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You guys don’t understand fusion.

Fusions can’t be easily compared to anything we know about human relationships and individuality. Pearl describes a fusion in Giant Woman as an “amalgam” which is defined as a “mix or blend.” A fusion is not a mech with copilots controlling individual actions. At the same time, a fusion does not have motives or ideas outside of the parts that make her whole. A fusion is the personification of a relationship! Garnet does have an identity, not OUTSIDE of Ruby and Sapphire, but WITHIN Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship. And that is beautiful. SHE is beautiful. Everything she does, says, and feels is them, doing, saying, and feeling together. She loves Steven because THEY love Steven, and she is the seamless entity formed out of the absolute blend of Ruby and Sapphire.

Garnet is a beautiful amalgam.

finally! the last wire of her mech’s fusion cannons connected successfully, as she was able to spot the system popping online against the green cockpit window. always a hassle to get running again once she’d dismantled them for routine checks && refreshing the drivers. nothing said hard work like being bent awkwardly out of the mech, feet not even touching the ground && the tiniest parts && wires imaginable. her fingers hurt..

mopping the sweat from her face with a clean cloth, she spots a figure begin pass through the workshop’s garage. it wasn’t the usual lankiness of junkrat nor the shortness of torbjorn, so it made her pause until he came close enough into view. “– oh!” it was genji.

hana wiggled out the back of her mech, feet swiping uselessly at the air until they found the ground. she pulled back && beckoned the cyborg over. “gee! fancy seeing..” her jovial tone trailed off once she saw how worse for wear he looked, at least to a mechanic’s eye. “.. what on earth happened? come here.” she’s surprisingly commanding when she had to be. “you’re not sneaking by that easily.”


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artie, just to be fair, in Giant Woman, when Pearl and Amethyst defuse, they say "Amethyst, you got distracted" "Hey, you were the one getting carried away with all those fancy backflips"... making it seem like each one of them was responsible for a certain action, so I can see why the su fandom talks about fusions in that way

that’s Opal, though, and that episode was ages ago. I don’t think it’s all that fair to hold onto the assumption that fusions are piloted like mechs just because of a one-off line in “Giant Woman” when that had to do with Opal, for one, and when we’ve had later episodes provide a counterpoint to this (such as “Coach Steven”, where Sugilite is very obviously her own person). 

We’ve had several episodes with Garnet, about Garnet, where she talks at length about being a fusion. In “Keeping it Together” Steven straight up asks “Is the strong part of you Ruby and the wise part of you Sapphire?” Garnet replies “It’s all of both. When two Gems combine, it creates something greater than the sum of their parts”. And then during her talk at the end about fusions she says “You know when you fuse, you don’t feel like two people, you feel like one being.”. Like, she says over and over and over again that she’s her own person, that she’s not split like that. In the episode it even demonstrates an actual split where they almost split apart as well as when she’s talking to herself, both as a demonstration of her ‘coming undone’ - as in, that’s not how she usually operates, its to emphasize the trauma of the situation as being enough to almost unmake her person.

Like, my #1 fear with Garnet being a fusion (before that was revealed) was that people were going to ignore her as a character and just reduce her to her component parts so its incredibly frustrating that people are in fact doing that.