This is very exciting. I have it on the PS3, but this is still great news to share :D

Filming 23/3/12

On Friday the 23rd we had to do the last bits of main filming for our burying the past film but we first had to write up risk assissments and location reccies to get the clear, after we got the clear from a long and hellish situation, we finally got to the location of filming, Adam’s dad’s Van, which we used for the car and fight scenes, the Van itself was full of items of plastering equipment so after geting all the bits moved to garage filming went off and went well.

Some things were going to be risky as there was risk of civilains walking and seeing us use random props and bits that could get us into trouble although risk of that was slim though cars where driving around.

James as always was director as well as playing Ben, Adam was Gary and Sean was both a victim of Garys volence and part time cameraman, while myself and Alex were cameramen and runners though there was a time where Alex had to leave to collect lunch so for the most part Me and Sean was filming.

We did have a green screen though it was hard as the van was to big, the sun was all over the place in terms of light and we just could not get it right so James said he could plan something on the weekend.

James had a uniqe idea of having Sean play the part of Gavin seeing Gary waste the life out of him giving us a reason why Gavin was near dead, using the van as the fight area.

getting to adam’s place to college was priity easy as Adam lived about 10 - 12 minuites from college so we could get there and back easily.

We had a camera, Tripod, verous props and our folder with the stroyboards so we knew what we were doing and how to do it, over all we were at Adam’s for about 4 - 5 hours leaving at 10 and coming back by 3:45.