fusion generator

bluebird azurite is a huge nerd with technopathy who’s mindset revolves around work and efficiency 

finds humans (and other gems actually) slightly obnoxious because they distract them from work and in the case of the former, has laughably ancient technology

anonymous asked:

You and Zero were out fixing things up, Mr Brewer?

Seamus: “Aye, it’s the generator outside. This house is old, and a little isolated compared to most, so we still run on our own fusion generator instead of energy from Novaland.”

Taffy: “Zero should be finished with it sometime soon…”

Seamus: “But we might have to adjust the camera to see him! I’m taking you’ve all seen him before, but it’s still surprising, how he stands head and shoulders above most in our family.”

jyushioso fusion ! ur local fuckboy running on energy drinks only, still alive somehow but nobody knows how, will do Anything for money and attention, or really just for the sake of it, this fucker lost a teeth bc of that, tOO Many legs, what? self preservation what is that. stable fusion, generally feeling great bc jyushi is here to cheer oso up when he happens not to feel great, but has no boundaries and is dangerous for themselves and for others. its way more difficult for jyushi to fuse w oso after what happened during episode 24 tho :^(