fusion inks


Here are little chibis of my favourite Error/Ink combo/fusion designs!! <333 Error belongs to @loverofpiggies, while Ink belongs to moi.

The first is Gradient, and the second is PaperJam, the two respectively designed by @askcomboclub and @7goodangel~!! I honestly love them both equally, they look so alike and at the same time they’re so different. I love how Gradient is a combo being a unique character on his own, while PaperJam is a LITERAL fusion, the mix of the two other crazy dudes in the same body. THEY’RE BOTH SO AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHHH

So yeah, take these chibis my smols!! Thank you so so much for designing them and making them live because SHEESH they make me smile like a dork each time I see them <333

INKtober is over, so I thought I should make a post with a link to every piece I’ve done. I haven’t drawn all, but I think I’ve almost finished half of them which I find quite impressive considering my slow drawing speed and limited free time. Good job, me. *pats self on shoulder*

So if you’ve missed any of them, here you go:

1 - Ink (whatever you want)

2 - Your interpretation of human Ink

3 - Ink themed food

4 - ____tale Ink (doodle basically)

5 - Ink cheering you up / interacting with you

6 - Ink meeting your AU character / OC (or your fav character)

(ErrorInk Bonus Round)

7 - Ink in punk clothes

8 - Your favourite Ink fusion I wanted to do this so badly though… > <

9 - Your interpretation of animal Ink (his spirit animal is the weasel but feel free to do anything else)

10 - Ink in a kigurumi / cosplay

11 - Ink refusing the advances/flirting of your AU character / OC (or your fav character)

12 - Ink doing silly faces

13 - Ink crying / exhausted (wow the angst tho)

14 - Ink with a CPAU sweater you would have designed yourself

15 - Ink with ink wings

16 - Ink arguing with his broom (yes this happens)

17 - Ink fighting artblock (free interpretation on what the artblock looks like)

18 - Ink’s soul

19 - Ink creating potions like a proper wizard (I love that theme<3HELLA DOING IT)

20 - Ink in animu style

21 - Ink in steampunk clothes

22 - Ink in a car with lots of other characters you like or you own driving down the stairs screaming and enjoying themselves

23 - Ink breaking the fourth wall somehow

24 - Ink in his Undertop clothes / circus tailor outfit

25 - Ink in your AU/story’s clothes style (let him have something to art with tho!)

26 - Ink chilling home in comfortable clothes drinking coffee with your character / your favourite character

27 - Penistale Ink Ink in a suit/dress (reminder that he has no shame and he’d find anything you make him wear super awesome)

28 - Ink as an angel OR mermaid

29 - Ink in your favourite cartoon/manga/artist style

30 - Ink as a witch flying on his broom or doing witch stuff

31 - Ink saying your blog is awesome and people should check you and your friends out! (and saying bye and finally stopping to haunt your blog)

Day 4: Two traditional Halloween-ish creatures doing a fusion dance

Woo super late to day 4 but oh well! Had a bit of a busy day xD I’ll be the first to admit the top drawing isn’t my best work BUT I do like that bottom drawing .w. I really just wanted to draw something creepy so I’m pretty happy with it xD

Bendy + Mimikyu = Bendikyu 🖤

THeSe aRe a FeW oF MY FaVoRiTe THiNGs~~

Wanted to try something different~ Mimikyu (Pokémon Sun and Moon) and Bendy (BatIM) fused together~ Even so, this is a tribute to a couple of my favorite characters~

I still need to decide what type Bendikyu would be~ I would say he would be either a dual type or a single type~ Poison, Dark, Psychic or Ghost~ Fairy? (Since Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy type XD) I’ll think of something~

Bendy © TheMeatly
Mimikyu © Nintendo/Game Freak
Fusion and Art © Me

Wooooohooooo I’M BACK(? Ok now seriously I been working on an Au with my friends name “Infectionstale” so I really don’t know how but I want to keep this blog active although not with drawings….even I will continue trying to upload something every so often :) Anyway Thank you so much for the notes I was fangirling about how much notes I have in my first upload xD ((Sorry for my english)) <3 I let my Au here @antisansvirus Stiles is a mix of Ink!Sans & Asylum!Sans Those cutiepies belongs to @comyet & @furgemancs