So Steven can fuse with humans right?

Under the assumption that he can fuse with gems too…means some things. Can Steven fuse with both? Can he fuse with a gem and a human at the same time? Can Steven use that to allow humans and gems to understand each other better? To allow for people to feel better about not getting someone. What if he, pearl and Greg fused?

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Do u know about cold fusion??? Bc cold fusion is just a cheap tactic used to make shitty physicists disgraced

The science side of tumblr comes out of the woodwork to make steven universe jokes

I wish I could say I was surprised it was happening on ADAD, but I’m not

Ok I don’t SHIP Steven and Peridot. I just REALLY REALLY like Tourmaline as a character. They can do what I literally cannot, sense emotions in others. I’m literally so mentally numb all the time it’s a miracle I know what I’m feeling half the time.


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