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@emptyspaaace  replied to your post I found an old document filled with Tf2 Steven…

I know we’ve never spoken before but please tell me all about this

Buckle up because i’m gonna do it in this text post :>

Keep in mind I wrote this in season 1 of the show so like, the gemstones reflect personality and other stuff according to gemstone healing guides that I don’t think is canon (i haven’t watched in ages) 

Also I’ll do fusions in a Part 2 (because this is really long rip) 

So the story was the Admin is collecting gem warriors and Miss Pauling was sent to collect them and keep them together as a team: 

((if/when i draw these they will be on my artblog over @paintpawsdraws ))

Scout = Red Tiger Eye

Reason? It’s a stimulating stone that is said to increase motivation, self-worth and is believed to help you to discover and have confidence in your own abilities helping to enhance your personal power.

It’s on his leg and he summons a bat.

He was a gem stuck on a necklace that was passed down through a family. One day a mother (Scout’s ma) broke it and released him, but immediately took pity on him and adopted him into her family. 

Okay the rest are going under a cut lmao 

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was gonna color all the fusion doodles i did but i tweaked the sniper/spy and soldier/engie fusions a lil bit so i drew new things for them.

i love the idea of big, terrifying, multi-limbed, four-eyed fusions interacting with their normal sized teammates and i still think pyro lighting cigarettes with their flamethrower is funny.


Alright, so here are some of the first fusion designs I did.

Heavy and Engineer fuse to form Pink Topaz

Scout and Pyro fuse to form Heliodor

And Sniper and Medic fuse to form Sodalite

I’ve got more, of course, but I’ll post em later or so


Inspired by the doodles of @halloweenie-kun and @madjesters1 Support team fusion, Sentry is my Defense three part fusion. Massive and slow moving, Sentry’s one goal is total defense of BLU structures, capture points, and team mates. He’s capable of building massive anti troop guns and deploying explosive ordinance to mow down enemy defenses. If he needs to pick up speed, he can engage with the supernatural force of the Zwei-Eyelander. 

And of course, his fusion sized Sandviches are the best Texas BBQ Sandviches in the land. 

As far as triple fusions go, Sentry is relatively stable as all three members are used to working in tandem and have (more or less) even keeled personalities. Demo is the main variable depending on if the night before was a bender and too much Scrumpy before fusion will throw their groove off.  

Plasma physics: The fusion upstarts

Fuelled by venture capital and a lot of hope, alternative fusion technologies are heating up.

To reach one of the world’s most secretive nuclear-fusion companies, visitors must wind their way through a suburban office park at the foot of the Santa Ana Mountains, just east of Irvine, California, until they pull up outside the large but unmarked headquarters of Tri Alpha Energy.

This is as close as any outsider can get without signing a non-disclosure agreement; Tri Alpha protects its trade secrets so tightly that it does not even have a website. But the fragments of information that have filtered out make it clear that the building houses one of the largest fusion experiments now operating in the United States. It is also one of the most unconventional. Instead of using the doughnut-shaped ‘tokamak’ reactor that has dominated fusion-energy research for more than 40 years, Tri Alpha is testing a linear reactor that it claims will be smaller, simpler and cheaper — and will lead to commercial fusion power in little more than a decade, far ahead of the 30 to 50 years often quoted for tokamaks.

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