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@themolly-and-theivy​ asked me to list the tours panic have played over the years, here’s what i got though i’m not sure it’s complete

2005 - Nintendo Fusion Tour
2006 - Nothing Rhymes with Circus Tour
2007 - (they played shows but looks like there was no specific tour name)
2008 - Honda Civic Tour 2008 & Pretty. Odd. Tour & Rock Band Live Tour
2011 - Vices & Virtues Tour & 2011 Europe Tour & 2011 US Tour & 2011 Australian Tour & US Fall Tour 2011
2012 - 2012 UK Tour
2013 - Save Rock and Roll (FOB’s tour)
2014 - Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! & The Gospel Tour
2015 - (see 2007)
2016 - Death of a Bachelor & Weezer & Panic! at the Disco Summer Tour
2017 - Death of a Bachelor cont.

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please..... tell me about this godsend that you mentioned aka your gd teacher

Yes! Ok! My Graphic Design Teacher (mr.B) is highkey the most emo person ive ever encountered ever in ny entire life. He’s got gauges, tattoos, and always wears dress shirts that show off his ink, hes great. Like, he knows me and my associates are all very much emo shitlords (because we wear a lot of band tees and never stfu about music) and everytime he talks to us he tells a story about seeing our favorite bands live. He saw FOB and Panic at the Nintendo fusion tour 2005. He saw the used and mcr on tour in like 2003. Hes met laura jane grace because his exbandmate was just on tour with her (typesetter is the band btw) and he knows about all this shit we dont know? Like theres a video of brendon urie going to different breweries in our city and neither me nor my one associate who lives in brendons colon knew about it??? And he showed us the ghost of you music video after school on the smartboard and we watched the bts of it and he talked so much about mcr!! Hes awesome and i hate him a lot.

bandom blogger alignments
  • lawful good: #aw this is cute #andy #prehiatus
  • chaotic good: #fuuccckkkk #oh my godddd #😩😩😩😩😩😩 #pete #dadddyyy #shove ur fist up my anal cavity #throw me off the Empire State Building daddy #😍😍😍😍💦💦💦👅👅👅
  • neutral good: #thats him!! #that boy!!
  • lawful neutral: #patrick stump #body image // #scopophobia // #hands // #flat chest //
  • true neutral: #tag urself im joe in the background lmao #pete #2005 #nintendo fusion tour #live #red batskull bass #smiling #cheeks #beanie #pink shoelaces #petes left leg
  • chaotic neutral: #beautiful cinnamon roll #tiny precious muffin #so smol #hes a smol bean
  • lawful evil: #p: brendon urie #b: panic! at the disco
  • neutral evil: #pete wentz //
  • chaotic evil: #WHORE #hes a fucking BOTTOM #look at that sin mouth what a cocksucker #patrick #thighs #💦💦💦

I drew this a few weeks ago so it looks kinda old x'DDD

AAANYWAYS I drew this because they baked cookies for Steven in “Warp Tour” so after “Know Your Fusion” I DEFINITELY decided to post this because they look so adorable when they’re baking together, such a cute moms ;;

you know what’s funny? like there’s all these different eras of p stump - there’s fetus!patrick, tttyg!patrick, warped tour!patrick, nintendo fusion tour!patrick, black clouds and underdogs! patrick, ioh!patrick, honda civic tour!patrick, young wild things!patrick, folie!patrick, believers never die tour!patrick, chubby 2009!patrick, skinny 2009!patrick, 2010!patrick, soul punk!patrick, 2012!patrick, sr&r!patrick, monumentour!patrick, boys of zummer!patrick - but at the end of the day, there’s pre hiatus/sideburns patrick, souk punk patrick, and post hiatus/fedora patrick.

The Signs As Season 1 Steven Universe Episodes
  • aries: Secret Team, Garnet's Universe, On The Run, Maximum Capacity, Jailbreak
  • taurus: Coach Steven, House Guest, Space Race, Shirt Club,
  • gemini: Frybo, Lars and the Cool Kids, Joking Victim, Horror Club, Open Book,
  • cancer: So Many Birthdays, Rose's Room, Monster Buddies, Lion 3: Straight to Video, Story for Steven
  • leo: Steven's Lion, Steven and the Stevens, Watermelon Steven, The Return
  • political power,
  • virgo: Giant Woman, Arcade Mania, Fusion Cuisine, Warp Tour
  • libra: Cat fingers, Bubble Buddies, An Indirect Kiss, Winter Forecast,
  • scorpio: Together Breakfast, Tiger Millionarie, Onion Trade, Island Adventure, The Test,
  • sagittarius: Cheeseburger Backpack, Steven The Sword Fighter, Alone Together, Marble Madness
  • capricorn: Serious Steven, Ocean Gem, Future Vision, Rose's Scarab,
  • aquarius: Laser Light Canon, Beach Party, Keep Beach City Weird,
  • pisces: Gem Glow, Lion 2: The Movie, Mirror Gem, The Message,
  • Interviewer: You guys haven't been in Detroit in a while, are you guys happy to be back?
  • Pete: Definitely! I feel like Detroit may have been one of the first places we played as a band. We've been here so many times that it feels so familiar. I remember playing here on the Nintendo Fusion tour with Panic! at the Disco. I have a really clear memory of this room.
  • Interviewer: Man, that was a while ago
  • Andy: I don't remember
  • Pete: You don't remember?

I advise against making Gemsonas/Gem OCs if you’re not prepared for the possibility of a canon Gem based on the same gem to show up in the show at some point. All Gems are based off real gemstones and since you’re likely basing your fan Gem on real gemstones as well, you’re drawing from the same pool of possibilities as the SU writers. There’s going to be overlap, it’s inevitable, and becomes more and more likely as the show goes on and introduces more gems.

If you want a Gem OC that will never end up with a canon character with the same gem, make up a fictional gemstone.

EDIT: imo, you don’t need to change any OC you have or anything, I’m just saying don’t get too upset if there ends up being a canon Gem with the same gem.

Overcast Kids adventure #3:
October 2005

Sometime in the summer of ‘05 I received an email from OCK letting the members know about two things. The first was that the band was looking for fans to be in their new music video (for Dance, Dance), as well as stand-ins for the band. Before I even finished the email my mind was racing. I found myself thinking of how much money I had in my savings. I was sure there was enough for Ron-Eric and I to fly to New York and do this. Then I continued reading. The second piece of news was more of a question. If the band planned a flyaway would that interest us? Yes. Definitely. Fast forward to October. I had tickets to 4 shows on the Nintendo Fusion tour, plus the Flyaway show. This would take me from my home in Southern California, to Mesa, Arizona back to Los Angeles, California to San Diego, California then to Tucson, Arizona (where the flyaway was held), then back to Cali for the my final show in Irvine on Halloween. I remember writing a blog titled “5 shows, 6 days, two states.” I we missed the first day of the FA because we were at the Soma show. We drove through the night and arrived at the hotel around 6:30am. We slept 3 hours and went to the lobby to find out what the plan was for the day. Brunch was scheduled for 10:30. Forty people sat in a conference room at round tables eating breakfast, talking, getting to know each other. We had at least one thing in common… this band. Suddenly the room that was buzzing became completely silent. My back was toward the door, but I had a feeling… I looked across the table at Enrique with his mouth agape, and said “Tell me the band didn’t just walk into the room.” Looking past me he slowly shook his head up and down. Pete, Patrick, and Andy stood there a bit confused by the silence. They proceeded to take seats at various tables to brunch with us. Shifting from table to table, giving us all some of their time. (Joe flew in later for sound check.) After a couple of hours, and a bonus visit from Panic! At the Disco, we took pictures then they went off to settle in. The rest of the day consisted of the sound check (where they took song requests), hang time with the boys in their dressing room, early entry, and dessert with the boys after the show.
I met my friends Mace and Wade that weekend.
This is my favorite OCK experience.

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ive heard a bunch of people referring to the 'jason' interview, what interview is that?

It was 2005. Fall Out Boy was on the Nintendo Fusion tour and Fall Out Boy was obviously picked up for an interview. When asked by the interviewer to introduce themselves, Pete introduced himself as Jason, and the band pretty much rolls with it when it’s a touch obvious that the interviewer hadn’t done much preliminary research into the band… y’know, stuff like the first names of the band members.

But it’s more fun when you watch it for yourself!