fussy panda

Ok but please take a moment to imagine Ford, in his glorious inter-dimensional travels, stumbling into an underground science facility filled with incredible technology and artificial lifeforms, nearly all of which are trying to kill him. GLaDOS is infuriatingly confused at this human who is smiling and laughing as he breezes through the test chambers, oohing and ahing at everything in sight– this human who really should not be enjoying her attempts at murdering him, and for some god forsaken reason sounds exactly like Cave Johnson. When she turns her attention back to the test chamber he’s poking and prodding at the ashpd– fiddling with it– as he smiles tentatively up at the nearest camera, saying he’s getting an underlying theme of ‘Portals’ here, and if could make just a few modifications to the device in his hands, he might be able to finally get home. At first she’s insulted at the very idea (modifications to her perfect portal device?), but at this point it’s becoming apparently clear that she cannot kill him (deja vu), and she’s willing to do anything just to make him leave.