fusion spell

👥 Stevonnie Fusion Spell 👥

inspired by steven universe, a spell to connect with a friend to gain a new perspective 

“Stevonnie, you are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience. Make sure you’re a good experience. Now, go. Have. Fun!”

👥 note! please only do this with consenting witches. 

👥 shield against spirits and such, this will be a vulnerable time.

👥 find a token that represents you, whether it be jewelry, a trinket, or an article of clothing. 

👥 meditate on it. place part of yourself in it, but not all of you.

👥 exchange tokens with your friend. 

👥 be careful, be able to separate your energies from theirs. do not mix them too much. 

👥 when you are done, seperate the energies, return tokens to the rightful owners. take your energy back into yourself

👥 take time to relax and cleanse, center yourself

Look I know I haven’t done anything with <3Ma in like 3 months, but I remembered that there’s a gigantic bottle of vim you can get in the vim pop factory and I guess I thought it’d be fitting for him to like it

karasuno magic au
  • ukai is a fire elemental. he uses magic to light his cigs mostly. tbh he doesn’t see any reason to go parading his magic around.
  • takeda is a seer–the visions come and they go and they creep the team out but takeda always takes it in stride
  • daichi specializes half in shielding magic, which requires strong will and concentration, and half in earth elemental magic
  • suga specializes in illusionary magic and isn’t to be trusted ever
  • asahi specializes in nature magic because he is a soft boy who likes to talk to the trees
  • kiyoko specializes in ice magic which everyone agrees just makes her all the cooler
  • ennoshita specializes in hypnotic/mind control spells and is to be feared always
  • tanaka specializes in wind magic–wild, uncontrollable and free-spirited
  • nishinoya specializes in lighting magic to the surprise of absolutely no one
  • kinoshita specializes in transformation magic
  • narita specializes in puppeteering magic
  • hinata specializes in light/light-energy magic (like the literal sun)
  • kageyama specializes in fusion spells, he’s actually something of a genius at it–most fusion spells take immense concentration and control but kageyama kind of can just… do it? but while he can fuse spells by himself amazingly, pairing up is a different story…
  • yachi specializes in summoning magic but very unfortunately most of the things she summons terrify the shit out of the poor bean
  • yamaguchi specializes in curses/voodoo so do not let those freckles fool you–though he’s not exactly perfect at it yet so it’s good to have tsukki around when he practices
  • tsukishima specializes in spirit magics (like healing, purification/nullification, spirit protections/wards, astral projection)–essentially spells that don’t take great talent but do take great concentration, precision, and a degree of stubborn persistence to learn
  • tbh hinata’s specialization at this point in time is basically blowing things up and/or accidentally blinding people temporarily
  • yamaguchi’s is “accidentally” cursing people and letting tsukishima nullify it and clean it up sorry tsukki
  • ok to be fair most of the curses are actually accidental
  • kinoshita has definitely not transformed into a giant fucking spider to scare tanaka before come on he would never
  • yachi summons creatures by completely visualizing them in her head, drawing them, then chanting a spell to bring them to life but something always goes wrong and that is definitely not what i wanted and ohgodit’sgonnaeatmehelp
  • tsukishima is the team healer and it really only serves to make him more bitter
  • to the shock of no one, hinata and kageyama are the first of the first years to master broomless flying
  • “how is it that he can’t cast a single spell but he can fly just like that?”
  • “don’t question it, yamaguchi. you’ll give yourself a headache trying to wrap ur head around that idiot.”
  • tsukishima, yachi, suga, and asahi are also all very good at potion-making/herbology
  • however while tsukishima, yachi, and asahi are usually more into the healing aspects of potions making…
  • lol what I’m hinting at is that suga is adept at making poisons
  • suga is never ever to be trusted ever
  • that’s not to say he’s the only poison enthusiast. tsukishima dabbles. though he normally works with restorative substances, he isn’t above admitting that he finds poisons very appealing interesting purely from an academic standpoint because he has no one he wants to kill no sir
  • surprisingly, yachi also thinks its cool but has only ever read about it. she’s too nervous to try her hand at it because omg what if i drop some into the school’s main water supply and kILL EVERYONE?!
  • when kageyama’s spells work out, it’s great. when he loses focus while casting however, well…
  • you know the saying, “the bigger they are the bigger of an explosion they make when the spell goes awry because a certain short redhead just had to jump me while i was casting”
  • tsukishima wants to know why kageyama and hinata whine so much when he’s inevitably the one that has to deal with the fallout
  • he just thought healing magic was super cool. knitting tissue together in the blink of an eye? how cool is that?
  • if he’d have known he would have to spend his days healing up dinguses he would never have taken up spirit healing
  • karasuno rule #967: do not take noya swimming, he will randomly discharge while excited
  • also that one time tanaka blew himself two towns over while trying to show off to the first years and it took the whole practice and one of takeda’s visions to find him
❤️Ruby and Sapphire’s Fusion Bond Spell💙

A spell inspired by Sapphire and Ruby from Steven Universe, to strengthen the bond between two people.


  • Two slips of paper.
  • A red marker.
  • A blue marker.
  • Garnet Stone
  • Yellow Glitter/Star Shaped Glitter
  • Moon or Star Water
  • A disposable bowl.
  • A jar.


  • In the bowl combine the glitter and Garnet and allow it to charge overnight, preferably by a window or in view of the night sky. Once charged, remove the Garnet.
  • Taking the slips of paper and markers, write your name in one color and the name of the other person with the other color. If you want to add any sigils or words to the paper, feel free to do so.
  • Pour your star/moon water into the bowl and add the slips of paper. Allow to ink to stain the water.
  • Add both the glitter and water to your jar before sealing.

Notes: It’s perfectly fine if both names don’t fade from the paper fully, so long as the water changes color. This water can be stored and used in other strengthening spells involving the other person.

This was supposed to be the fusion of Padparadscha Sapphire and Blue Sapphire. I think her name should be Gray Sapphire and her powers should be the abilities of seeing the past and the future. I also didn’t dare to add more arms and eyes since they are both sapphires, but this fusion would make them look taller or at least bigger.

The Eye of Timaeus
(This card is also always treated as “Legendary Dragon Timaeus”.)
Target 1 “Dark Magician” monster you control; Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that lists that monster on the field as a Fusion Material, using it as the Fusion Material. You can only activate 1 “The Eye of Timaeus” per turn.

Can Be Found In: Dragons of Legend (DRLG-EN005), Dragons of Legend: Unleashed (DRL3-EN045)

“Dark Magician” is a very interesting case in the card game. Despite his low stats for such Level, being one of the most popular monsters in the franchise allowed him to stay relevant thanks to a massive list of cards and effects supporting him. Pretty much becoming his own archetype despite being technically the only member, “Dark Magician” is one of the most flexible Normal Monsters with several summoning options and mechanics to work along with.

“The Eye of Timaeus” is the most limited among the Legendary Dragons when comes to materials to work with, but said monsters makes it the most prevalent among all three. “Timaeus” allow us to perform a Fusion Summon by using a single Dark Magician in our field (Not simply “Dark Magician” himself, but any monster with that title in its name). Is a very simple an cheap effect which combined with the many resources arround “Dark Magician” and his comrades will easily setup the arrival of the right Fusion Monster for the occasion.

The Fusions we can bring out with the assistance of “Timaeus” are scarce, with three of them requiring “Dark Magician” and one by using “Dark Magician Girl”. But where it lacks on Extra Deck options it compensates with a big pool of cards to bring one or even both of these monsters, going from “Temperance of Prophecy” bringing one of them or “Magician Navigation” summoning them together. “Dark Magician” gets the upper hand by a huge margin when comes to summoning and searching options, with further assistance of cards like “Magician’s Robe” and “Palladium Oracle Mahad” as well many revival options such as “Swing of Memories” and “Dark Renewal”. However, we don’t even need to summon one of these two Dark Magicians to immediately prepare a summon with “Timaeus”, as with the simple assistance of “Elemental HERO Prisma” we can dispose of one of these monsters to take their place on the board. Keep on mind that cards like “Dark Magic Inheritance” won’t work to search for “The Eye of Timaeus”, as the Spell instead of working with “Dark Magician” himself asks for monsters inside the archetype.

“Timaeus” might only have four Fusion Monsters to work with, but each of them provides a very unique role on the field to stand out individually. The main Fusion arround this Spell Card will be “Amulet Dragon”, banishing Spell Cards from each Graveyard to obtain an ATK boost as well able to revive a Spellcaster once defeated, keeping the field pressence or even prepare a new Fusion Summon by reviving a Dark Magician. “Dark Magician Girl” only provide us with “Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight”, carrying the ability to destroy face-up cards during any turn thus becoming a menacing removal effect during any circumstances. “Dark Paladin” is probably one of the most known “Dark Magician” counterparts, with the ability to negate Spells as well getting stronger when working along or against Dragons makes it the most supported Fusion of the bunch as shares traits with the Buster Blader and Destruction Sword archetypes. Last we have the weakest of the Fusions “Dark Flare Knight” as is a summoning condition for the nomi monster “Mirage Knight”, but thanks to “Timaeus” will considerably ease his summon due requiring the Fusion “Flame Swordsman” on his own. Don’t forget that “Timaeus” is far from over after providing Fusion Summons, as once in the Graveyard can be banished by the effect of “Legend of Heart” to bring “Legendary Knight Timaeus” and others if is working along the rest of Legendary Dragons.

While “The Claw of Hermos” has the most liberties and “The Fang of Critias” provides some of the most disruptive Fusion Monsters, “The Eye of Timaeus” has it the easiest to gather arround his scarce yet highly supported materials. Despite asking for a Dark Magician on our field to be activated, the many tools arround both “Dark Magician” and “Dark Magician Girl” makes it really easy to Fusion Summon right from early game to late game. From many revival options to “Elemental HERO Prisma” considerably cheapening the setups, even “Dark Magician Girl” which has far less options can even have her own build arround her only Fusion Summon. “Timaeus” is undoubtly dependant of the many options involving both Dark Magicians to have them on the field, but with the many chances to summon one of them by almost no effort makes it the most remarkable of the Legendary Dragons.

Personal Rating: A

+ Fusion Summons by only using a Dark Magician in our field
+ Highly supported thanks to the many options arround “Dark Magician” and “Dark Magician Girl”
+ “Elemental HERO Prisma” cheapens the preparatives considerably

- Dependant of other cards and effects

anonymous asked:

In the SMverse, is there a spell for fusion? As in two or more beings fusing into one, permanently or temporarily?

There is, but it is very powerful, albeit temporary.

It is literally a FUSION ritual that lasts only as long as the duo’s energy can maintain it.


I think I was pretty productive, drawing wise. Here’s a buncha cute stuff I drew traditionally in my bed. Its comfy here ^_^ I also think i messed up on Stitch’s design eeeegghhh im not very satisfied with the way it came out :/ But yeah :D
1. Mongrel (grel) @ask-mongrel-sans
2. ErrorBlue @askerrorblueberry
3. Bloodstone @scifellhell
4. Stitch (from Labrat!tale) @sorasprings
5. UnderTrue!Sans (True) @chaosartist (me)

radiofreemagica  asked:

Quick question, why don't people like P3P? Is it the downgraded graphics and/or lack of The Answer? I didn't play both P3P and FES, so I can't really make a proper comparison between them.

Short version:

  • Protagonist locked to shortswords in Portable instead of free weapon selection like FES
  • fusion weapons rendered irrelevant by this change and weapon-boosting Persona skills removed outright due to this change
  • Fusion Spells from having certain Personas equipped are gone, you have to use spell cards instead
  • returning to the ground floor doesn’t heal your party, meaning you likely have to burn a day recovering before taking on a Tartarus midboss
  • becoming Tired is automatic upon leaving Tartarus instead of applying after exerting yourself for too long, meaning that there’s no immediate penalty for grinding a long-ass time but also that there’s no incentive to pace yourself since you’re automatically fucked afterward anyway
  • game looks like shit on PSP
  • The Answer isn’t included

The only real benefits are the novelty of the FeMC playthrough and easier difficulty options for weenies.

The Claw of Hermos
This card is also always treated as “Legendary Dragon Hermos”.)
Send 1 monster from your hand or field to the Graveyard, of the Type that is listed on a Fusion Monster that can only be Special Summoned with “The Claw of Hermos” (if that card is Set, reveal it), then Special Summon that Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck. You can only activate 1 “The Claw of Hermos” per turn.

Can Be Found In: Dragons of Legend 2 (DRL2-EN013), Dragons of Legend: Unleashed (DRL3-EN067)

The Legendary Dragons are a trio of cards only featured in a filler arc of the original anime. Although not as popular as the Egyptian Gods they still left a mark in the fanbase, and like many other cards were expected to have an official release. After many years from their original debut, the Legendary Dragons were released as Fusion focused Spell Cards in addition of other resources to become splashable tools in certain themes as well an archetype of its very own.

“The Claw of Hermos” is the simplest of the trio as its requeriments to played arround can be included in all sorts of builds. When activated, we can dispose of a monster from our hand or field to summon a Fusion Monster exclusive for “The Claw of Hermos”. The only condition is that the used material must match the Type the Fusion asks for, and since we only need a single monster to achieve these summons “The Claw of Hermos” is a quite cheap option to bring big monsters. With four Fusion Monsters to bring with this ability, “The Claw of Hermos” can be suitable for builds focused arround the Types it asks for.

Most of the effort will come from the Deck itself, not only to obtain the right material but also any other monster since the Fusion Monsters “The Claw of Hermos” brings out will become equipment by their abilities. Requiring Warriors easily obtainable by cards like “Reinforcement of the Army” and “E - Emergency Call” among others, “Goddess Bow” is able to negate an effect each turn and grant its target a second attack in response. Also sharing Warriors as material “Rocket Hermos Cannon” also provides an additional attack, but combined with piercing damage allows its target to assure damage against all sorts of enemies. Requiring Spellcasters for its arrival there’s “Time Magic Hammer”, with a gambling effect to banish enemies for a randomly estimated number of turns, as well cards like “Magician Navigation” and “Onomatopaira” easily obtaining the proper material. Last, with assistance from cards like “The White Stone of Ancients” and “The Melody of Awakening Dragon”, there’s “Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword” as the strongest Fusion of its own as well belonging to the Red-Eyes archetype, but by becoming equipment will offer 1000 ATK plus 500 for each Dragon on the field and in any Graveyard. There are some further benefits depending of the build “The Claw of Hermos” is played on, like dumping big dragons from the hand to be easily revived later on, triggering Shaddoll effects since are sent by an effect rather a cost, or recycling the Spell from the Graveyard to summon the Legendary Knights by the effect of “Legend of Heart”.

When compared to the other Legendary Dragons, “The Claw of Hermos” has the most liberties to be played in many Decks thanks to the vague requeriments of its Fusion Summons. Each Fusion offers some pros and cons of their own to stand out, from “Rocket Hermos Cannon” as the easiest to bring out thanks to the big support among Warriors to “Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword” becoming the most lethal in late game. However, although “The Claw of Hermos” only requires a single monster for its summons, still needs a second monster on the field. As with the exception of “Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword” the other three have very poor stats to be on their own, becoming dependant of a proper target to obtain the best benefits. “The Claw of Hermos” is not a difficult Spell Card to be played arround with, but still requires some good timing to bring a Fusion Monster along the best target as possible to be equipped with.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Brings a Fusion Monster only requiring a single material of certain Types
+ Highly supported regardless of the Type(s) is working along with

- Requires to work along strong monsters so can be equipped with the Fusion Monsters that summons
- Almost all Fusion Monsters available by its effect are weak on their own

theholylight  asked:

HECK YEAH! Welcome to the P2 fam (even more) and yeah, Katsuya and Maya are amazing! I'm personally a TatsuJun/KatsuMaya fan. But maybe it will have a remake one day, we can hope... either way, I'm missing the fusion spells among other things </3

Fusion spells are the best?! Like damn we need these in Persona 6 pls lol


shooting-broken-arrows00  asked:

What's the whole backstory for Garnet?

i’ve just submitted her origin comic so pretty much what’s shown! she came to be through powerful magic (i like to think it was a literal ‘fusion’ spell rather than a baby spell) and the love of her mothers. she’ll live with them until she decides to join rose and, eventually, succeeding her as leader of the rebels.