fusion escapes

Jasper´s life sucks

>fighting from the day you were born
>your sisters are defective and disgusting by society´s standards
>but you´re perfect so let’s take you away from them to fight in the big fights
>rose quartz kills his diamond
>she wants to kill her, but in all of the war she never even gets to see her in person.
>the war makes her hate her own planet
>war ends and she didn´t avenge her mommy
>spends the next thousands of years doing jack shit
>a peridot forces her to go back to the home she hates
>well at least I can finally kill rose quartz and avenge my mommy
>turns out she shapeshifted into a fat human and doesn´t even wanna fight you
>you beat her and take her minions prisoners without resistance
>the fusion escapes and kicks your ass and breaks your ship, stranding you on earth
>ok but if i fuse with lapis i will kill them
>lol, nope. she traps you in a fusion of hell
>months suffering under the sea
>but then you finally start to enjoy it. finally something good for once
>nevermind the crystal gems just defused you
>you fall to the water and get left behind while the blue bitch gets to live life in a barn
>after a week of being underwater you finally catch up to her and you propose to her
>rose cock blocks you and the blue bitch punches you so hard you end up in the other side of the world

>starts planning an attack, collecting those gem monsters
>who knows what they are and who cares, im collecting them
>bring those ugly fuckers to your home and imprison them like rose imprisoned you
>show up to her house to impress rose, showing her army
>kicks the shit out of that ugly ass amethyst who deserves to die
>but rose can’t let me have anything good so she takes her gem away from me before i can shatter the ugly purple fuck
>fusion beats me once again
>ok but next time rose.next time….
>rose, the purple fuck and the peridot who brought you here show up to try to beat you
>whatever i can take them down
>except they fuse and fucking kick the shit out of you again
>at this point you´re suicidal so you decide to fuse with a corrupted gem monster so you can at least take them down with you
>Lol nope
>rose quartz offers you the deal she gave to lesser people
>you tell her to fuck off because she killed your mommy
>except she doesnt even know who pink diamond is
>the last moments of sanity you have is a sunken realization that the fat kid you´ve been searching is indeed just a fat kid and not rose quartz, and everything you have done for months is pointless

>months later your family ends up liking the purple fuck more than you

And if we go by what the trial implies:
>the killer you´ve been searching your entire life was framed and you´ve been serving your mother´s killers


Alright we got 3 options here - White, Yellow or our Pearl.

1- Yellow’s reaction when Zicorn catches on that Rose couldn’t of done it seems to be someone trying to covering up their actions as if she knows what happened this could be why She doesn’t miss Pink as much as Blue and she is a very good option as it’s also stated its really hard to shatter a diamond, and only another diamond could do it more easily.

2. However it was done with a sword, and while Pearl fights with a spear, CONNIE, learned her SWORD skills from PEARL





To back this up, if Our Pearl is PD’s pearl, pearls are always close to their diamonds, she would of been close enough. Based on the sword and shield comparisons its most likely she paired up with rose and did the swords skills. That’s why blue knows it was a sword. Rose didn’t do it all at this rate, and consider this:

Pearl is the most mysterious of the crystal gems. WE got everyones backstories, we dont have pearls full backstory. We just got her attachment to rose, we don’t have her gem story. We know garnet came to be due to sapphire and ruby reblling because of love and fusion, they escaped to earth and Rose and PEARL picked them up. WE know Ameythst comes from earth, we had the kindergarden episode. WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT PEARL.



ok so bear with me here:

  • dee and dennis are two twin pearls. on homeworld, dee was deemed to be slightly defective as opposed to dennis, so she was demoted. dennis was white diamond’s pearl. dee was under the service of a morganite (barbara) and was generally mistreated. in the service of white diamond, dennis met mac (a ruby who was meant to be one of the bodyguards for the lower diamond court). they’re not supposed to speak to each other, but they can’t help it. i’m thinking in a way very similar to “the answer”.
  • logic informs that, when they fuse, they would be a rhodonite much like the one seen on the show.
  • when they’re discovered and about to be shattered for their fusion, they escape (dennis managing to find his sister on the way out) and get into an escape pod with a preset destination for earth. dee is freaking the fuck out (naturally).
  • they make it to earth, they’re rebels, gem war happens, blah blah blah, flash forward 1000 years later.
  • mac and dennis are so wrapped up in each other and being rhodonite that dee feels like a constant third wheel. she tries to have relationships with several humans (including a Waitress at a coffee shop), but she doesn’t really understand them and most efforts to find a connection like mac and dennis’s are futile. she gets on their case all the time, but inside she feels like they have the “perfect” relationship (regardless of whether or not that’s something that exists, it’s just her perception) and she wants to feel complete and whole as well.
  • one day, she’s wandering around a deserted and defunct kindergarten and stumbles upon charlie (a runty and defective amethyst who stayed in the ground too long and had been living in the kindergarten alone for hundreds of years with only rocks as friends) and he follows her home, much to her annoyance.
  • mac and dennis insist upon keeping him around and mostly push the responsibility of him onto dee. they grow close and eventually form a strong bond. a bond strong enough to fuse into an opal.

shut up i know this is horrible ok let me live

heres a handful of potential predictions for what the diamonds have in store for steven:

a) corruption

imo, corruption is a fate worse than shattering, and fitting after they tried it on earth once before. of course, it wouldn’t affect steven because he’s organic, and it’d potentially lead to an oppertunity to escape. the only reason i cant see it happening is because it doesn’t really involve or affect lars, and there’s gotta be some reason he was brought along.

b) heading to earth

how better to hurt rose quartz then to make her watch you destroy everything she loves? maybe steven would let slip greg or the gems existance while trying to convince them he’s not rose and he wants to come to an agreement, and they decide to head back to beach city to attack. it’d be a good way to lead into a final showdown with all the gems (temple fusion anyone??) and beach city residents protecting their home, but again, no lars relevance.

c) lars’ execution

it seems likely that steven would try to bargain his life for lars, which would of course prompt the diamonds into trying to kill lars first. of course i dont think CN would let them kill off a major human character, but it’d be a perfect oppertunity for topaz (or the crystal gems, somehow) to swoop in and save them, and maybe lead to a stars fusion. after their escape the diamonds would most likely chase them back to earth anyway, leading to the final confrontation above. howeeeever it seems unlikely they could escape homeworld on their own, so…

imo in my perfect world it’d follow path C, with topaz saving them, all 3 (or 2, if steven and lars fuse) being backed into a corner, and the CGs swooping in, with peridot, lapis, connie + sadie, hell, bismuth, other humans and the rubies if im going into full ideal fantasy territory. unfortunately season 5 is only just starting, so realistically they’ll escape and the diamonds wont be mentioned for another 20 episodes… \:

The Truth About Big Bird

In the episode Giant woman we are introduced to the corrupted gem Big Bird. Inside of Big Bird there are several bubbled gems. 

My theory is that Big Bird is not a corrupted gem, but a corrupted fusion, the gems found inside itself being its gem components.

This would explain Big Bird’s :

- Size (its much bigger than even Opal, a Giant Woman)

- Detailed color scheme (its gem shards, wings, and body alone look like a combination of gem color schemes)

- Lack of physical gem placements (most likely caused by being fused for too long, corrupted, or a combination of the two)

In addition, when Big Bird splits, its gem shards seem to fuse together to form the smaller birds.

It’s like Big Bird is in a fusion it can’t escape from. Even when ‘poofed’, it can’t completely defuse, only divide its form into several smaller versions of its once healthy fusion.

Weakness (ch 1 - ?)

Pairing: Jasper & Pearl
A/N: This is part 1 of ??? because I’m really feelin this. Inspired by @the-panda-palace‘s prompt of having Jasper trying to impress an oblivious Pearl. So far just a lot of goofy fluff.

It wasn’t always easy being perfect. At least, being perfect at some things but terrible at others. Jasper never had much of a problem brawling or breaking things or performing any tasks that involved her incredible strength and power, but trying to impress someone who didn’t really care about all that was a whole new world for her. She sometimes thought she caught Pearl gazing her way while she was lifting boulders out of the way and such but she couldn’t really read the smaller gem’s expression.

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‘Chille Tid’ has made me really worried about Malachite’s possible reappearance later on in the show. 

I think it’s obvious that both Lapis and Jasper have started to change from being fused for so long. They both look like they’ve been through hell in this episode, and Lapis even says that she isn’t Lapis anymore. By forcing the two of them to stay fused for so long, both Lapis and Jasper are starting to disappear. 

And this is really really terrifying. 

I instantly thought of Sugilite after hearing Lapis say such things. In ‘Coach Steven’, when Sugilite and Pearl start fighting, Pearl says, “You’ve been fused too long; you’re losing yourselves!” It’s highly unlikely that Garnet or Amethyst would attack Pearl so ruthlessly (I say “unlikely” because Amethyst did attack Pearl in ‘On the Run’, but in ‘Coach Steven’, Sugilite attacks basically without provocation whereas Amethyst ~sort of~ had justification for doing so). And yet, Sugilite comes extremely close to not just poofing Pearl, but for all we know, actually killing her. If Pearl hadn’t been able to get Garnet and Amethyst to unfuse, there’s no telling how that fight would have ended. 

This is all coming from a fusion who’s composed of two gems who are friends, who love and respect each other. But because they were fused for so long, they started to lose themselves in Sugilite’s outrageous, violent personality, and nearly killed their closest friend. 

Can you imagine what would happen if Lapis and Jasper lose themselves in the same way?

Malachite is a fusion made of hatred, rage, and deception. It’s safe to assume that Lapis only agreed to creating Malachite out of a desire to protect Steven, as well as other reasons that we might never know. That desire is likely the only thing that has kept her strong for so long. But we saw in ‘Chille Tid’ that Lapis and Jasper both are steadily being beaten down and becoming Malachite.

If that compassionate part of Lapis is lost, Malachite will become nothing but the hatred and fury that not only created her (Lapis and Jasper were essentially enemies when they fused), but is still lurking inside of her in the forms of Lapis and Jasper themselves (their constant battle for dominance, Jasper’s inevitable hatred for Lapis for trapping her in such a way, etc). We also know that Lapis and Jasper individually are both very powerful, so we can make guesses as to how powerful their fusion would be even though we didn’t really get to see her in action. 

If Sugilite, a fusion made from comrades in arms, can cause such destruction and nearly kill someone close to them, the destruction that Malachite, a fusion of animosity and contempt, could cause is horrifying to think about.

And the thought of such a powerful, hateful fusion escaping and running amok is absolutely fucking terrifying. 

No heartbeat?



That arm is pretty purple, and the show wouldn’t have made such a big deal out of this patient (or the earlier OMG NIGHTMARE PATIENTS line) if they weren’t important.  Gonna hazard a guess that the hospital staff have an insane Gem on their h–

Oh, shit.  This isn’t just an insane gem, it’s one of the escaped fusion experiments.  We haven’t seen insane gems with human arms, and I doubt that the hospital staff would have thought one of those was a car crash victim.  The fusion experiments, though–mangled balls of misshapen limbs?  Crying out in agony?  Not immediately trying to tear through the restraints and murder Dr. Maheswaran?

Well.  This is going to be interesting.


Dubioza Kolektiv - No Escape (from Balkan)

Dubizoa Kolektiv is a Bosnian fusion band. “No Escape” is their latest single. Lyrics:

Yes I left my motherland and went so far
To get a good job and a brand new car
Very smart phone, hundred inch TV
American hits on my MP3

I’m living in diaspora, I’m very proud
Of my house with the pool, master credit card
Thick gold chain hangs around my neck
Mercedes Benz parked in the back

Don’t believe the hype I never beat my wife
I’m not a macho man who would stab you with a knife
I live by your rules every single day
But some things are written in my DNA

But when I taste rakija
In my head anarchia
Back to original shape
Just cannot escape from Balkan

Ok so I’m getting upset at how people are putting all the blame on Jasper. If you recall, when Jasper first fused with Lapis, Lapis drug them into the ocean, Jasper trying to escape the fusion the entire time. You can even see Lapis pulling her back.

Let’s also not forget that when we saw into the mind of malachite, Jasper was in chains.

And who was keeping her in those chains?

Looking at these images, I’m not sure how you can come to the conclusion that Jasper was the mastermind behind this unhealthy relationship. 

I’m not saying that Lapis was completely in the wrong, but she wasn’t completely in the right. This relationship was abusive on both sides. Stop making this solely Jasper’s fault. 

Jasper Analysis

+ a personal story

So I caved and watched the leaks, I’m weak and I hate myself for it. Spoilers ahead for Earthlings. Do not read ahead if you haven’t seen the episode

Today we got the episode Earthlings. In it… well we all know what happened to Jasper.

I just want to share a story and how Jasper’s connects with me because I know there are going to be a lot of people who still don’t quite understand her or empathize. By no means do I mean anyone has to like her, just… try and stay off the backs of people who do.

Jasper starts this episode arrogant, confidant and seemingly unlikable. But things change rather quickly after her fusion partner escapes and she states regretfully that no one she fuses with wants to stay. At first glance many (including my siblings who were watching with me) would say ‘duh, you’re a bully and all your fusions are either created out of manipulation (Malachite) or lack consent (corrupted quartz) but consider Jasper’s ignorance on fusion. Homeworld hardly educates its soldiers on healthy fusions and it’s considered a weapon/highly looked down upon. Then she comes to earth and is defeated four separate times, each time by a different fusion. Jasper clearly doesn’t understand what she’s doing wrong, the fusions she’s been defeated are healthy, happy and powerful. Despite her belief that fusion is just a trick she most likely sees that in each fusion there is love and respect. Garnet sings about it, she witnesses the moment Steven and Amethyst share, etc, so clearly her statement that everyone who fuses with her leaves is based in her feelings of inadequacy and lack of self esteem. When I heard that line I heard, ‘no one who knows me will ever appreciate or love me.’

Jasper talks about feeling like a failure and having everything stripped away from her. I really don’t think this needs much explanation.

We get a really clear insight into why Jasper behaves as she does though. Not only is she a quartz soldier, built for fighting, but she was born into a war, something the Pearl and Garnet are traumatized by over 5000 years later. She blames Rose Quartz for this and for the (I’m assuming) death of her diamond. This makes Jasper’s behaviour ever since they landed on Earth make so much more sense. Of course she’s going to be violent, angry and hostile, these are the people who as far as we can assume, shattered or harmed her leader, someone Homeworld saw as an all powerful deity. I’d fight my hardest too and hold back nothing. Imagine if the places were switched and Rose was harmed or shattered, I can’t fathom how vengeful Garnet, Amethyst or Pearl would get. I would not be shocked if they behaved similar to Jasper for killing one of the gems they value most in the world, the gem that gave them purpose. Whatever Rose Quartz did to Pink Diamond destroyed Jasper’s true purpose and that’s heartbreaking.

This also explains her fervent refusal to be helped by Steven, why would she trust the person she suspects to be Rose? One, it would be illogical, two, it would be shameful to be helped by someone so vile in her mind. Jasper says she won’t be manipulated by Steven and I don’t blame her for that… she sees Peridot in a technically more pitiful state than before and assumes that the Crystal Gems did this to manipulate her into joining them.

Of course none of this excuses Jasper’s actions, she has been cruel and terrible, but the being Jasper does the most harm is herself. Her corruption was inevitable, honestly she was in corrupted mindset and did so many things that brought her to this point and finally it caught up with her and now her physical form reflects what’s been in her for so long.

Now this episode made me cry, I’m going to be honest. I saw so much of myself in Jasper. Some of my followers might know that I’ve struggled with mental illness, which has manifested in different ways. Jasper’s corruption for me was a visual representation of what it felt like to have psychiatric illnesses take over my life and my soul and how hopeless I felt. Like Jasper I felt like a failure, alone and like I could trust no one. I wanted to blame everyone around me when I couldn’t see that my biggest threat wasn’t them, it was me. I felt like my purpose was gone and I needed to fight everything to make my pain go away. I felt like everyone was leaving me, which was why Jasper’s line about her fusion partners broke my heart.

I don’t think I’m explaining this very well… anyways my point is, fans who don’t like Jasper please don’t demonize her or the people who relate to her. Everyone has their struggles and does wrong but everyone deserves a second chance and a chance to better themselves.

I really believe Jasper will be redeemed, now more than ever. After all this development she has the potential to one of the most complex and complicated characters in the show. Steven showed mercy towards her and wanted to save her and in the end even Amethyst connected with her, so much to call her “sis”, a term of familiarity and endearment no gem has used in the show so far.

So yeah, thanks.


Theory time: the term “diamond” doesn’t necessarily refer to the type of gem but rather the rank of the gem.
This would support the “Rose is Pink Diamond” theory because she stopped being referred to as a diamond when she betrayed home world. Perhaps the only way to create a real diamond gem is to fuse the four diamond ranked gems together?
Perhaps that’s why home world is experimenting with “forced” fusion? After Rose’s betrayal the diamond authority could no longer become their ultimate form, leaving them with weak spots (after all a diamond is going to be almost - if not completely - impossible to defeat).
Which leads me to another theory: what if Rose DID know about the experiments all along and that’s why she created Steven? If a gem can’t escape fusion then maybe Steven’s human half can resist and save the earth in the process?