- Columbine Conspiracy #2: Multiple Shooter Theory Pt. 4

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Patrick McDuffee, a former CHS student and original TCM member, gave his report to law enforcement on April 20, 1999 at approximately 9:30 pm (JCSO-001-010783). McDuffee immediately informed law enforcement that the TCM not only had prior knowledge of the attack, but planned and executed it. Despite claims to the contrary, McDuffee, along with several members of the TCM, including Alex Marsh, Kristi Epling, and several others, confirmed that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were indeed a part of the TCM in their police reports. In his report to authorities, Adam Kyler (known for his friendship with victim Rachel Scott), explained that a trench coat-ed Klebold threatened to kill him, which resulted in internal consequences during December of 1998 (JCSO 4065). McDuffee named over a dozen TCM members, providing their addresses, affiliation to the TCM, affiliation to CHS, and role(s) during the planning and execution of the attack. This confirmed the hundreds of claims from students, faculty, staff, and alumni that reported more members of the TCM were involved. TCM member Kentaro Kojima wrote on a CHS classroom board “we should blow up the school” shortly before the attack began, according to student, Terry Paczosa. McDuffee explained that TCM members from nearby Chatfield and Bear Creek High Schools also participated. He informed law enforcement that TCM members often spoke German to one another, which supplements Stephanie Duffy and Lisa Forgen’s claims to have heard shooters speaking the language during the attack (JCSO 2919). McDuffee’s list and damning evidence completely contradict the official narrative. McDuffee was subsequently forced to retract his report.

A plethora of students described who they believed was an “older” individual with spikey, blonde-highlighted hair shooting during the attack. Jonathan Vandermark, Eric Walton (JCSO 2242), David Eagle (JCSO 1781), and Jennifer Small (JCSO 2183), among others, all described these unique characteristics in their respective reports. On a side note, Small also explained that she ran into Eric Harris in the smoker’s pit minutes before the attack; she mentioned how bad her day was going and Harris informed her of it also being Hitler’s birthday as a joke. These students also mentioned they saw uniformed law enforcement shoot at students, faculty, and staff. Penny Zair (JCSO 5212), Candice Cushman (JCSO 2794), and Michelle Fox (JCSO 5196) all state they saw hostile shooters and law enforcement shooters aim at civilians from the rooftops. Pictures can be seen of law enforcement units with clipboards on the roof of CHS, establishing the event as a drill. Students Jake Apodaca and Chris Wisher said they saw gunmen hiding at Weaver Park, and recorded in their reports that they felt “blown off” by investigators.

Scott Fuselier, former CHS student and ‘coincidentally’ the son of FBI investigator, Dwayne Fuselier (who led the CHS investigation), also had ties to the TCM. Fuselier, along with Brook Brown, associate of the TCM and friend of Harris and Klebold, were on a production team for a film project that illustrated CHS exploding. Brown, who at the time played in a band, planned to release an album with this image as its cover. Brown also sang in the school choir; during a December 1998 rehearsal, fellow member Laurie Reynolds overheard Brown boasting that “something big” was going to happen the following April 20 at CHS. Again, Brown is seldom mentioned in a positive light by those associated with CHS; he was described in police reports as “tending to lie a lot.” During the fourth hour in his creative writing class, Brown confirmed that he sat in Eric Harris’ assigned seat. This was unusual and many students noted this in their reports. ‘Coincidentally,’ the only other student spared during the attack, as Brown claimed to have been, was John Savage, who also had ties to the TCM. Nathan Dykeman, Klebold’s best friend, did not immediately evacuate the area. Instead, Dykeman laughed when he found out about the shooting, and bragged that he knew who did it and could not believe they decided to do it that day.

The final point that I’ll bring up in this post is the 1999 CHS Prom. Emily Paletta, a then CHS senior, said that all the posters for prom were vandalized the week before it took place. The posters read: “It’s Coming: April 17.” The vandals crossed out the date and replaced it with “It’s Coming: April 20.” Cathy Pavelanon and Linda Revell reported seeing Dylan Klebold talking to a green-haired individual in the kitchen of the CHS cafeteria during the prom. They reported that they saw a large propane tank in the freezer of said kitchen. Law enforcement admits that they never could locate the individual seen talking to Klebold.

The next post with deal with the footage of the ‘bodies’ during the event.

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To be sure, Eric’s diagnosis of psychopathy is not 100 percent. Psychopaths do not tend to be suicidal, or seek fame. They usually come from the ranks of “low socioeconomic status and urban settings,” according to the DSM. Psychopaths must also show certain patterns of behavior as juveniles that include animal abuse. Eric, in all his writings, never mentions that, nor is there any evidence of such behavior. His extreme violence is not a trademark of psychopaths. And Eric does show emotion and feeling: He laments the loss of his childhood friends, he wishes he had more friends at Columbine, and he worries what will happen to his parents after the shootings. (Although Fuselier points out that if Eric really did care about his parents, he wouldn’t have undertaken the shootings.) 
  Their pell-mell behavior makes psychopaths poor employees, yet Eric was a model worker. Lying for the sake of lying, or duper’s delight, is another sign of psychopathy, and Eric told multiple lies. Although he himself also indicates he lies for a specific purpose, or as he says in his diary, “just to keep my own ass out of water.” in other words, Eric needs to lie to stay out of trouble. It doesn’t appear to be for fun. 

- Jeff Kass in the book Columbine: A True Crime Story on why Eric Harris’ post-mortem diagnose of psychopathy is inaccurate.