fusion man

saundering  asked:

what would a zircon fusion look like

like how @scrawlvitus designs it!! i love the style they gave her sdfhkggjf just look at it!!

and because i love it so much here’s some fanart of a fan fusion:

watch as she aggressively yet tactfully wins (bullshits) a trial

occasional-sea-singer  asked:

how noodly can we get with a child from Excalibur and Aria [Primarina on here]

Looks like a very Noodley Seal pup! And Ex would like to inform you Aria is pretty cute so He does not mind this crackship as much as some other ships


((Pls open in new tab!!!!))

ALLLLLL THE CRACKSHIP BABS! Sized as I imagine them to be scaled!!!

Here’s all the Parents; well the ones who I can tag

@occasionallysalazzle , @occasionally-togepi , @dailyshinycutiefly , @dailysylveonandaudino , @occasionallymew , @dailyflygon , @lordlucario , @lampentdaily , @toxapex-daily , @slowpokedaily , @daily-spiritomb , @dailymaareep , @daily-zygarde-cores , @nigh-daily-nerdcario , @iamyourdoubt , @occasional-sea-singer , @daily-team-skull-grunt , @ask-capriciouscurios , @badlydrawnshinymawile , @bladethezoroark , @weekly-megasceptile , @dailyashleighraichu , @elef3ar

If you did have a ship AND wish to use the child! PLEASE DM ME!!! If you are planning to use them I need to know, and if you are please please credit me for the design!!

Any children who don’t go with the other parent I’m going to raffle off (Well unless its one of the designs I was in love with ;’3c)) but yeah!


but I swear if you send me crackships I’m going to close it again!!! Please Please PLEASE just don’t send me anymore crackships!

anonymous asked:

what do you think your favorite red vs blue character and your favorite undertale character would look like combined?

OHHOHHH DUDE I always wanted to make a little RVB/UT crossover I had a list somewhere where I was comparing characters… SABBY WHERE ARE YOU?! I mean I answered an ask a while ago that involved UT and RVB BUT AHH you mean like Steven Universe Fusion Style?! Oh man that’s gonna be messed up! But here goes nothing: 

I present you… Mettarge?!?! SHOTGUNS EVERYWHERE BABY!!!

I hope Sarge is happy to finally fuse with a robot XD OMG a ghost robot, Church and Mettaton have more in common than we think. 

And YES Sarge is my favorite, it’s super tight between him and Simmons but really, I love all the red and blues, like Doc once said, 

LET’S ALL BE PURPLE <3 or I’m probably just paraphrasing hmmm

pick your favorite pocket monster