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I rarely eat anything I bake, but it still tastes good, so au where Fushimi stress bakes delicious food and then has to pawn the sweets off on other people

I admit to a fondness of terrible baker Fushimi but it would be kinda funny if Mr. Picky Eater was actually an amazing baker it’s just he hates most of what he bakes (and the rest he just doesn’t feel like eating because he barely eats). So sometimes when he’s particularly stressed Fushimi finds himself just baking in order to keep himself occupied, like imagine one day when he was still in Homra he’s feeling all tense because Mikoto’s around and there’s a bunch of Homra guys there and Yata’s not paying attention to him. Fushimi’s pouting in the corner but finally he can’t take it anymore and just slips into the kitchen and quietly starts making muffins. As he bakes he mutters to himself and it is the angriest muffin baking ever, like he’s swearing as he mixes and throwing ingredients in like he wishes he could punch someone and he’s not even measuring but somehow putting in perfect amounts. At some point Totsuka smells something tasty and he and Anna come in to check, there’s Fushimi surrounded by like a mountain of muffins just staring at the baked goods like ‘well what do I do now.’ Totsuka is all impressed with Fushimi’s baking skill and wants some tips, while Anna takes a taste and tells Fushimi that it’s good. Kusanagi peers in to see what’s going on and is like so boys why is my kitchen filled with muffins. The rest of Homra comes in to investigate and Yata especially is shocked because he didn’t know Fushimi could bake, Fushimi looks away and clicks his tongue because he doesn’t want people praising him for something stupid like this.

Then when he joins Scepter 4 Fushimi finds out that the stress baking hasn’t stopped, like one day he’s correcting Doumyouji’s reports for the fifth time and he’s finally like okay fuck it and goes to make a cake. He’s just finished frosting it when Akiyama shows up because he thought he smelled something, Fushimi just shoves the cake at him like here eat it. Then Fushimi goes to make some cupcakes, Akiyama’s halfway through the first cake and sharing the rest with an arriving Benzai when Doumyouji comes in and is all oh hey cupcakes. Soon it becomes an open secret that when Fushimi is in an extra stressed mood he bakes and it is delicious, it’s like if you’re brave enough to be glared at while you eat you will be rewarded with one of Fushimi’s delicious creations. Sometimes he stress bakes super late at night and just leaves like piles of muffins in front of everyone’s dorms to get rid of them, if anyone tries to mention that they have been eating muffins for two weeks straight Fushimi just glares and it’s like right more muffins it is then mmm warm muffins tasty.


                                    SARUMI         &        SOUKOKU

So much similarities like;

1.  Ex-partners

2. Dazai and Saruhiko being a traitor

3. Misaki and Chuuya being the left ones

4. Misaki and Chuuya being chibi and having the same hair colors



  • Saruhiko: I hate the Red King...he stole Misaki from me.
  • Misaki: I hate the Blue King...he stole Saru from me.
  • Mikoto: *texting Munakata* im bored. Let's clash and see Misaki and Fushimi angst.
  • Munakata: *texts back* How absurd. As if I'd want to see your repulsive face. It makes me sick.
  • Mikoto: *text* that a no?
  • Munakata: *text* 7 pm, near central park.
  • Mikoto: *text* It's a date. ;)
  • Rest of clan members: Fuck this shit, not again.