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EAT: Yoshuku

Tipped as one of 2018’s top food trends, it’s time to get your head around Yoshuku. Japanese fare inspired by Western comfort food, Yoshuku adds spice to some of Europe and America’s best loved dishes, and despite foreign roots, after decades of tinkering with recipes Yoshuku is now as authentically Japanese as sushi or soba.

So kick-start your East-meets-West culinary love affair and dig into a katsu curry or ‘omu’ rice omelette. 


Connie Maheswaran - From season 1 to season 5

Some thoughts on the Maheswaran mother-daughter relationship

Connie looked so much like Dr. Maheswaran in this episode.

It’s adorable because in the canon time of the show, she’s picked up on her mother’s mannerisms in the way that a decade of living with her did not. It’s shows how much they’ve grown together as a family, and how their relationship has changed.

Considering this was how she looked in her first appearance:

There’s a marked change not only in design but also in her expressions.

And it’s been hinted at before, but in this scene, she so explicitly worries about her mother the way her mother worries about her. It’s very touching, especially because we know they started out caring about each other but not understanding one another. Because you  can love someone and never try to understand them. It leads to a lot of conflict but both parties can still come out of it feeling like they did what was “best” for the other.

Connie used to think it was better that her mother knew nothing so the latter wouldn’t worry about her. And Dr. Maheswaran wanted to be on top of everything so that Connie would have an easier life. 

What we learn from them is that to be able to love someone better, we open up to them and let them open up to us. Connie used to act as though her parents were infallible, or at the least, able to manage themselves. Over time, and in this episode, she’s shown to be worried about them because she knows they’re human beings too. They can get hurt, make mistakes, and put themselves in danger.

Knowing these things puts the other person in perspective. It makes their place in our lives mean more. And it makes it harder to take the people we love for granted.

So I would say Connie and her mother interact a lot more now. They probably talk about each other’s days. Notice how even Dr. Maheswaran talked about everything that happened to her prior to picking Connie up. She believed her daughter deserved an explanation. And that’s a far cry from the mother who would proudly bring out the “Because I said so,” and “We’re doing this because we love you,” cards in Fusion Cuisine.

Not everyone has this experience with their parents. Sometimes things just happen to drive parents and children apart. But in their case it worked out, and now they each have one more person who will always be there for them.

When Connie told her mother that Steven just came from outer space, there was no incredulous reaction. Only an, “Oh?” in an interested and calm tone. 

They’re both trying. And I’m certain they still have their share of disagreement, but it’s dealt with in a much healthier way now.

Initial Thoughts: Doug Out

I’m rather glad that what I’d predicted for Doug Out came to be. You can tell very early on in the episode that Mr. Maheswaran isn’t used to “exciting” things happening in his job.

At least twice he was caught off guard as strange things happened around him. And it’s a perfectly understandable reaction. Even Steven had to adjust to the things going on around him.

But what he says at the end, about wanting to be taken seriously and wanting to be more than just the goof in Connie’s life really puts his actions into context.

The foreshadowing with the clown nose was especially telling.

But little things before that, such as when he asked Steven and Connie if they wanted to join the stakeout. In hindsight, all of it appeared very planned.

Even his driving up to the two now seems like a deliberate attempt instead of a chance encounter. I mean, he probably wasn’t expecting a job in Beach City, but once he knew he’d be assigned there, he probably started formulating a way to spend time with his daughter.

But I really enjoyed the way his talking about his feelings wasn’t contrived. It felt very organic that he was vocally disappointed that something “cooler” didn’t come up (at the very least a teen using some strong language). And this prompted Connie to ask him what was really wrong.

And I liked how Doug didn’t make a big show out of feeling like he wasn’t cool enough for his daughter. He wasn’t blaming her for whatever feelings he thought she might have for Dr. Maheswaran. He wasn’t asking her to choose him.

I feel the episodes with Connie’s parents always stand in stark contrast to the episodes that focus on the relationships between Steven and the Gems or Steven and Greg, or Greg and the Gems, where often, Steven must act as mediator (Mr. Greg and Keystone Motel come to mind).

It’s a far cry from Fusion Cuisine, when it appeared as though Steven’s family was more together and open than the Maheswarans.

Of course, Greg and the gems are doing a lot of things right. I think it does serve to highlight though how differently these two groups handle the youth.

He was just expressing his feelings. By the way he pushed the marbles around with his feet and looked down, it’s likely something that made him feel uncomfortable.

I liked how he framed the situation as his not having an exciting career, and how he wanted to give Connie the experience of having a cool dad. He didn’t frame it in a way that pushed responsibility on Connie, and he gave her the space to respond in a huge number of ways.

And I really liked how from the beginning, Connie’s response wasn’t contrived either. Even before he finishes speaking, Connie already has an answer. She didn’t have to think up a way of explaining away what her father felt was his inadequacy. She wasn’t going to deny that he wasn’t the same as her mother.

Connie embraces her father for whom he is. And I think in light of his becoming more supportive of the life she’s leading, it’s a lovely way to develop their characters. 

Steven Universe Bracelet Collab Post


I know it’s been a super duper pooper long time. Buuuuuuuuut- I’m still selling these Steven Universe bracelets for anyone interested! They consist of 9 character slots to basically put whatever face you want inside. You can have anywhere from Steven’s dazzling eyes to Alexandrite’s enormous, gaping mouth. For instance, I made a few original ones that I personally like:

The Original: Connie, Steven, Lion, Rose’s Shield Symbol, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl with 2 Steven stars on each end.

Fusion Cuisine: Stevonnie, Sugilite, Opal, Garnet, Sardonyx, Alexandrite, Malachite, and 2 darkened Steven stars on each end (though I’m going to be replacing them with Rainbow Quartz and Smoky Quartz soon).

Homeworld Remix: Blue Diamond, Yellow Pearl, Pink Diamond, Jasper, Ukn. Diamond, Blue Pearl, Yellow Diamond, and two Diamond Authority symbols.

Corruption Crew: Big Bird, Corrupted Jasper, Centipeetle, Red Beta Kindergarten Monster, corruption Diamond Authority symbol, Green Beta Kindergarten Monster, Watermelon Tourmaline, The Slinker, and Tongue Monster


Please check them out if you haven’t. c: It makes me so happy selling these, even if they’re mostly just hobby for myself. There are way more pictures on the listing and my other posts if you want to see them a little more up close. The ones above in particular are in the sunlight so you can actually see them. (My apartment doesn’t really have that great of lighting, lmao.) And like I said, you can put whatever you want in them! If you want them to be all faces of the same character? Then GO FOR IT. 

Oh. And if you don’t want Steven Universe? That’s okay too! Just let me know. I can do literally anything you ask. And I’ll work with you personally to make sure you get one that you like. ♡

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