Sushi (and salmon sashimi) at Sambo Kojin!

Pictured here are tamago maki (rice and sweetened omelet-style egg wrapped in seaweed), tamago (just the sweetened egg), ebi (shrimp) sushi, kani (crabstick) sushi, maguro (salmon) and… I forgot the names of the sushi with cream and the sushi with the flaky stuff. They’re just some of the modern/fusion sushi that Sambo Kojin came up with. I am not sure, but I think that the sushi with cream was the lipstick roll that I mentioned in my previous post. It had cream and cherries, which was odd, because it was sweet on top, but then, if I remember correctly, inside, it was savory. It was odd, yes, but that didn’t mean that it was bad - I quite liked the combination. I really can’t remember what the one with the flaky stuff was made of, though.

Anyway, we can see here that, while sushi is a Japanese dish, other countries have been adapting sushi to create new, unique variants. On a related note, I remember that we even have Pinoy sushi - sushi with bits of Filipino food such as adobo! Indeed, sushi is becoming globalized, and is thus becoming - if it hasn’t become already - a symbol of globalization.