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most iconic part of Persona 5 is when you’re locked in the interrogation room and Akechi is escorted in by a guard and takes the guard’s gun and shoots the guard to death and the game is like “you understand Akechi a bit more now! the Justice Confidant has leveled up! you have gained an experience boost when fusing Personas of the Justice Arcana! :)” and then he promptly fucking kills you.

Navi Mishima

If Mishima were a Phantom Thief, I think he’d have a navi role instead of being in the fighting party. You could swap him around with Futaba, kind of how you can do so in Persona Q.

Since he’s pretty much the team’s knowledge broker in canon with the Phansite, he’d have a persona that specializes in gathering info on shadows.

Analyze Weakness - He could have the ability to analyze enemies and figure out their weakness. So I don’t have to constantly throw every attack element possible and hope that one of them is the weakness. Just command him to scan enemies and he’ll know their weaknesses in a couple of turns.

Appease Shadows - He could scan the enemy’s personality type and determine which dialogue choices would make them happy when you’re negotiating with them to join you. Or maybe something like Mishima sometimes warning you when you select an answer that would piss off the shadow. You’d pick a bad answer and Mishima is like “Wait don’t say that. I don’t think he’s gonna like that”. And you get a chance to choose again. (On a sadder note, this would reflect how Mishima probably acted when he was being abused by Kamoshida/ bullied by classmates. Watch out for their mood swings, and say whatever it takes to appease them so they don’t hurt you any more than they usually do.)

Target Hunt -  If you’re looking for a particular shadow (cause you need it to fuse a particular persona/or want to make skill cards etc), Mishima can scan and look for which shadows on the map will spawn the one you’re looking for. I personally would love to have this since I hate having to go through a ton of battles just to find the one shadow i need.

These are just the ones at the top off my head. I can probably think of a whole list of abilities for Navi!Mishima with a little more time. 

I never used Mithra in Persona 3 or 4 because of it’s awful design but I fused one in Persona 5 who ended up being my MVP for a little whole so… I wanted to be nice to him and give him a better posture I guess. I feel like this is the first Mithra fanart from any SMT game…?

Tried out some different settings that in an attempt to make quicker, looser pics, and it worked fairly well until the snake of all things threw me for a loop. If the shape was a little off in one area it made the whole thing look off. Any non-snake related pictures should go quicker though!

old CWU notes and outtakes Part I!

I thought I could fit all this into one post… haha. More to come! This stuff isn’t magical or fascinating so much as funny, so keep that in mind if you want to see the dark underbelly that is MADAM JEDI and other scrapped and rough content!!


From a doc beautifully entitled “Kylo Ren Master Notes, Updated 1-4-15” (one of about 10 CWU ‘master notes’ docs I kept throughout the year, behold my organization skills, including labeling this doc with the wrong year. This doc was 37 pages long! It picks up with notes on what became the second chapter of Life Sentence):

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Some helpful tips for Persona 5

-You can buy nutrients for your plant at certain stores. (Pawn Shop, Flower Shop, and one other shop in the Red Light District.) Tending to your plant will give you Kindness points without using any time. (Which you will need to start or finish Confidants.) (The more expensive, the higher the points you’ll get.) The best part? MORGANA CAN’T TELL YOU TO GO TO SLEEP!

-You can also buy books to read on the train. Finishing them will give you points in certain Social Stats.

-To upgrade your teammate’s Personas, you must finish their Confidants, much like in Persona 4.

-There’s an easy way to farm for EXP on certain days. (Towards the end of the game.) (There’s no spoilers in this video)

—It’s best to finish the Star and Moon Confidants for this. (As mentioned in the video.)

And one more tip, but it’s much later in the game and contains spoilers. (Around 10/1 spoilers.)

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Persona 5 Review! (Spoiler Free)

Ok, so I’ve played it twice, I’ve platinumed it, I’ve been through every f*cking rage quit, I died many times right before getting to the safe room, I’ve never seen it coming like a thousand times, and now, I can safely say, I love this game so much.

No joke. Persona 5 was everything I expected and more, much more. It surpassed my expectations in every aspect. And yes, this is gonna be anything but praise, and you can already guess which is going to be my final verdict on this, but still, I have to talk about this game.

So, like in its two predecessors, you play as a nameless protagonist, whom we’ll call Akira Kurusu (‘cause that’s his name in the manga and I like it very much) and who’s been falsely accused and now is under probation in Tokyo, the big city. Here, he’ll be taken under custody by Sojiro Sakura, the owner of the café Leblanc, and he’ll attend to this school with a very particular sense of fashion when it comes to its uniforms, Shujin Academy. Soon enough, Akira will discover that a strange app has been installed into his cellphone without his consent, and despite the many times he tried to delete it, it won’t go away.

From here on out, you can guess what will happen if you’ve played another Persona game before: he’ll discover he can summon creatures from hell itself and that there’s a world inside of the world where shadows live, he’ll come across other people who can summon things as well, and they’ll fight demons and stuff, and at the end, they’ll save the world with the power of friendship because if not, this is definitely not a jrpg. Pretty much the same concept from previous games.

But at the same time is completely different, new and fresh.

Persona 5 revolves around the themes of ’freedom’, and ’being slaved by society’. The topic of corrupt and rotten adults is also brought up many times. And it does it perfectly. From the beginning, you get absorbed by the prejudice they throw upon Akira for being a ‘delinquent’ under probation. You can feel how they speak behind his back, how they look away while he walks past them. You put yourself in his shoes, and you sympathize with his bad luck. That’s a very special moment for the player and the protagonist, for it hadn’t happened in previous Personas: this is the very first Persona game in which the main character has the heaviest story pre-game and you feel it. And with ‘heavy’ I mean, seen, clear, present, because yes, the P3 Protagonist had a very sad past, but the game barely touched upon the death of his/her parents, and regarding Yu Narukami… well… yeah, he comes from the city and… yeah, that’s it.

Akira is a character already stablished, the responses you can choose for him have a tendency to seem rebellious, the way he smirks, taunts his enemies and acts proudly of himself… He is, in every way, a character on his own, and not a chance a representation of what the player want him to be. And that’s GREAT!

And not just him. The friends you come across in this path – The Phantom Thieves – may all seem a copycat of previous characters from previous games, but there’s always something that make them unique and original. The way Ryuji speaks and stands against everyone; Ann’s ideals of becoming an inspiration and her passionate love and care for her friend Shiho; Makoto’s concern about her sister and her own future and the pigeon-hole that chained her down for so many years; Futaba’s case of agoraphobia, with her tearful fears and her own demons; Yusuke’s hidden past shaped in a painting and his eccentric ideas; Haru’s heavy burden in following her father’s footsteps while at the same time realizing what she wants for herself; Akechi’s intrusive appearances, with a sad motive and a real self-centered issue; Morgana’s pursuit for his own past, and his devotion for the team. Yes, we already had that best friend who follows women in swimsuits (and actually buys a swimsuit for them cof cof Yosuke I’m looking at you cof cof), we already had the genius detective, the rich heiress to a big enterprise, the talking animal (stop it, Teddie, this is un-bear-able), the popular girl… but they all bring something new to the table. They’re all relatable at some point, and it’s hard to choose a favorite, for they all make you want to be part of that group of friends.

The story is so well thought that it makes me want to cry tears of joy. The main concept is to change the hearts of corrupt people: a sexual assaulter, an artist who plagiarizes his pupil’s work, a mafia leader… you get the idea. The Phantom Thieves risk their lives by entering Palaces, these people’s manifestation of their distorted desires, and they steal their ‘treasure’ – in other words, they take away from the villain’s cognition that specific thing that made them corrupt in the first place. It can be a memento from their childhoods, it can be a very naïve object that, with time, created in them this sinful desire to abuse of others with their power. F*ck these guys, really.

And yeah, one thing leads to another… and… there’s like a wheel thing, things that happened at the beginning have repercussion later down the line… and… if I speak a little more I’ll be banned by Atlus 'cause spoilers. But, let me just say that if you believe that Persona 4’s story was clever and surprising, trust me, your jaw will fall to the floor many, maaaaany times in Persona 5. Like, really. You’ll envy these kids’ minds. You’ll never see it co- sorry, it just never gets old.

The gameplay remains true to Persona roots, and brings back the Shadow Negotiation, a mechanic that hadn’t been present since the Persona 2 duology. Before, you gained Personas at the end of the battle thanks to cards shufflin’ (the Shuffle Time Oh My God), but now, it’s up to you to convince the shadows you fight against to join your cause. The Velvet Room is also back, with a very grave-voiced Igor (and Oh, I wanna comment on this, but I can’t), and with two new assistants: Caroline and Justine, the twin wardens. You’ll be able to fuse Personas, just like in old times, but in this occasion you’ll have to decapitate the Personas you want to fuse to create a new one. Nice! There’s also an electric chair, a cell for lockdown and a hanging spot! Cute! All of these things bring new mechanics to the Velvet Room, that you’ll be taking advantage of. There are over 200 Personas to create, and there are some new ones, but don’t worry, we’ll be seeing the same old faces again (hee, hoo, Jack Frost is there too!).

As always, the Social Lin- pardon me, the ’confidants’ (f*ck it, they’re still Social Links, don’t bother me), will enchant the player and take your heart, no pun intended. Aside from fighting darkness itself inside the Palaces (which you should finish as fast as possible), you’ll be spending time with your party members and people from school and from around the city. It’s always good to see Akira interacting with his peers, but it was refreshing for me to see him with adults: in a society in which adults are all rotten and only think about themselves, he comes across some grown-ups that are worthy, that are still clean, and this goes to show that not all of the adults are corrupt, and not all of the teenagers are stupid and immature.

Akira grows close to the people around him, and you can sense his affection and theirs. There’s a big change as to how they regard our favorite delinquent: they slowly realize that he’s not a troublemaker as they made them believe, that he’s actually a noble fighter, and that he’s also worth fighting for. All their love, all their support, is seen and felt during the course of the game, and even more during the final hours. You’ll be grateful to have been close to all these people (I fully recommend to do a playthrough with all the Social Links maximized, it’ll give you, apart from a sense of satisfaction, the whole picture of what I’m talking about).

Social Links are now useful to the actual gameplay. Not only the party members learn new skills as in Persona 4 and passive skills as in Persona 3, but also the confidants outside of the party will give you perks and bonuses during the fights. For example, Mishima’s Social Link (Arcana Moon) will give you extra experience points for those playable characters that are on the reserves (you know, the ones you don’t like and don’t use), so now all of your characters level up at the same time, not just the four you choose. And it’s helpful as hell, believe me. Another Social Link, Hifumi Togo’s (Arcana Star), lets you exchange the characters in battle for those who are on the reserves as well, so in a middle of a boss, if a character is low on hp or sp, you can change them for one who is fresh and ready to fight. And so on. That’s why it is advisable to maximize as many Social Links as you can (but don’t forget to boost your social stats from time to time!).

So, the story is great, the gameplay is addictive… and the music is downright REBELLIOUS. It’s so good that it makes you wanna put on a mask and go out to reform society in a costume. There are songs that you’ll never see – alright, I’ll stop. It’s just… I love 'Last Surprise’ so much. And 'Rivers in the Desert’. And 'With the Stars and Us’, especially the piano version, my goodness, is that a tear in my eye…?

At the end of the game, I found myself whispering how good it was. It was beautiful, and I cried, although it’s not a sad story. I cried because of how good, how joyful it was, because of how many laughs it gave me; I cried because it conveyed many feelings, it made me feel rage, sadness, pity, happiness, rage again, betrayal, surprise… I was amazed by how clever the story went, by how well implemented each mechanic was. I really don’t know how Atlus can top this game, but I’m sure they will, and Persona 5 won’t be the 'last surprise’, I hope.

I really am glad that this game exists. I waited for it not so much, because I entered the Persona world (and I’ve been sucked into it forever now) last year, but still, a few months of delay felt like an eternity, and by the end of March, I was yearning for this to finally be released.

I do have one complaint. Tiny. I really wished there were more easter eggs and references to past Persona games. I know you can see Rise’s poster, and also Kanami’s (which makes, unfortunately, Persona 4 Dancing All Night canon), and that they mention the other 'ace detective’, referring to Naoto Shirogane. I’ve read but not found that they also mention another detective with red sunglasses, making an allusion to Katsuya Suou, older brother of Tatsuya from Persona 2. But still, I was waiting for that trip to Inaba, or to Tatsumi Port Island, or to come across at least Yu Narukami. Something… more. But I guess we’ll see Akira interacting with previous wild card wielders in the not so far away future (yeah, you guessed it, most probably Persona 5 Arena is being developed right now). I just wished they put something more obvious into the game.

But that’s it. I want Atlus to keep on creating games, to keep on surprising me. If you’re a fan of the series, this game will blow your mind, because it brings everything from past games and make it better. If you’re new to the series, this game will blow your mind as well, but you’ll have a difficult time adjusting to the previous ones, if you ever wish to play them (I recommend it though, even Persona 2 Innocent Sin). All in all, it’s an excellent, EXCELLENT, jrpg, and everything we’ve been waiting for.

Persona 5 doesn’t disappoint.

Like seriously, if you’re fighting a boss who can have up to 6000 HP in their final phase and your party members barely break 500, maybe do some cost/benefit analysis and just get by on Diarama/Mediarama instead. Or at the very least fuse a Persona that doesn’t have Diarahan without also having Null Charm.

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hey, how do the extra limbs and stuff act in the real world for the phantom thieves? do real objects and people pass through them and the thieves feel it? can they use akira's wings to hold laundry? i must know

(tl;dr at the end)

Because their persona-fused appearances act on the same metaphysical level as the cognitive world, real objects and people outside of the metaverse cannot be affected by the thieves’ extra limbs. (The exception being, of course, the phantom thieves themselves, being that they can see it and their cognition of the limbs is that they’re Real and Fully Functional, so they can interact with it)

Hence why the kids can still put on their regular clothes and not have to cut out some extra holes to accommodate; they really just pass through it like thin air. Same goes with regular people; they just phase through the limbs. The kids don’t feel it when someone phases through, and nor does the person themselves feel it either, as that person’s cognition is that nothing is there at all.

Unfortunately this would also mean that whatever boon that comes with it (flying, prehensile tentacles, detaching your limbs to beat up people) is Null and Void in the real world.

On the flipside, all of their metaphysical attributes are dependent on the condition of their psyche and various elements of it. Because y’know, personas and cognitive shit.

Example, sometimes it’s things such as changes in mood: if Haru is feeling particularly depressed, then the flowers in her hair might wilt. 

Sometimes, people unaware of the existence of the limbs can still indirectly interact with them, if they affect the psyche in such a way that can change the cognition of how the limbs look i.e. heavy injury that traumatizes on a psychological level can also cause the limbs to look and act injured as if it was actually directly hurt.

tl;dr Anything outside of the metaverse and unaffected by it cannot interact with any persona-fused attributes directly, and any benefits from the limbs in the metaverse are not applicable in the real world. However people can still indirectly affect the limbs by affecting the psyche.

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Ok, so... Your characters have some noticeable power-up? Like fusion, temporal transformation, a final power or something else? (I wonder if your shapeshifter persona could fuse~)

most of my ocs don’t really have that, but Prince and Princess do have alternative, more powerful forms when they use their full power.

I have shown Prince’s, but i havent finished designing Princess’

Shit Kai and I do during Phantom Thieves the Game

NG+ provides many shenanigans

  • get hopelessly lost in the school, therefore headcanon Akira as having a bad sense of direction
    • absolutely lose it when one of the characters goes “I didn’t expect you to be so early” upon an arranged meeting
  • comment on how utterly unsafe it is to talk about their plans in the public, especially with Ryuji’s lack of indoor voice
  • concur that Kindness reflects on his innocent face, Charm manifests as sparkles, Guts provide diamond balls (previously steel, then titanium), and Knowledge is stored in his hair (hence the volume)
  • suggest that Morgana lies and sleeps on a bed of money in Akira’s bag
  • follow-up suggestion that Morgana pushes out money of the bag on request like a reverse Itazura Money Bank
  • I say that we could throw wads of money at people in a style akin to stoning when people are being asses
  • gesture to Akira’s innocent face whenever someone doubts him
  • point out indignantly that they should unzip Akira’s bag so that Morgana can breathe whenever he’s stuffed in
  • lament that no one wants to hang out with Akira in the evenings so he has to spend them with Morgana in the gym
  • complain whenever we are prevented from going out or being productive at night
  • I threaten to rub Akira’s perfect grades in anyone’s face like a parent from hell if they doubt his ability in academics
  • refer to Mishima as an eager puppy
  • gather all the quests and do them all in one run of the dungeon to maximize efficiency
  • I make a horrible battle cry every time I ram Morgana into an enemy in Mementos
  • I use Door of Hades on a low level mob when Kai’s attention is diverted
  • it is an absolute must that I steal anything that isn’t nailed down in the dungeons
  • the “I need to go pee” “GO PEE” conversation returns
  • be constantly annoyed by the need to shuffle, fuse, discard, and summon Personas of the right Arcana for Social Links
  • forget that we needed a Persona for a certain Social Link, only groan when we check and find that it’s gone
  • calculate that if we assume our yen are all in 10k bills, that we will have enough wads to build Yusuke a makeshift bed in Akira’s room
  • I tell Yusuke to not use such complicated words, because Ryuji will not understand
  • laugh at how little attention Akira seem to pay to conversations due to him seemingly staring off into space
  • suggest that Akira is like a cat from his staring, long silences, and general unresponsiveness

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I've been seeing that you are currently obsessed with persona 5, and as a person that has no experience with the persona series, I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. IT SOUNDS SO INTERESTING, AND I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT'S ABOUT. EXPLAIN WHAT THIS WONDERFUL THING IS NOW, YOU WONDERFUL PERSON YOU.

Welcome to the wonderful series of Persona™ where you live the ultimate fantasy of being a good student with a social life. Oh, and you also summon demons to defeat shadows. But that’s not so special compared to the promise of a social life am I right?

Anyways, enter you, the Wildcard™ Protagonist who is a literal blank and generic character until you start working on your stats which you’re gonna need if you want a social life in the first place. You’ll be juggling your schedule among perfecting your stats, hanging out with people, and not missing out on that story-related deadline (don’t forget the plot!) Sounds tedious enough, right? Except it’s not. Actually, the opposite. It’s quite addicting. So this is what my life could have been if only I made it fulfilling huh?

So what else makes you special aside from the fact that you are capable of being a perfect character after months of hard work? Well you can summon Persona (with a capital ‘P’) lots of them demons. Everyone else can only summon one but you have a full compendium to complete. It’s kind of like Pokemon now that I think about it except the added bonus that you can fuse Persona together to form even stronger Personas and in some of its games, you even get to negotiate with the Shadows you fight with so you can recruit them with you! Oh, and yeah there’s also the Velvet Room which is kind of this blue room that looks different per protag because it is a reflection of one’s state of mind and only you have access to it (meaning every time you visit, it’s all in your head while your teammates look on concerned but unquestioning)

The overall plot is different per game but they never disappoint so you’re in for a great ride if you enjoy story-driven games. But the best part are the social links which are the bonds that you form with friends that literally make you stronger (boosts exp and skills). Throughout the game you’ll mostly be focused on trying to be best friends with some of the best characters in game (whether party members or non). Oh, and you get to romance. Listen, I didn’t play P3P just for the story, listen I’ve played P3P four times, twice on each protag! For uh, maxing out social links only and totally not just to romance everyone.

I mean gosh darn I could write a dissertation on why I love the game series and write full books on each game (P2,P3P,P5 in particular) but you wouldn’t feel the same love as actually playing the games. Listen, try it. Change your life. SUMMON YOUR PERSONA. 

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  • Who made the first move;
    Minato totally did, because I can see him as being this super blunt guy.

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first;
    Souji probably did.

  • How often they fight;
    They practically never fight. Both of them are too chill to fight those sometimes Minato gets annoyed at/jealous of all the cats that Souji hoards

  • Whose big spoon/little spoon;
    They switch, and again Souji prefers being the little spoon.

  • What their nicknames are for each other;
    Souji calls him “Emo-Senpai” and Minato calls him “Siscon”

  • Whose the better cook;
    Souji of course!

  • Their song;
    This is actually more of Souji’s theme song honestly but I could see this possibly working for Minato too

  • Who remembers their anniversaries;
    Souji. Minato tends to be a little forgetful, but Souji doesn’t mind.

  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex);
    Fusing personas and junk and making jokes about Igor’s nose because they are dorks

  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship;
    I’d say neither of them, but I guess honestly it’d be Souji because he’d probably try and drag Minato out and try and get him to socialize.

  • How they would get engaged;
    Minato literally just says one day, “Hey let’s get married”

  • What their wedding would be like;
    As always, Nanako’ll be the flower girl and Koromaru will be the ring bearer. Also Mitsuru would probably try and pay for everything too.

  • How many kids they’ll have;
    Probably just one kid that they’d spoil the hell out of. Especially Minato, he would definitely spoil the hell out of that kid and would be the one to sneak them an extra snack after Souji said no.

All in all I can honestly see this relationship being literally like this:

My Reason for Smiling #4: Akeshima.

Goro’s trial proceeds over the course of a week, with the Phantom Thieves, Sae, Sojiro and Gorofans feeling as though they’re suspended in mid-air. Futaba and Haru are constantly asked if they blame Goro for anything, and every time they respond with resounding ‘nos’. Futaba admits to Akira that she hated Goro at first, once the truth was revealed, but seeing how strongly Mishima feels about Goro, seeing how their Personas fused through the power of their bond, awakened her to a whole new opinion on the Detective Prince. “Shido really is at fault for all of this,” she later on tells her confidant, Akira. “I was wrong for pinning any of this on Akechi-chan. That son of a bitch needs to fry!”

Sae summons Mishima to the stand. As expected, Mishima presents a testimony that stirs up tears on Goro’s behalf: “Goro’s a victim too! His dad forced him to do all of those things! He didn’t know what to do, where to go-he was alone and scared! He did all that he could with what he was given! He’s not a bad person, I know he isn’t! He’s good and beautiful and kind and loves Pokemon! We sing the Pokemon Rap together and sometimes the Team Rocket song! You can’t treat him like a bad guy when he suffered just like everyone else!”

Sae secretly cheers at the end of Mishima’s testimony. Dozens of points were grabbed because of it. Fast forward to the end of Goro’s trial: he’s found innocent of all charges and has been tasked with accepting a year of rehabilitation. Shido, on the other hand, has felony charges of child endangerment and long-term child abuse added to his list of murder charges.

Goro has forty-eight hours to pack before departure. In saying goodbye to the Thieves, he holds onto Mishima for ten minutes, kissing him. Nuzzling his forehead against his moon’s. “I love you, my dearest moon,” he murmurs into the top of Mishima’s head.

“Thank you for loving me.”