The war is ending.

Homeworld is fleeing.

The Crystal Gems let them leave without a fuss; this is what they wanted all along.

But then the fusion starts screaming, screaming there’s a bomb, that everyone needs to take cover. That she doesn’t know what it is exactly but it’s bad.

She tackles the Pearl, and Rose Quartz, leader of the rebellion, pulls up a bubble on instinct. A bright light fills the field.

And then their teammates, these gems they’ve known and fought with, change.

Garnet, Pearl, and Rose watch in abject horror as the gems around them mutate into monsters, turn to them and start slamming against the bubble, screeching in these horrid voices.

The Pearl lets out a wail.

The fusion, guilty, feeling as though it’s her fault this has happened- they should have been quicker, they should’ve made the decide to warn them sooner, if they’d just been faster- quickly comes to terms with the fact that she may have to put her friends out of their misery and kill her own companions. She summons her gauntlets. 

Tears in her eyes, Pearl follows suit with her spear. Then another.

“Drop it.” Garnet whispers. “They wouldn’t want to live like this.”

Rose Quartz, loving woman, leader of the rebellion, with a sword and shield in hand, lowers the bubble with a cry of attack.

Homeworld has fled.

Yet another war has begun.

kepzandme  asked:

Sci, can you please describe father's day with DJ for us? Does Steve get equal attention or is the day all about Tony? Does Tony grumble and complain about all the fuss all day along? I love your DJ, and I think I'll read anything you write about him and Lucy. (Lucy is the greatest okay? Lucy is the best. Lucy for the win. LUCY DESERVES EVERYTHING.)

“Want to come over this weekend?  It’s Steve Day.”

Lucy opened her mouth.  Words failed her, and she leaned back in her chair, tapping her pen against her teeth.  “Okay,” she said at last.  She tucked her bare legs up under her, ignoring the way her shorts rode up her thighs, and moved the phone up higher on her shoulder.  “What…  Is Steve Day?”

DJ paused the way he did when he was putting words in order in his head.  Lucy waited patiently, grinning as she waited.  It was almost always worth the wait.

“Well,” DJ started, and she bit her lip to keep from laughing, he sounded so put upon.  “You know about Father’s Day, right?”

Lucy nodded, a grin creasing her cheeks.  “Yes, Deej, I…  I might’ve heard about Father’s Day.”

“That makes it easier,” he agreed.

“Oh, God help me…”

“So when I was small,” he continued, undeterred as always, “Steve made sure we did Father’s Day.”

“My dad gets a tie every year,” Lucy said.  “Well, three ties, we fight to give him the best tie.”

“This is a good fight,” DJ agreed.

“What does your Dad get?”

“A headache,” DJ said, with such perfect comedic timing that she choked on a laugh, nearly inhaling her pen cap.  “But Steve made sure we celebrated.  Every year.  But Steve said, Father’s day is for dad.  Not him.”

Lucy stopped.  “Because he’s not your dad.”

“No.  He’s…” DJ paused.  “Steve.  So I asked Dad, when is Steve Day?”

Everything clicked and Lucy caught herself grinning at nothing.  “Because if there was a Father’s Day for your Dad…”

“There had to be Steve Day for Steve,” DJ said, with perfect DJ logic.  “Dad likes Steve Day.  He says Steve Day is the best Idea I’ve ever had.”

“What does STEVE think about Steve Day?” Lucy asked.

“He’s always nice about it, but he glares at my Dad a lot.  Which doesn’t stop Dad.” He sighed.  “At all.”

“And Steve Day is in August?”

“This year.  Steve Day floats,” DJ said.  “Like the lunar new year.  Or Easter.”  Lucy could hear the smile in his voice.  “It’s easier.  If Steve doesn’t know Steve Day is coming.”

“And Steve Day is this Sunday?” Lucy asked.  “What do you do on Steve Day?”

“This year?  Barbeque and cake, and a pool party.  Dad had a banner made.  It’s…”  DJ stopped.  

“Horrible?” Lucy guessed.  “Tacky?  Not going to end up in the Smithsonian with the rest of the Captain America collection?”

“Big,” DJ finished.  “It’s very big.”

“Your dad is a dick about Steve Day, isn’t he?” Lucy asked.

“Dad enjoys Steve Day.  One year, everyone got t-shirts.”

“Oh dear GOD,” Lucy said, dropping her head into her hands.

“Want to come?”

“Yes.  Yes, I do.”

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A hc I totally love: Molly and Sherlock's son having a secret crush on Girl Watson. When Mary and Molly find this out, they are pretty ok with it and try some matchmaking... While John and Sherlock's reaction... uh-oh. You can imagine it haha ;-D

“Oh bloody hell, no.” John said trying to wrap his head around what his wife had just told him. 

“Why not? It seemed kinda cute!” His wife replied as she took a sip of her tea with a smile plastered on her face. She didn’t quite understand what the big fuss was about as she watched her husband pace the room with his hands rested on his hips. “You mean, Hamish likes—” 

“Elizabeth, yes.”

“I need to sit down.”

“You should, we’re eating.” 

Molly sat on the countertop as she popped one strawberry after another inside her mouth, something that they had to buy a lot lately since she’s gotten pregnant with their second child, while she rambled on about her day with Mary.

“Molly, I’d appreciate it if you sat on the sofa instead, I don’t want you falling.” Sherlock said, not looking up from the microscope with the cultures that were currently capturing his attention. 

“Anyways,” she rolled her eyes, ignoring him as she continued to sway her legs a bit. “So Mary and I thought that Hamish might be having a little crush on your goddaughter” 

This caught his attention. Looking up, Sherlock stared at her like she’s grown two heads. 

“Mhmmm!” Molly nodded with glee. 

“I don’t think—”

“Oh please, Sherlock. You can practically deduce by the way he tried to compliment Elizabeth with a deduction! He certainly takes after you. 

“I need to sit down.”

Counter’s free.” She said with a grin as she propped herself down, sticking her tongue out in a teasing manner, 

I know, I know. It’s not a prompt but I couldn’t help myself. T.T

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Laurent drinking griva
  • A horrified voice:Not your uncle's griva!
  • Laurent, on his sixth cup:I don't see what the fuss is all about. Besides it tasting like swirl, it's pretty weak. I don't feel anything.
  • Laurent, standing up:help
Brothers Love

nonnie prompt: Felicity is Tommy’s younger sister and she is secretly dating Oliver who is Tommy’s bestest friend. Oliver and Felicity are into bdsm and one day Tommy accidently walks on them doing some ‘weird’ things and he gets mad

A/N: So I somehow have misplaced the message for this :/ sorry! but I do save the prompts word for word thankfully! Anyway, sorry it’s taken so long, hope it’s what you wanted…

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Regarding the rosary wearing posts Why are rosaries not usually worn? Ever since I converted, I could never understand the big fuss over people wearing them.

I honestly think it’s an American cultural thing. In America it’s sometimes considered a disrespect to wear a rosary because some non Christians wear it because it’s a “style”.

I’ve been told by just about everyone that if I wear it I need to hide it under my shirt.

I think American Catholics should revisit the reasons why we should wear rosaries.

Honestly for me it’s neck shaped and I don’t like tangled rosaries in my pocket, that simple.

Obviously we should treat all sacramentals with respect, but I don’t think in anyway it’s a disrespect to wear a rosary.

I’ll have to search for the saint story about a king who wore a rosary basically because he thought it looked cool. He was not Christian and at the time the people he ruled over were also not Christians. One day he suffered an illness that brought him near death, and Mary appeared to him and told him that because he wore the rosary all of his subjects felt encouraged to pray it, and she held up the thousands of rosaries that were prayed because of his wearing of the rosary. He didn’t die, but ended up recovering and converting to Christianity (if you know who this was let me know because I’ve forgotten).

Currently I don’t wear it unless I’m traveling because my priest advised me not to wear one years ago, so out of respect of his request I don’t, even if I don’t necessarily agree. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This eligible bachelorette needs a love interest!

She’s a newbie trans lady who loves building machines and just wants to have a fulfilling career as a mechanist. Outside of work she’s so very domestic. She’ll bake pies and fuss over her begonias and all that. 

She’s pan but has a bit of a preference for masculine types. OOC, I’m looking for someone with at least a little bit of a rebellious / misbehaving streak. Someone that can offset her extreme cinnamon roll sweetness.


-Great cooking
-Soft tum
-She will spoil you rotten
-blushes a lot


-lives at moorsedge
-greasy and smells of machine oil 80% of the time. 
-bakes too many pies and cakes and that’s unhealthy for you
-really unpleasant in the morning and god help you if you wake her up early

If you have any dragons you’d think would be good for her, let me know! She is not poly so if there’s interest from multiple sources I’ll have to pick one. 

VIXX as Bodyguards

What would they be like as bodyguards?

N – A constant shadow at your shoulder. This man with a mysterious aura who whispers in your ear and keeps a Mona Lisa smile at all times. It may not seem like he’s doing much, but his quick eyes catch everything. If there was danger he’d let the other guards handle it unless the threat reached a close proximity to you. With lithe grace and blinding speed he’d incapacitate them. Dance and martial arts are close cousins. Through the centuries some of the martial arts styles have been disguised as dance, and he’s learned them well. In public he’d seem cool and calm, deferring to your authority. Alone with you he’d drop the pretense, warmly assuming the role of equals. Hakyeon would also fuss over you to eat and sleep properly. With you he’s outspoken enough that you’d think he’d say whatever was on his mind. Which he does, except for mentioning the fact he’s in love with you. Scared you wouldn’t return his feelings, he’d keep it a secret.      

Leo – Leo’s presence alone would be scary as hell and quite the deterrent. Imagine him next to you, never smiling, never talking, eyes always alert and searching. And heaven help someone if they caught his attention. His scowl would be directly proportionate to how close that person came to you. His ferocity would earn him a reputation that would only grow because he’d do nothing to quell it. Rumors like that work in his favor, so why not let them spread? Alone with you his demeanor would soften. While he may be harsh with others at times, Taekwoon would always speak respectfully to you. You’d try to cajole him into relaxing but he wouldn’t feel he could. He’d love you deeply but think his position was beneath yours. If you love him and get that through his thick skull, you’d become essential to his wellbeing. Any threat to you would be taken down prodigiously no matter the size. His biggest fear would be failing in his duties and losing you.  

Ken – Of all of them he’s the one who would hate physical confrontation the most. He’d do it, and he’d be proficient if he applied himself but it would go against his nature. While smarter and more shrewd than people give him credit for, he isn’t aggressive. He’d be extremely protective of you, even using himself as a shield between you and danger. But over time the life of a guard would wear him down. The violence and constant threat would tarnish the beauty he sees in the world and make him cynical. In his position Ken wouldn’t be able to help falling in love. He’d be up front about how he felt but try not to pressure you. His feelings would make him stay to keep you safe even at the risk of his own conscience. Once you saw the first hint of darkness creeping into his eyes you’d remove him from guard duty. Your life isn’t worth sacrificing his smile.

Ravi – If he felt you were being threatened he’d start off with a bluff. Puffing himself up, making himself look like a badass he’d hope that would be discouraging enough to squash any conflict. He knows the best way to win a fight is avoiding one. If his strategy didn’t work a stillness would come over him as he became deadly serious. He doesn’t care what he has to do, nothing is going to touch you. Wonsik loves life but he’d give up his own for yours without a second thought. Given his temperament it’d almost be impossible for him not to fall in love. But he has too much respect for you to cross that line. He’d see it as taking advantage of his position. So you’d never know unless you picked up on those mournful puppy gazes he wasn’t even aware of giving you. It’d be obvious to everyone who saw him how he felt.

Hongbin – Bean is awkward and reserved. At first. Once he is given a role and allowed to become familiar with it, he can be formidable. While training to be a guard he would practice his skills non-stop until he was as close to perfection as he could get. By the time he’s assigned to you, he’d be comfortable and have a quiet reserve about him. When faced with danger he may get nervous but allow muscle memory to take over. He’d do fine, each encounter building his confidence. Gentle by nature, he has a protective streak once his heart is involved. He wanted to be the best before but once he loves you it would become much more personal for him. Threats against you would make him angry, fueling his desire to keep you safe all the more. You might suspect his feelings for you but he wouldn’t directly admit it on his own. If you confessed to him, he’d get flustered making his awkwardness resurface.  

Hyuk – The guard that everyone thinks is a nice guy and no one takes seriously. Until they see him in action. Sharp witted, broad, and strong, any incoming threats would falter against him like hitting a stone wall. And in the off chance they found a crack in his defenses, Hyuk would retaliate as if it were a personal affront. And that’s before he fell in love with you. After he did he’d observe you carefully to see if you might return his feelings. If he received any hint that you felt the same, he’d confess. He’d be nervous but it’d be difficult to tell until you accepted him and he breathed a sigh of relief. Hyuk would continue to do an exemplary job as your guard. However now that you’re together his perspective has altered. Before he took threats as they came but now he’d be more proactive about keeping you from being exposed to dangerous situations. ​

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Allies accidentally hitting their s,o? Like they're tying to open the door but their elbow hits them

America: He’d exclaim “sorry” really loudly, before making sure that he didn’t actually hurt you. He’d apologise a lot while making sure that he didn’t knock you in the face or anything.

England: He’d just apologise, ask if you’re okay, and if not, he’d be fussing like a maniac to fix whatever minor injuries he may have caused.

France: He’d turn around to face you, and then swiftly apologise and begin quickly giving you a once over to assess whatever damage he may have caused. If he did somehow manage to injure you, he’d make damn sure he makes you better.

Russia: He’d make a big fuss over it, making sure he didn’t hurt you or anything like that, throwing apologies in everywhere. He’s a naturally worried big guy.

China: He’d apologise, then swiftly begin to make sure you’re fine before proceeding. If he hurt you, then he’d go doctor mode on you and make sure that it’s all good before proceeding.

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Not sure if you know, but from his username CoolSkeleton95 Papyrus could be any age from 15 to 25 I believe.

I’m not sure what the drinking age is in the Underground (if they’d even have one), but I doubt if the waitstaff at Avanti’s or whatever are going to be too fussed about carding a skeleton. I guess by a certain vantage point, he does look over 40. ;)

Although, that would be pretty funny. “Can I see some ID?”

“Um, I don’t have eyes??? I feel like you’re being a little insensitive right now.”

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Another Jungle Niki scenario bc I love those: What if he somehow recreated the anthill burning while both Saru and S4 boys were present? Would Fushimi just freeze and become unable to move because he was too traumatized?

So say Niki is a secret jungle member and he’s been keeping an eye on Fushimi specifically all this time, like once jungle starts really making moves Niki’s all excited because he finally gets to play with his monkey again, right. Maybe he like lures Fushimi and the alphabet squad somewhere, he sets out a mission to get them to come out presumably trying to stop jungle members causing a fuss but when they get there no one’s around and there’s just this PDA lying on the ground. Fushimi wants everyone to stay back as he comes forward to look at it, fully expecting a trap. Suddenly the screen turns green and then there’s this hologram of an anthill hovering in the air. The alphabet boys are super confused because why an anthill, that’s not very threatening, but Akiyama notices that Fushimi’s gone really still and pale. Suddenly a little match appears above the anthill and Fushimi starts breathing hard as it floats there for a moment before falling straight down. The anthill hologram immediately goes up in very realistic flames, a couple of the alphabet boys even lunge forward to pull Fushimi away because they think he’ll get burned. Fushimi’s breathing really hard by now and sweating, everyone’s super worried about him because he’s just staring at the anthill with these haunted eyes like he’s half a step away from a panic attack. Them Fushimi just pulls away from everyone and tosses a knife straight in the middle of the PDA (and maybe whatever illusion Niki was using also has a real-world counterpart somehow so Fushimi gets actually burned a little). In the aftermath everyone’s all confused and trying to ask Fushimi if he’s okay and what was that about but Fushimi’s already whirled on his heel and left, not even bothering to see if they follow. Afterward he won’t talk to anyone about it but he’s just obsessively pouring over the mission they were given and any information they have on jungle, because only a handful of people know about that incident and one of them is supposed to be dead.

Novak at his press conference after his second round win over Gilles Muller on Wednesday

Novak on the Olympic Games in Rio: “I did get more information on it, and my decision is to go to the Olympic Games. Because, from the information that I got, it’s not as it’s presented, not as dangerous. Of course, there is always a possibility that you can get the virus, but I think maybe the fuss and the buzz about the virus has been created with some kind of other intent that I’m not going to get into. For me, it’s safe enough and I’m going to go.”

Novak on his role as one of the most-watched figures in the sport: “I’m obviously doing everything in my own power and my own field of influence to be a positive example on and off the court. I’m very connected emotionally to this sport. I feel that bond and I try to be honest and transfer that passion on the court and off it… So I hope people can relate to that and recognise that.”

Novak on being a member of the ATP Player Council: “As somebody that is on top of the game and has at this moment [a] certain influence, I can try to use that influence and contribute in a good way to the sport. Roger Federer has done that for a long time and Rafael Nadal was also in the council for a long time. I think it’s good that the best players in the world are getting involved.”

(via atpworldtour.com, MatiszJohn, TennisNewsTPN on Twitter)


mbti moodboard: esfp (”the performer”)

“the esfp is a great team player. he or she is not likely to create any problems or fuss, and is likely to create the most fun environment possible for getting the task done. esfps will do best in careers in which they are able to use their excellent people skills, along with their abilities to meld ideas into structured formats. since they are fast-paced individuals who like new experiences, they should choose careers which offer or require a lot of diversity, as well as people skills.”


The time I normally spend on tumblr did I use for thinking the past two days, which is usually not a good thing cos when I start thinking then I start thinking, if you know what I mean. But maybe in this case it is a good thing, not really sure yet.

I thought long and hard about my decision and I came to the conclusion that I don´t delete my account, at least not yet. I want to force myself to be on tumblr and not run away and become invisible again. Staying on tumblr, whether people ignore me or not, will be hopefully the 1st step into the right direction to become “social compatible”. Not really sure if this will also have an impact on rl but I guess a step is a step.

So, why making a fuss when I don´t leave in the end. My last post was no overreaction because the cursor hovered above the delete button more than once (1st time shortly after I came here) and before I wrote my last entry, I actually hit it and only had to confirm but I hesitated cos I actually do feel good here when I don´t have these episodes where I just wanna go to bed, pull the blanket over my head and wait for the world to end. I mean, where else can you gush about Penny´s talent and beauty and don´t end up in straitjacket?!? Don´t know anybody irl who even knows who Penny is. So at least I have sth in common with you, sth I didn´t have e.g. when I tried my luck with livejournal years ago, which I guess made it so easy to leave without a word. I had to force myself to show interest in things I don´t care about so that I could be part of a group.
And I don´t know but maybe writing everything off my chest instead of swallowing it down and leaving, did the trick, too.

As for the comments. When I decided to give it another try I thought that, okay comments are not really welcome and I´ll follow the unwritten rule here and will no longer ruin someone´s post with my annoying/silly comments or when I comment, then I´ll hide them under a cut. But I think that would be a rotten compromise cos I want to make comments and not only in the tag section (see previous post). So at this very moment I´m even that confident that I say defiantly: I make comments, deal with it! If you don´t like it then feel free to ignore me or even unfollow me. After all there must have  been a reason why people follow me (and nothing surprises me more than the fact that I have followers), they knew before that I comment on things.

So this is now. Not sure how I´ll think about it tomorrow or next week cos I know that the next Black Hole is waiting for me and I´m pretty sure that I´ll fall into it.

I would also like to thank @ericajanebarry , @lostinyourlines  and @emma-in-the-rabbit-hole  for taking the time to comment on my previous post. I really do appreciate that. It meant a lot to me!

Haikyuu!! Ch 216

This is Shiratori-Swag:

This is Shiratori-Smug:

Goshiki you are too precious. Please don’t ever change <3

That is all I wanted to post for this chapter.

just kidding.

I’m Always This Kind: Tsukki Version

Step 1: Wonder if said person was being nice out of consideration for you

Step 2: Be smothered by outright rejection (literally)

Step 3: Wonder why you even bothered

Tsukki…with the amount of overthinking and fuss you make though, you’re well on your way to becoming a stealth-team mom xD

I love how Kags always is and forever will be, a completely open book lol. Though it looks like he’s dealing with his past trauma a lot better than before if that’s the kinda face he’s making (I’d say he’s at about….level 6 on the disgruntled blueberry scale)

And omggggggg!! Appearances from 2 of my favorites (as if there’s such a thing in this series). 

Dang Furudate-sensei…..3 layer simultaneous storytelling. Props to you sir, props to you.

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No, I’m sick and tired of people like you pretending that minorities (gay people in this context) are a scared bunch of…

Then get off your fucking throne and make sure Trump doesn’t win. Trump WILL for a fact ruin this country, and no country in the world (except maybe Russia) will take us seriously (every international person I know is telling me this). So make sure we do survive. Because when people are actively going after minority groups and making sure they have shitty existences, that’s not American. The Republican platform is un-American. 

So typing into Tumblr will do nothing except boost your own ego. Get off your ass and do something. God bless the broken road, people love to bitch and fuss on Tumblr because it’s so much easier than actually doing something.

it won’t tag you I hope you see this!!!!

so anyway I’m just loSING IT

The journey of the whills doesn’t happen until much later and he only speaks to Yoda in the beginning and doesn’t speak to Obi-Wan until Obi-Wan is on Tatooine alone

I wish Obi-Wan would sit on Tatooine and as soon as Qui-Gon appears he’d just roast him to Coruscant and back for all the bullshit he put him through


so I wonder what he and Qui-Gon would talk about on Tatooine since Anakin is Vader now and he was APPARENTLY their common ground

Would Qui-Gon finally apologize for his shitty attitude???? Unlikely but I can hope

Imagine Obi-Wan throwing everything he owns (which is a pitifully small amount) at Qui-Gon’s ghost when he loses it and screams at him for leaving him before either of them were ready and leaving him with Anakin who he didn’t even want and renouncing him in front of the whole council for a kid he’d just met and all the bullshit he pulled when Obi-Wan was 12

I can only hope Qui-Gon got his act together a little bit

Libra General Horoscope

You may not understand what all the fuss is about today, Libra. Suddenly there’s a fire burning all around and you may be left questioning the motivations behind others’ actions. You may not be able to make heads or tails of the situation, so don’t waste your time trying to figure it all out. Let it be. Take a hint from others that you may need to add a bit of spark to your life to spice things up a bit.

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