COMMISSIONS / Donations!

Hello guys!! I’m asking for help this time not for myself but for my good friend, Kurohane, who’s real name will not be disclosed because her abusive parents are watching her every move. I haven’t seen her for two years and she has lost so, so much weight and her parents pulled her out of school for no reason, and she has so much potential it’s such a shame. I’m not in much position to speak for her ,, 

Can  you please help her by donating or commissioning her?.. she really really deserves a good home and she really doesn’t have anyone else to turn to. Thank you so so much for your time, anything helps at this point. she says she is willing to draw anything from any fandom, (except really nsfw, mecha, furries or strange things,) her price is 12 USD.

her facebook page is -here- 

She only uses free data, which means the websites she can visit are fairly limited, please if you want to donate or commission, message her on facebook OR through me, and I will pass it on to her.

her paypal is   fushimi.kurohane@yahoo.com

her story is in readmore


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