fusion spell

👥 Stevonnie Fusion Spell 👥

inspired by steven universe, a spell to connect with a friend to gain a new perspective 

“Stevonnie, you are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience. Make sure you’re a good experience. Now, go. Have. Fun!”

👥 note! please only do this with consenting witches. 

👥 shield against spirits and such, this will be a vulnerable time.

👥 find a token that represents you, whether it be jewelry, a trinket, or an article of clothing. 

👥 meditate on it. place part of yourself in it, but not all of you.

👥 exchange tokens with your friend. 

👥 be careful, be able to separate your energies from theirs. do not mix them too much. 

👥 when you are done, seperate the energies, return tokens to the rightful owners. take your energy back into yourself

👥 take time to relax and cleanse, center yourself


I think I was pretty productive, drawing wise. Here’s a buncha cute stuff I drew traditionally in my bed. Its comfy here ^_^ I also think i messed up on Stitch’s design eeeegghhh im not very satisfied with the way it came out :/ But yeah :D
1. Mongrel (grel) @ask-mongrel-sans
2. ErrorBlue @askerrorblueberry
3. Bloodstone @scifellhell
4. Stitch (from Labrat!tale) @sorasprings
5. UnderTrue!Sans (True) @chaosartist (me)

kaleenjackson  asked:

Top 5 curses to use against your friends and enemies

5. Cursing my enemies with bad luck is always a joy as one never knows which way “luck” will mess with them. If the enemy is a supposed “world conqueror” all of their endeavors to do so will either fail miserably or be miraculously thwarted at the last second. Cursing friends with bad luck is a much different experience. My magic fluctuates, anticipating my needs and meeting them. Therefore, when I curse my friends, my magic knows to only resort to childish pranks that can easily be remedied. As much as I like the suffering of others, I’d rather not kill off my allies for some much-needed prank session.

4. Fusion spells are one of the many joys of spellcasting. You’ve never known fun until you’ve met the mixture between Captain America and Iron Man, fighting for control in one body. Even better is a fusion of Doctor Doom and Reed Richards. Though this can only be maintained for a few days at most, but when it does happen ‘tis a glorious occurrence, despite the days of hiding that follow.

3. Giving my foes crushing despair is rather effective. Giving humble friends extreme egos is hilarious. Messing with ego is an over-all fun way to spend time.

2. Casting technological deactivation spells is a rather difficult spell, but I’ve found that it has been invaluable in a world overrun by technology

1. Silencing spells are a beautiful thing, for friend or foe. Friends like to either harass you about anything and everything, or they like to talk you to sleep. Foes, however, decide that they must have an ongoing dialogue as to why they were plotting against me and such. ‘Tis tiring, at least when I had my inevitable dialogue, it was shorter and to the point.

the introduction of smoky quartz was perfect to me tbh??? i’ve been wanting a steven/CG fusion for so long and amethyst was absolutely the perfect choice because not only do they have so much in common, but i jut generally get the impression that, more than anything, they’re friends and love each other so much and ugh i’m screaming about how much i love this


i’m not hyped for persona 5 at all nope it’s not like i want to see more of it at e3 or anything BRING BACK FUSION SPELLS-

gif version that turned to shit: here.