This is my submission for @gemsonaresources fuse-a-palooza event! 

My Coffee Agate fused with @fandom-crazy6293‘s Pink Moonstone make Purple Mohave Turquoise, I feel like she’d be fairly soft-spoken but still confident in herself. Not the best fighter but can hold her own. I didn’t really think of a weapon, maybe some kinda spear? Trident? Shrug

Also tumblr mightve fucked the quality up, click it for a better look

anonymous asked:

Shance 16 :D

16. draw your otp fusion [requests are closed for now]

I had no idea how I was gonna go about this but I tried my best :’U //sobs//
I didn’t feel like Shiro’s scar would be across their face since Lance himself has a clear baby face so I placed it over Shiro’s eye instead. I also thought I’d at least keep Shiro’s arm the same :’0

[Please do NOT repost or use this artwork without my permission. Thank you.]