fusing persona


Aaaargh!  What do we, you, do?!  I… Oh no, this is bad.  Very bad. Uh…

Then fuck off!  I-I can’t!  What?  You’re not letting me go.  How could I not be letting you go?  How did this even happen?

Well… persona can fuse.  And other shadows can fuse.  But we’re not like other shadows, this isn’t supposed to happen!  I, we know that.

Grwwwwr… ah fuck, what’s my partner— master going to think of this?

Concept sketches and dialogue (???) for S.Bakura and S.Yugi fusion!  Probably never going to happen proper but fusion is a game/story mechanic in the Persona series.  Really, I’ve just been watching too much Steven Universe.

Reminder: Persona 5 is more than romance

35 hours into the game and I am not in a relationship.

Instead, I am running through the dungeons, defeating enemies one by one and feeling my heart skip a beat when “Last Surprise” blasts through my television.

I’m fusing Personas and chatting with the Jack Bros. Hee-ho~

I’m driving through Mementos in the Morgana mobile, reforming hearts to my “heart’s content”.

I’m walking through the vast city of Tokyo, getting lost once or twice.

I’m doing various part time jobs, going to the movies with my cat, and reading in the hopes of getting one of my stats to finally increase.

In game, I made coffee and the protagonist screamed “YOSH!”, I also went to the hot springs to increase my charm.

There is so much to do in Persona 5, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of it yet.

The point is, this game is an absolute masterpiece…

I’m one of the people who LOVED and prioritized SOCIAL LINKS in the past two games. I love dating the characters and the romantic elements. I plan to do the same for Persona 5. But 35 hours in, I haven’t had a romantic relationship form and I probably won’t for a while. I’m trying to date Anne and I am tempted to date them all. However, romance isn’t everything. It’s the entire experience. Persona is more than a dating sim. It has the best gameplay/combat and other fun social elements that I could have asked for. 

If you are just playing for the romance, then this isn’t the game for you.