fusion spell

👥 Stevonnie Fusion Spell 👥

inspired by steven universe, a spell to connect with a friend to gain a new perspective 

“Stevonnie, you are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience. Make sure you’re a good experience. Now, go. Have. Fun!”

👥 note! please only do this with consenting witches. 

👥 shield against spirits and such, this will be a vulnerable time.

👥 find a token that represents you, whether it be jewelry, a trinket, or an article of clothing. 

👥 meditate on it. place part of yourself in it, but not all of you.

👥 exchange tokens with your friend. 

👥 be careful, be able to separate your energies from theirs. do not mix them too much. 

👥 when you are done, seperate the energies, return tokens to the rightful owners. take your energy back into yourself

👥 take time to relax and cleanse, center yourself

❤️Ruby and Sapphire’s Fusion Bond Spell💙

A spell inspired by Sapphire and Ruby from Steven Universe, to strengthen the bond between two people.


  • Two slips of paper.
  • A red marker.
  • A blue marker.
  • Garnet Stone
  • Yellow Glitter/Star Shaped Glitter
  • Moon or Star Water
  • A disposable bowl.
  • A jar.


  • In the bowl combine the glitter and Garnet and allow it to charge overnight, preferably by a window or in view of the night sky. Once charged, remove the Garnet.
  • Taking the slips of paper and markers, write your name in one color and the name of the other person with the other color. If you want to add any sigils or words to the paper, feel free to do so.
  • Pour your star/moon water into the bowl and add the slips of paper. Allow to ink to stain the water.
  • Add both the glitter and water to your jar before sealing.

Notes: It’s perfectly fine if both names don’t fade from the paper fully, so long as the water changes color. This water can be stored and used in other strengthening spells involving the other person.

Look I know I haven’t done anything with <3Ma in like 3 months, but I remembered that there’s a gigantic bottle of vim you can get in the vim pop factory and I guess I thought it’d be fitting for him to like it

karasuno magic au
  • ukai is a fire elemental. he uses magic to light his cigs mostly. tbh he doesn’t see any reason to go parading his magic around.
  • takeda is a seer–the visions come and they go and they creep the team out but takeda always takes it in stride
  • daichi specializes half in shielding magic, which requires strong will and concentration, and half in earth elemental magic
  • suga specializes in illusionary magic and isn’t to be trusted ever
  • asahi specializes in nature magic because he is a soft boy who likes to talk to the trees
  • kiyoko specializes in ice magic which everyone agrees just makes her all the cooler
  • ennoshita specializes in hypnotic/mind control spells and is to be feared always
  • tanaka specializes in wind magic–wild, uncontrollable and free-spirited
  • nishinoya specializes in lighting magic to the surprise of absolutely no one
  • kinoshita specializes in transformation magic
  • narita specializes in puppeteering magic
  • hinata specializes in light/light-energy magic (like the literal sun)
  • kageyama specializes in fusion spells, he’s actually something of a genius at it–most fusion spells take immense concentration and control but kageyama kind of can just… do it? but while he can fuse spells by himself amazingly, pairing up is a different story…
  • yachi specializes in summoning magic but very unfortunately most of the things she summons terrify the shit out of the poor bean
  • yamaguchi specializes in curses/voodoo so do not let those freckles fool you–though he’s not exactly perfect at it yet so it’s good to have tsukki around when he practices
  • tsukishima specializes in spirit magics (like healing, purification/nullification, spirit protections/wards, astral projection)–essentially spells that don’t take great talent but do take great concentration, precision, and a degree of stubborn persistence to learn
  • tbh hinata’s specialization at this point in time is basically blowing things up and/or accidentally blinding people temporarily
  • yamaguchi’s is “accidentally” cursing people and letting tsukishima nullify it and clean it up sorry tsukki
  • ok to be fair most of the curses are actually accidental
  • kinoshita has definitely not transformed into a giant fucking spider to scare tanaka before come on he would never
  • yachi summons creatures by completely visualizing them in her head, drawing them, then chanting a spell to bring them to life but something always goes wrong and that is definitely not what i wanted and ohgodit’sgonnaeatmehelp
  • tsukishima is the team healer and it really only serves to make him more bitter
  • to the shock of no one, hinata and kageyama are the first of the first years to master broomless flying
  • “how is it that he can’t cast a single spell but he can fly just like that?”
  • “don’t question it, yamaguchi. you’ll give yourself a headache trying to wrap ur head around that idiot.”
  • tsukishima, yachi, suga, and asahi are also all very good at potion-making/herbology
  • however while tsukishima, yachi, and asahi are usually more into the healing aspects of potions making…
  • lol what I’m hinting at is that suga is adept at making poisons
  • suga is never ever to be trusted ever
  • that’s not to say he’s the only poison enthusiast. tsukishima dabbles. though he normally works with restorative substances, he isn’t above admitting that he finds poisons very appealing interesting purely from an academic standpoint because he has no one he wants to kill no sir
  • surprisingly, yachi also thinks its cool but has only ever read about it. she’s too nervous to try her hand at it because omg what if i drop some into the school’s main water supply and kILL EVERYONE?!
  • when kageyama’s spells work out, it’s great. when he loses focus while casting however, well…
  • you know the saying, “the bigger they are the bigger of an explosion they make when the spell goes awry because a certain short redhead just had to jump me while i was casting”
  • tsukishima wants to know why kageyama and hinata whine so much when he’s inevitably the one that has to deal with the fallout
  • he just thought healing magic was super cool. knitting tissue together in the blink of an eye? how cool is that?
  • if he’d have known he would have to spend his days healing up dinguses he would never have taken up spirit healing
  • karasuno rule #967: do not take noya swimming, he will randomly discharge while excited
  • also that one time tanaka blew himself two towns over while trying to show off to the first years and it took the whole practice and one of takeda’s visions to find him
Yugioh Duel Links Inktober

just in case there aren’t enough inktober prompts out there, i thought i’d make one too. i dont know how to make a fancy graphic, but i can still make a list.

1. Favorite Duelist
2. Favorite Card
3. DM Duelist
4. GX Duelist
5. Normal monster
6. Effect monster
7. Fusion monster
8. Ritual monster
9. Spell card
10. Trap card
11. Level 1 monster
12. Level 2 monster
13. Level 3 monster
14. Level 4 monster
15. Level 5-6 monster
16. Level 7 monster
17. Level 8+ monster
18. Card from Ultimate Rising
19. Card from Age of Discovery  
20. Card from Neo Impact  
21. Card from Flame of the Tyrant  
22. Card from Valkyrie’s Rage  
23. Card from Wonders of the Sky  
24. Card from Chaotic Compliance  
25. Card from Land of the Titans
26. Card from Crimson Kingdom 
27. Card from Dawn of Destiny 
28. Card from Electric Overload
29. Card from Echoes of Silence
30. Card from Generation Next 
31. Villainous duelist


18. Redesign a Dragon into a Machine
19. Redesign a Warrior into a Beast-Warrior
20. Redesign a Psychic into a Spellcaster 
21. Redesign a Pyro into an Aqua 
22. Redesign a Thunder into a Fish 
23. Redesign a Reptile into an Insect 
24. Redesign a Dinosaur into a Beast 
25. Redesign a Rock into a Plant 
26. Redesign a Winged Beast into a Dragon 
27. Redesign a Sea Serpent into a Zombie 
28. Redesign a Fiend into a Fairy 
29. Redesign your least favorite type into your favorite type  
30. Reverse one of the previous 12 prompts (ex. fairy into a fiend)

if anyone actually draws these, i would love to see them! feel free to show me!

Dark Paladin
“Dark Magician” + “Buster Blader”
Must be Fusion Summoned. When a Spell Card is activated (Quick Effect): You can discard 1 card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. This card must be face-up on the field to activate and to resolve this effect. Gains 500 ATK for each Dragon monster on the field and in the GY.

Can Be Found In: Dark Revelation Volume 1 (DR1-EN160), Duelist Pack: Yugi (DPYG-EN016), Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World Mega Pack, Yugi’s Legendary Decks (YGLD-ENC41), Millenium Pack (MIL1-EN041), Structure Deck: Yugi Muto (SDMY-EN043), Legendary Dragon Decks (LEDD-ENA34), Magician’s Force (MFC-105), Duel Master’s Guide (DMG-001), Duel Terminal 3 (DT03-EN034)

Even if a monster belongs to a specific theme or archetype, nothing really stops us for trying mixing them up with all sorts of Decks. A monster’s stats or effects might be fully functional on the build was designed for by default, but by experimenting with other options it can bring interesting or even more efficient results arround them. Since the card game has many liberties compared to others, either support monsters or leading cards can offers lots of possibilities if we try to think outside the box.

“Dark Paladin” is a quite famous Fusion Monster due being the combination of two well known classic monsters, “Buster Blader” and “Dark Magician”. Restricted to only being brought by Fusion Summon, “Dark Paladin” tries to combine two abilities based arround his materials to becoming a pressuring threat. During any turn, “Dark Paladin” allows us to discard a card to negate and destroy the activation of a Spell Card. Taking the effect of “Buster Blader” and improving it, “Dark Paladin” ATK will increase by 500 for each Dragon in the entire field as well every Graveyard. While these abilities have the potential to reach their peak under proper management, the true potential arround “Dark Paladin” comes by the fact that its two materials are some of the most supported monsters in the game and therefore providing us all sorts of shortcuts and mechanics to achieve incredible results arround this monster.

With “Dark Magician” as one of the most supported Normal Monsters and “Buster Blader” having his very own archetype, the arrival of “Dark Paladin” is much easier compared to its debut many years ago. With cards like “Emblem of Dragon Destroyer” and “Magician’s Navigation” looking for their respective targets and more open options like “Fusion Conscription”, soon enough we will have both monsters ready at hand to be combined by a simple “Polymerization” or alternatively “Destruction Swordsman Fusion” which can be retrieved from the Graveyard. Obviously we can take some shortcuts when gathering these monsters, like “King of the Swamp” being a replacement or “Elemental HERO Prisma” taking their name. The latter can also make the summon more cheaper if we focus our build arround “Dark Magician”, as thanks to “The Eye of Timaeus” we only need “Prisma” or the original monster on the field to bring out “Dark Paladin”. “Buster Blader” on the other hand can rely on “Destruction Sword Memories” during late game, a Trap Card that let us use materials from the Graveyard to summon “Dark Paladin” when needed.

The efficiency of “Dark Paladin” will completely vary depending of how we focus our whole Deck and both materials. “Dark Magician” gets the cheaper summons thanks to “The Eye of Timaeus” and therefore allow us to keep a solid hand to negate Spell Cards with, and combined with cards like “Royal Decree” further shutting down the opponent’s options and “Ojamagic” refueling our hand we can create powerful lockdowns. On the other hand “Buster Blader” has the support of Destruction Swords, small Dragons that while assisting the archetype will also fuel “Dark Paladin” stats in the process. Both monsters also provide a key tool to finish off the opponent with, with either “Diffusion Wave-Motion” targetting a Spellcaster to allow him to attack all enemies or “Destruction Sword Flash” letting us banish all opponent monsters. Don’t forget that “Dark Paladin” will gain ATK when confronting a Deck involving Dragons, but if we play arround them and on the least discard them to negate Spell Cards soon enough we will assure a powerful creature able to finish the opponent on his own.

Although rarely reached a competitive status on all these years, “Dark Paladin” is a fan favorite with all sorts of resources arround him to become a threat to confront against. With two of the most supported monsters in the game as materials, “Dark Paladin” obtains a variety of options ranging from his Fusion Summon to the full efficiency of his two effects. Negating Spell Cards might require proper hand management and the ATK boost will need a Deck with Dragons without depending on the opponent’s, but with the cheap summons of “Dark Magician” and/or the sinergy arround the cards of “Buster Blader” is quite simple to manage his full potential under many circumstances. Overall “Dark Paladin” requires a Deck of his own, but with the flexibility his two materials will offer is quite easy to not only summon him but also cover any of his weaknesses while improving his strengths.

Personal Rating: A

+ Allows us to discard a card to negate the activation of a Spell Card and destroy it
+ Gains ATK for each Dragon on the field and every Graveyard
+ Greatly supported due his two materials and the options arround both effects

- Can only be brought by Fusion Summon
- Requires proper hand management to use his negation effect
- Needs a Deck of his own for a peak performance

DP19-JP001 Millennium-Eyes Illusionist
Level 2 DARK Spellcaster-Type Effect Monster
DEF 1400
You can only use each effect (among the (1)st and (2)nd effects) with this card’s name once per turn.
(1) (Quick Effect): You can discard this card, then target 1 Effect Monster your opponent controls; choose 1 “Eyes Restrict” Fusion Monster or “Relinquished” you control, and if you do, equip that target to the chosen monster. (Treat it as being equipped by the chosen monster’s own effect.)
(2) If an “Eyes Restrict” Fusion Monster or “Relinquished” is Special Summoned to the field: Add this card from your GY to your hand.

DP19-JP003 Millennium Eyes Sacrifice / Millennium Eyes Restrict
Level 1 DARK Spellcaster-Type Fusion Effect Monster
Fusion Materials: “Relinquished” + 1 Effect Monster
(1) Once per turn, when an opponent’s monster effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Effect Monster on your opponent’s field or in their GY; equip that target to this card.
(2) This card gains ATK and DEF equal to the combined ATK and DEF of the monsters equipped to it by its own effect.
(3) Monsters with the same name as any monster equipped to this card by its own effect cannot attack, also they have their effects negated (if any).

DP19-JP004 Sacrifice Fusion / Relinquished Fusion
Quick-Play Spell Card
You can only use each effect (among the (1)st and (2)nd effects) with this card’s name once per turn.
(1) Fusion Summon 1 “Eyes Restrict” Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, by banishing Fusion Materials listed on it from your hand, field, or GY.
(2) You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 Effect Monster your opponent controls; choose 1 “Eyes Restrict” Fusion Monster or “Relinquished” you control, and if you do, equip that target to the chosen monster. (Treat it as being equipped by the chosen monster’s own effect.)

Atem’s edit note: as writ, they aren’t quite identical to most “equip a monster to another monster” effects. Most of those, in JP, are writ to just treat one thing as an Equip Card, and if you do, equip the newly-treated Equip Card to something. These, however, make you choose a mon first – which means I expect that if you fail to choose a mon, you don’t treat anything as an Equip Card, which means you may be able to find ways to save the target from leaving the field. I’ll keep a special eye out for rulings relating to these on release.