A Skyrim Meal
When I’m gaming for extended periods of time, lord knows how hungry I get. It’s not an unusual occurrence, when playing Skyrim, that I have often found myself drooling over a horker loaf… or even wondering if charred skeever tastes all that bad. Clearly #barbarianproblems 

Anyway, curiosity finally got the best of me, and to everyone’s relief, I decided to begin with some of the more milder Skyrim recipes.  Now, as you will discover with many of my dishes, they don’t exactly follow the traditional Skyrim ingredient formula. But do not fret! I promise they are as lore friendly as possible; aka, they aren’t incredibly bland, because we all know that a pile of salt always doesn’t always do the trick, am I right?

So, for today’s menu I present to you, from the top left going clockwise: potato leek soup, salmon steak, jazbay grape tapanade with crackers, and cauliflower drizzled (or in my case drenched, heh heh) with Elsweyr fondue.

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holy shit..


face at 0.35 lol


the dovahkiin fights a bear and uses the thuum, who will win?