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K Project headcanons

(This is all shit, but c'mon, it’s good shit)

- Mikoto is the master of memes. You think he doesn’t know that really underground meme from the early 2000? Pffft, he made it. Any meme you want, he’ll give it to you.

- Munakata is the biggest nerd ever. We know he likes puzzles and ninjas and all that jazz, but he also enjoys the otaku culture (tbh biggest otaku ever). You know that really cool cosplayer? Yeah, the one doing all the cool armour stuff and shit. That’s him. He makes it all himself.

- Both Mikoto and Reisi rule the internet together. No one knows who they are, but they ship it. Both of them ship it too.

- Saru likes taking photos a lot. Mostly of Misaki. But yeah he loves taking photos of all kinds of things. Especially of a sleeping Misaki. He has a collection.

-Misaki watches Gordon Ramsey and gets really heated about it and forces Saru to eat his cooking that he tried to recreate from Master Chef. He never misses an episode.

- Anna is the resident shipper. She isn’t always the innocent bunny. Constantly writes fanfiction about all the boys.

- Shiro/Adolf has planned his wedding with Kuroh. All of it. Down to the last detail. The invitations are so adorable.

- Kuroh writes poetry and recites it at hipster cafes at like 1AM and has a bit of a fanbase. It’s all about what a pain it is to cook for Shiro and Neko. Sometimes it’s about Shiro. Sometimes it’s trying to make Yukari look bad, but that never works out.

- Kusanagi has a bottle cap collection. he collects all the bottle caps used at the bar. He also runs a night club in HOMRA during Friday and Saturday nights. He has to make a living somehow.

- Seri knows how to pole dance She takes classes. It’s not for money, she just likes it. It’s also really good exercise.

Imagine homra being very confused because after they make up yata still calls fushimi every name in the book but one time one of the lower ranked guys referred to fushimi as “the traitor” and yata destroyed like half the bar trying to get this guy and was like “WHAT DID YOU SAY COME SAY THAT TO MY FACE WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT?” and kamamoto had to be the one to go “you yata-san. he heard it from you. every day for the past four years.”

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I request that fushimi relationship headcanon pls! ;w;

Saruhiko Fushimi:

  • Fushimi isn’t very good at showing his emotions, but he is very good at planning dates and making it perfect.
  • He always make sure his partner eats well and if they don’t he’ll cook for them(even though he hates vegetables himself :p).
  • He likes to tease his partner a lot, he always tries to make them blush.
  • Fushimi is a very good listener, he’ll be completely quiet as long as his partner is talking, but knows when he needs to say something and what he needs to say.
  • He sometimes might make his partner feel as if he doesn’t like them or think badly of them(that’s just his personality), but when he notices he always does something super sweet for them to try and tell them he really does care.
sarumi in romantic tropes p2

The “kissing in the rain” trope

F: It’s wet. It’s miserable. I’m miserable. Why are we here?
Y: well excuuuse me for wanting to do something nice!
F: Misaki, no part of this is nice. I can understand kissing in the rain (no i can’t) but wHY DO WE HAVE TO DO IT IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE???

fushimi’s “betrayal”

i feel like that’s such a terrible portrayal of what actually happened because that makes it sound like he sat down a planned this or something when what really went down was reisi came into his house one night, scared the living shit out of him and told him to pack up and come on. then mikoto shows up and what ends up happening is you have the red king in the hallway, pissed as fuck, and the blue king in the room, cool as a cucumber and not supposed to be there, and poor fushimi trapped literally in between them with both kings essentially telling him “time to make a choice little boy”. AND to top it all off they don’t even let him talk. he subconsciously takes like two steps to reisi and mikoto’s just like “well that’s it then”. like, yes, message received but for god’s sake let him at least say something before you’re like pack ur bags bitch