his face changed. “Ayden, let’s go we’er going to be late” I said as I stood up

Erik stood also, and as I turned to leave he grabbed my hand. “Is he mine?” He asked in a way that Ayden couldn’t hear

As I looked down at Ayden he looked between me and Erik, “Leave my Mommy alone” Ayden said

I sighed, and nodded. Erik let go, staring us before bending down to Ayden’s height. As he did Ayden stepped back leaning into me more, “Hey little man” Erik said

Ayden just stared at him, “My name is Erik, and I’m your-”

“He’s my friend” I said cutting Erik off

Ayden looked at him, “Then why did we get away from him earlier Mommy?”

“Ayden go to the car” I said as I unlocked it

As I made sure Ayden was inside the car, I turned towards Erik. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”I asked him

Erik looked at me, “What do you mean Y/N he’s my son” 

I scoffed, “He’s your son?”

Erik nodded, “Yes it doesn’t take one person to get pregnant now does it?” He asked

I rolled my eyes, “Erik you’ve got to be bullshitting me right now” I said

He sighed, “Why? What’s wrong now?”

I chuckled, “Erik please listen to yourself right now, you left me when I was 5 months pregnant. And you sent me a text message to do exactly that, why the hell would I allow you to speak to my son and claim that you’re his father” 

“I don’t know Y/N maybe because I am his father for crying out loud” 

I shook my head, “You may have had a part in creating him, but you had no part in raising or being there for him even when I told you about him. So please don’t try and act all high and mighty playing Dad” I said 

Erik ran a hand through his hair, “I want to be in his life again Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened back then. And I want to make it up to you, I’m serious”

I removed his hand from mine, “I don’t need you to make anything up to me or my son. You made your choice back then 6 years ago, so you don’t get a say in anything now. It was good to see you again Erik, but please just leave me alone”

And as much as I’d like to say that was the last time I’d seen Erik. It sadly was not. 

No es necesário que seas brasileño, que te guste el fútbol o lo que sea. Tampoco que seas hincha de este equipo. Hoy no somos muchos, somos uno. Somos un club, somos un solo corazón que late al compaso de “Vamos, vamos Chape”. Tampoco solo somos un club. Somos periodistas, somos fans de las notícias al ultimo minuto. Somos también amantes de la aviación, de las alas, de las nubes, despegar. Hoy somos todos solidários en este momento de dolor. Hoy somos Chape.

Por Nathália, de “Somos Poesia”, brasileña, periodista, fanática del fútbol y eterna hincha de Associação Chapecoense de Futebol.



Her face 😍 〰 My husband 👫💑

anonymous asked:

James Rodriguez is the kind of beautiful that leaves you struck for moment, that makes the world around you just disappear for a moment. When he smiles, even if its just for a fraction of a second, every thing is bliss. Nothing else matters and every problem you have vanishes for that moment???

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddd!

James is really something else. I read this message like at 2 am before I went to bed and I ended up all smiley and thinking about him. He really is something special. HIS SMILEEEEEEEEEEEEEE oh god. It really is breath-taking… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m convinced his smile could cause world peace. It is so beautiful and the way it reaches his eyes!!!!!!!! oh my gosh I’m overwhelmed… Honestly when James posts selfies on Instagram, I always have to take a moment and prepare myself to open the notification and then when I see the pic I’m all like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heart eyes* I love when he plays in the games and everything is so HD and they zoom on in him looking all good… God did a great job on him

He’s so beautiful. Inside and out. He is perfection.

[i have to add some pics!!!]


All Mine (Sami Khedira imagine)


Sitting out here in this sun really made me want to jump into a pool of really cold water and be okay with the consequence of getting potential frostbite. Paulo looked over to me chuckling and eventually jogging over, “Is the princess of the cold hot?” He asked teasing me

I rolled my eyes, “Is the Prince of the short still not taller than me?” I asked

Paulo laughed, “I may be short but I’m enjoying the heat” He said

I chuckled, “Shouldn’t you be paying attention?” I asked him

Paulo looked over and shrugged, “I’m pretty sure I’ll get the drill” He said

And not even two seconds later the coach was calling for him back to practice, I chuckled. “Bye bye Paulo” I said

He waved as he jogged back to practice, I watched again as the boys went and practiced. When it came time to break I noticed Sami wasn’t over there at the practice but at the other half of the practice field with the other group.

“So what do we owe the pleasure of having the beauty known as Y/N here at practice today?” Gonzalo asked taking a seat next to me

I chuckled, “I’m here to see the wonderful Sami Khedira” I said

Dani scoffed, “He isn’t that wonderful, he hit me in the butt with the ball and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a bruise” He said

I chuckled, “Don’t blame my boyfriend for you being in the way” I teased

Dani sighed, “Wow and I thought we were friends” He said setting down the water bottle

I smiled, “We are friends”

We both laughed and when I looked over to the other group that was still practicing I saw Sami staring at Dani and the other boys. I raised an eyebrow and after a little bit, the other group came over to have a break.

Sami came over and took a seat with some water. I looked at him, “How is it in the heat?” I asked

He shrugged, taking off his shirt and placing it over my legs. I raised an eyebrow, “What’s this for?” I asked

He motioned to the guys and when I looked over they were staring at my legs before he placed his shirt over them. “Thank you” I said

Sami just nodded his head and stood up going back over to the group, I stared at his back as he went over. “What’s his issue?” Juan asked taking his seat

I shrugged, “Who knows” I replied

Throughout the practice every time Sami and another one of his teammates had to go against each other I swore Sami was going to injure his teammate. For some reason he just became more aggressive and angry it came to the point when coach made him come back over to the bench to cool off. 

As he’d made his way over I stared at him, “What?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow, “Don’t what me, why are you so crabby?” I asked

Sami rolled his eyes, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” He said

I chuckled, “Well there’s exhibit A” I said pointing to his face

Sami raised an eyebrow, “What?” 

I looked at him, “Did something happen that made you so pissed off?”

Sami sighed, “I’m not pissed off” He said

I chuckled, “Whatever you say Sami” 

After a few more seconds on the bench he got up going back to practice. They stayed out for a little while longer before the coach called practice. I got up from the bench, as the guys came over collecting their things. 

I handed Sami back his shirt, and we all walked to the locker rooms. When they went inside I waited for Sami to come out, and he was one of the last ones still in his mad state. “So Princess when are we hanging out again?” Paulo asked

I chuckled, “When you grow a couple inches” I joked

Paulo placed a hand over his heart, “That hurts Princess”

I rolled my eyes, and nearly screamed when I was pulled into a hard chest and some lips were placed on mine. After a good while of kissing I recognized it as Sami, and when he pulled away he looked over to Paulo who stood their awkward and shocked, “The only one who calls her Princess, and the only one she hangs out with is me short thing” He said as he pulled me along with him to the car

When we got in the car I turned towards him, “That was hot” I said 

Sami shook his head, “Don’t ever let him call you Princess again” He said

I raised an eyebrow, but chuckled after realizing everything. Sami turned towards me, “What’s funny?” He asked

When I’d managed to stop laughing I spoke, “You were jealous” I said

Sami scoffed, “I was not jealous Y/N”

I nodded, “You totally were, that’s why you placed your shirt on my legs, and why you were so crabby during practice” I said

Sami didn’t say anything for a little while as he drove, but after a while he muttered, “I wasn’t jealous”


Boss’s Niece pt.3 *Cristiano Ronaldo X Sergio Ramos *


As I stared down at Cristiano he smiled, and after a while I pushed his arms off my legs causing him to go under water before resurfacing. He chuckled, “So how about tomorrow?” He said as I’d walked away

I shook my head, “How about you get someone else to go with you” I said

Cristiano’s laugh rung throughout the yard, I sat down once again at the table. And it didn’t take even five seconds for someone to sit down in the other chair opposite to me. When I looked over it was Sergio, I sighed which caused him to chuckle. “Don’t worry I’m not here to pester you about a date” He said

I smiled, “Thank you” 

“I’m just here to talk” 

“Oh boy” I said 

Sergio chuckled, “So are you going to stick around the Bernabeu? “ He asked 

I nodded, “I think so, I like it here” 

He smiled, “I hope you do stay here” He said

“Hey!Hey! Don’t be getting to comfortable you two” Cristiano said getting out of the pool

I rolled my eyes, “And why can’t they get comfortable?” My Uncle asked walking through the gate

I chuckled, and got up giving him a hand with the groceries he’d just bought. “Because what if she choose’s him instead of me?” Cristiano asked

I stared at him and shook my head, “Choose’s you for what exactly?” He asked turning towards me

I sighed, “I asked her on a date-”

“To which she hasn’t said yes to” Sergio interrupted

“Yes, thank you Mr.Petty. And if they get close then she might go on the date with him instead” Cristiano explained

My uncle looked between me and the two men and shook his head, “I’m not going to get in the middle of this” He said walking into the kitchen

My mouth dropped as I followed him inside, “Uncle you can’t be serious, I’m your favorite niece. Heck I’m your only niece” I said 

He chuckled, “And that’s why I love you” 

I sighed as I put the bag down, “Can’t you tell them to stop or something, technically you’re their boss” I said pointing towards him

My uncle nodded, “That’s true but if I control who get’s to date you then your father would get mad” He said

I groaned, “Honey why are you groaning you know that’s not very ladylike” My aunt said walking into the kitchen

I turned towards her, “Tante please talk to Uncle he’s saying ridiculous stuff” I said

She came over and looked between us, “ Zinedine, she’s your only niece” Tante said

I smiled, “Thank you”I said

And just on que all the men came inside, Cristiano and Sergio sat on either side of me. “Coach who do you think would be a better fit?” Marcelo asked

My uncle turned around and shrugged, “Either one looks great” He said

“I vote Sergio” Enzo said

“What? We’re not doing a vote” I said

Tante chuckled, “Y/N, honey I think you’d look good with Sergio”She said

My head turned towards her, “I thought you were on my side”

She shrugged, and it went on like that for a little while. Everyone voting on who I would look best with, in the end it ended with a tie and they looked at me. “So Y/N who do you think you’ll look good with?” Marcelo asked

I looked at him and then Sergio and Cristiano, “I’ll good with myself” I said 

They all chuckled, and moved on to another subject. “Y/N can you check in the fridge outside and see if you could make space for something” My uncle asked

I nodded getting up and going outside glad to be out of the space between Cristiano and Sergio. When I was outside, I looked in the fridge and after a little while i was joined by someone else. 

I turned around to see Sergio, “Need help?” He asked

I shrugged, “I don’t think so” 

He nodded and sat down on the chair next to me, “Y/N can I ask you something?” 

I looked a him a smile playing at my lips, “You technically just did” I said

We both laughed, and he smiled, “Okay another one”

I nodded, “Sure shoot your shot”I said

Sergio cleared his throat, “I was wondering if you would actually want to go on a date sometime, you could choose the place whenever you’re free?” He said

I thought about it for a little bit, and pulled my head out from the fridge. “You have your phone on you?” I asked

He nodded, “Yeah why?”

I motioned for him to give it to me, and when he did I went to the contacts inputting my number. When I was finished I gave it back closing the fridge, I smiled, “Text me later tonight and I’ll let you know when I’m free” I said


I nodded, “Really” 


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