Sushi (and salmon sashimi) at Sambo Kojin!

Pictured here are tamago maki (rice and sweetened omelet-style egg wrapped in seaweed), tamago (just the sweetened egg), ebi (shrimp) sushi, kani (crabstick) sushi, maguro (salmon) and… I forgot the names of the sushi with cream and the sushi with the flaky stuff. They’re just some of the modern/fusion sushi that Sambo Kojin came up with. I am not sure, but I think that the sushi with cream was the lipstick roll that I mentioned in my previous post. It had cream and cherries, which was odd, because it was sweet on top, but then, if I remember correctly, inside, it was savory. It was odd, yes, but that didn’t mean that it was bad - I quite liked the combination. I really can’t remember what the one with the flaky stuff was made of, though.

Anyway, we can see here that, while sushi is a Japanese dish, other countries have been adapting sushi to create new, unique variants. On a related note, I remember that we even have Pinoy sushi - sushi with bits of Filipino food such as adobo! Indeed, sushi is becoming globalized, and is thus becoming - if it hasn’t become already - a symbol of globalization.

Roll On Sushi Diner Ready to Serve

                                                    Cholesta Roll
                   The First Chicken Fried Steak and Sushi Fusion Roll

Our menu is set, our staff is ready and we’re so excited to feed our ATX friends and neighbors. Join us TODAY, August 18, for an Austin fusion sushi experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced! 

We are open 11 - 2:30 and 5 - 9 today, can’t wait to see you!

It hasn’t even been a week since Aaron and I have been back together but honestly, he’s doing a good job at spoiling me and mending our relationship.
So today during school he asked if It be okay if we had lunch together after school for some sushi. This sushi place came out with its new macaron icecream that I literally told him about the night before and he was sure we got some.
I love Aaron, he’s literally my best friend and has never stopped being my best friend, I mean who high fives their boyfriend, has embarrassing moments together, people watches, and sits next to each other cracking jokes for an hour till we realize we’ve been ‘eating’ for two.