fusion fashion


Punjab weds Persia in Sevilla #arjadeh from Alberto & Yago Videography

Some serious Wedding Goals!!

She is a party/wedding planner who throws the most elegant balls and celebrations. She makes & decorates the desserts for them too. High class but in an inviting way.


Sleepwalker - Sarah Kehoe for Darling Magazine 
Edited by Cyril Biselx
Model: Li Wei | Fusion Models Nyc
Mua: Fumiaki Nakagawa
Hair: Peter Matteliano
Art direction: Danielle Von Braun
©Sarah Kehoe 2016


“Steven? Connie! I– I did it! You did it? Wait. Ugh, this– no. This is gr-great! Oh my gosh, look at you now!… I’m a fusion.” - Stevonnie, “Alone Together”

Stevonnie just had to become #4 in my fusion series! 😍😍😍 “I am a fusion” is actually a mantra I use to calm my anxiety. They just seem so collected and sure of who they are when they say it. I just can’t wait to see more of them! 😍💞😘

Also, this patch is GORGEEEOOOUUUUSSSS. it’s impossible to catch it in a photo, but it’s soooooo glittery. Definitely my most glittery patch so far: light blue/pink in the background, gold on the ribbon, light blue on Stevonnie’s T-shirt, and light blue/pink on their gem.