One Of The Best

((A/N: So! I wrote this at work which means I should either find better things to do or be grateful I’ve got down time. That said, I like this a bit. It’s me working on being fluffy, so it’s pretty fluffy. More from Dean’s perspective, which was also new for me. But hey, why not! Requests are still open, and don’t hesitate to ask me for stuff you have. I write Dean, but I’m open to anything. Please don’t be afraid to ask (and if you are, ask anon!)

That said, gist is that you go on a date, Dean decides it makes him unhappy, fluffiness ensues.

Word Count: 2350

Warnings: Language, drinking.))

“What if he winds up being a shifter, huh? Think of that?” Dean tipped his glass that probably had a little too much whiskey in it at Sam. His face was red, though Sam guessed that was more from the rants he had been going on for the past half-hour.

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Well, Chris did the thing (*).

So I did the thing.  BEACH HOUSE PORN.

Will has been a beach bunny since he moved to California (and really, he always had aspirations, just not the confidence to back them up).  Chris doesn’t take to the beach naturally, though he’s come to appreciate it as he has sculpted his body into what he wants it to be, and especially after Cooper, and even more so once he realized they always seemed to find relative privacy in Ventura.

“I like it,” he says, when they start looking at beach houses, because the cost of rentals is so high they might as well buy something and call it a day. “I like it fifty percent in reality and fifty percent in theory.  Does that make sense?”

“To crazy people.”

That smirk, deepening his dimples and lighting his eyes, makes Will’s pulse stutter and his brain jolt—connection, familiarity, knowing. “So you get me.”

“Sure thing.”

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Sushi (and salmon sashimi) at Sambo Kojin!

Pictured here are tamago maki (rice and sweetened omelet-style egg wrapped in seaweed), tamago (just the sweetened egg), ebi (shrimp) sushi, kani (crabstick) sushi, maguro (salmon) and… I forgot the names of the sushi with cream and the sushi with the flaky stuff. They’re just some of the modern/fusion sushi that Sambo Kojin came up with. I am not sure, but I think that the sushi with cream was the lipstick roll that I mentioned in my previous post. It had cream and cherries, which was odd, because it was sweet on top, but then, if I remember correctly, inside, it was savory. It was odd, yes, but that didn’t mean that it was bad - I quite liked the combination. I really can’t remember what the one with the flaky stuff was made of, though.

Anyway, we can see here that, while sushi is a Japanese dish, other countries have been adapting sushi to create new, unique variants. On a related note, I remember that we even have Pinoy sushi - sushi with bits of Filipino food such as adobo! Indeed, sushi is becoming globalized, and is thus becoming - if it hasn’t become already - a symbol of globalization.