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I used to be a waiter at a Mexican-Chinese fusion restaurant. All of the food was Mexican. The menus were all in Spanish. It was called Mexico. It was in Mexico. The only Chinese thing about it was that we gave out fortune cookies after the meals. I told the owner that didn’t seem like much of a fusion, and he said how did I know anything about fusion, and I said I knew all about fusion, and he said how was that possible because when I interviewed for the job I said I didn’t know anything about fusion, and I said well people change, that interview was over a week ago and in that time I learned all about fusion, and he said well what did you learn, and I told him what I learned, and he said wow, you learned all that in a week, and I said over a week, technically, and he still said wow that’s a lot to learn, and I said yeah, well are you gonna stop calling the place a Mexican-Chinese fusion restaurant, and he said no, and that in fact he was gonna call it a Mexican-Chinese-German fusion restaurant from that point on, and I asked what was gonna be German about it, and he said he was firing me and hiring a German waiter, and I said that’s bullshit since I’m already German, and he asked how that could be since in my job interview I said I wasn’t any part German, and I reminded him that was over a week ago, and then he said oh, yeah, that’s right. The owner gave me a fortune cookie after that talk and it said, “You’re still fired,” but he said he didn’t know what it was gonna say since it was just a random cookie he grabbed and that of course I wasn’t fired. He gave me another cookie and it said, “Why don’t Presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor?” I said that was a System of a Down song lyric and he said good, songs need lyrics. He’s right.

Every Soul a Twin

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Requested by @yourtropegirl – Bones soulmate AU where you can feel each other’s emotions.
Word Count: 
mild electric shock, maelstrom of emotions, fluff.
Rating: Teen+
Author’s Note: I LOVE THIS TROPE.  I want to marry this trope.  I hope you guys like what I’ve done with it!

Every Soul a Twin

You’ve been on the USS Enterprise for nearly 3 years.  After the devastating wreck in the wake of Admiral Marcus’ betrayal, the call had gone out for new personnel to fill the ranks left behind by those lost and you had answered it.  You had boarded the new Enterprise with great aspirations and a very specialized skill set in cold fusion and gravity systems.  You’d been assigned to work under Montgomery Scott, and you had learned an incredible amount from him and the other engineers.

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Hey there! So I've been trying to really understand Zestiria's fusion system and I have to say that's probably the one point of the game that eludes me most. Do you have any tips on how to craft new weapons efficiently or how to best use the skills they're embedded with? That'd be super nice of you! c:

Sure thing, anon!  I actually wrote a guide for the basics of Zestiria’s equipment fusion system a while back so definitely go check that out!  I think that’s one of the parts of Zestiria that eludes most people, since all the cool things you can do with it isn’t obvious until a second or a third play through.  Once you’ve gotten all that amazing end game gear and have something resembling a Gald budget (read: playing NG+ with Double Gald turned on), then you can do some really insane things and you might find the information in this guide (this one’s not mine) really useful.  Unless you don’t mind Gald farming for days.  I swear Zestiria’s the only time I’ve ever actually found myself saying “Man, I should have bought Double Gald from the Grade Shop when I started NG+”, lol.  Because even with the fusion skill, you usually end up with more drops than you know what to do with or the money/points to fuse for lol.  Or at least, I did.

If you’re looking for some of the other guides/tip posts I’ve written for Zestiria, you can find them all under this tag: soymilkheaven’s tales of zestiria guides

In other words, anon, go, learn, and enjoy the life of being one very broke Shepherd.

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Persona 4 AU/updated release idea, everything's the same but the way they fuse Personas is by tossing them out the window and running them over with a car. XP (what I like the execution fusions from P5....I just want them to spice things up a bit with the fusion system in P4 8U)

The 90ties called, they want their XTREMEEEEE back-

No, no, in all seriousness, I actually think if you wanna spice up fusions in previous Persona games, it has to fit with the themes of those games. With P4, for example, you could have an almost painful light effect during the fusion, or have the two Personas trying to strangle and kill each other (you may ask “how does that fit with P4′s themes!?” but this is completely in-line with the theme of “facing yourself at the risk of pain”.) and Persona 3 could feature the Personas literally being “burried”, like dead people. 

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I thought you believed in system hopping, fusion and fictives without prior knowledge :0?

that post slapped me in the face and i started to think about my experiences from an “easily psychologically manipulated” and a “jumped to conclusions based on previous psychospiritual/psuedospiritual experiences” perspective

ie. i’m gonna start looking at this stuff from a practical perspective instead of a spiritual one cause we’ve had our doubts recently

Since Zestiria’s Equipment Fusion System Is About As Clear As Mud . . .

I decided to make my own guide for you guys.  I mean, it’s cute that the game decided to give you all that info inside of a skit with Lailah and Edna, but the problem is that they go kinda fast (since skits auto-proceed) so it might be hard to absorb everything all at once.  I know it took me 1 and a half play throughs to really get the hang of it, and even then, it took playing on a ridiculously high difficulty to get the gear drops I needed to fiddle with it enough for the rules to start making sense.  I’ll include some tips at the end too for how to get drops, but first, let’s talk about the basics, and the possibilities just from the rules the game (very quickly) throws your way, because figuring out the equipment fusion system in Zestiria is pretty important to surviving those ridiculously high difficulty levels you read about me playing on.  The rest is going behind a cut because length and screen shots galore (because it always helps to have pictures!).

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Is it possible to terraform a gas giant? I know that's kind of a contradiction but part of me just wants to live on Neptune :/

Well, you definitely can’t live /on/ Neptune because anything we might consider a “surface” of a gas giant (which is probably a liquid hydrogen core) would be under so much atmospheric pressure that any vessel a human could inhabit would be crushed. 

Since Neptune is just gas, you couldn’t terraform it, there’s no surface to make liveable. But if you’re really serious about life in the Neptune system, Triton, Neptune’s largest moon, would be comparatively easy to build a nitrogen / oxygen atmosphere around since it has lots of nitrogen and oxygen in its crust. That way, instead of living on Neptune, you’d get to have it looming hugely in the sky.

But, in general, so far from the sun even if you could build a breathable atmosphere it would be VERY COLD. So you’d need some sort of constant heat source around the whole moon. That would be very energetically expensive to generate, but maybe you could have some kind of fusion system that would suck hydrogen off Neptune and then fuse it in a contained ball that orbited Triton.

That is, of course, impossible, but it would be super cool! 

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There was a theory saying that Fusions are looked down upon not only because it's meant for combat only, but because Fusion Gems ruin the system, like, Pearl, who is/was/are servants fusing with Amethysts, who are warriors, creates a new Gem that ruins the "caste" system because an Opal wouldn't fit in the system.

Oh that would be very interesting, particularly with my own thoughts regarding a potential caste system over class system for Gems on Homeworld.