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How Fusion relationships work

“How many Gems are you now?”
“Six! Maybe more … if we meet the right Gem.”

In the episode “Off Colors,” Fluorite makes it clear she’s a relationship of SIX Gems and is open to more. I was joking around trying to think of what her fusion dance would look like if she added another Gem to this relationship, thinking it would be kind of adorable seeing one smaller Gem dancing to fuse with this huge amalgam. But then I wondered about a few things and I collected enough Thinky Thoughts to ramble for a bit.

For a long time before “Super Watermelon Island,” we fans were curious about Alexandrite’s fusion dance. We knew Garnet, as a Fusion herself, prefers to form Fusions with others when she’s already in her Fusion state–as in, she certainly doesn’t split up first to dance with the others one on one when she wants to form Sugilite or Sardonyx. 

We figured hey, maybe it’s easier to synchronize two Gems rather than trying to synchronize three at the same time, and therefore maybe Alexandrite was formed with Pearl and Amethyst fusing into Opal first before dancing with Garnet. 

In “Super Watermelon Island,” we see that’s not so.

Which is not to say that Opal and Garnet COULDN’T decide to fuse that way, but they didn’t in this case. And we can see that if they’re prepared to do it, a three-way synchronization can work without previously synchronizing the components into Fusions.

Fusions can fuse with individuals. With TWO individuals. And individual Gems can of course make Fusions. So basically, it’s free-for-all mix-n-match however the Gems involved are comfortable doing it. 

And I got to wondering what that means for the Fusions themselves. Fusions are relationships. So theoretically, Fusions are the relationships of the component Gems with each other, even in more complicated Fusions like Alexandrite. But essentially, Alexandrite seems like she is the relationship of Amethyst and Pearl with Garnet, not so much the relationship of Amethyst and Pearl and Ruby and Sapphire. If they were to all four fuse in a single fusion dance, they would still make Alexandrite, but Pearl and Amethyst probably don’t HAVE much of a relationship with Ruby or with Sapphire individually. When Pearl first met Garnet in any meaningful way, she was already fused.

So when Pearl makes Sardonyx with Garnet, that relationship is by definition Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl’s relationship, but practically speaking, it’s a relationship between Pearl and Garnet. Because her relationship with Ruby and Sapphire is nearly always in the context of them as their relationship. As Garnet.

That may seem like a weird point to press on, but stay with me here. 

Garnet probably doesn’t have much of a relationship with Opal as an individual. She has individual relationships with Pearl and with Amethyst, and together their group is Alexandrite. They’re a four-Gem Fusion, but personality-wise, Alexandrite represents Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst together far more than she represents Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, and Amethyst together. When they start to fight internally, you certainly hear Garnet’s voice coming out, not the voices of Ruby or Sapphire. (And maybe, aside from the potential spoiler-related reasons, that’s why Alexandrite makes more sense with six arms instead of eight.)

Rebecca Sugar has repeatedly said in interviews that Fusions ARE relationships (though they also obviously have their own opinions that can be in contradiction with their components’ opinions, like Sugilite, and can “feel like one being” like Garnet said in “Keeping It Together”). And she’s also said Fusions are an interesting opportunity to explore who people are TOGETHER–the way humans can be together in a relationship and it changes who they are, how they think, how they function as a unit even though they can never be as much of a single entity as a Fusion is. This has me thinking about Fluorite.

She’s an established six-Gem relationship. I don’t know how they came to the conclusion that they wanted to live together, but Rhodonite’s question “how many Gems are you now?” suggests she’s been adding them steadily–that it wasn’t all at once. Very much like Amethyst and Pearl having a relationship with GARNET far more than with Ruby and/or Sapphire individually, I imagine that Fluorite’s additional Gems beyond the first ones–including potential future additions–would develop a relationship with the Fusion, not so much with her components. They may not even KNOW much about who they are individually because the relationship is that significant. That the relationship changes them so much.

I mean, you’ve probably met people who are in relationships and have been part of that unit since a very long time before you met them. They’ve grown into each other, become comfortable with each other, and developed a collective “we” identity that connects to their family, their living situation, their thresholds of intimacy, their interests–everything. You would have no way to know the individuals in that relationship how they would be if they didn’t have it–just like it’s hard to imagine who someone might be if they weren’t an artist, or weren’t a mother, or weren’t chronically ill, or weren’t the gender or sexuality they are. You can’t pluck one element out of them and then try to re-imagine them around the hole that leaves–not unless that element actually does disappear and they readjust their identity around it. I think our relationships can be like that too–that they affect our identity.

Humans’ relationships aren’t as literally transformative as a relationship that can literally become its own person, but our relationships essentially have lives of their own too. Garnet didn’t describe Fusion to Stevonnie as “an experience” for nothing. Most of us don’t “feel like one being” as part of a relationship, and there are some ways in which that can be unhealthy for us if we repress important parts of ourselves to become subsumed in something we wouldn’t like if we were fully conscious of what we were doing. But in general, it’s not a bad thing to have one’s relationship regarded as an important element of who they are. It’s certainly part of how the outside world thinks of them and treats them.

With someone like Fluorite, I think it would be super interesting to see how a single Gem has a relationship with an existing relationship and becomes a part of it. But even though I think Fluorite, and Garnet, and even in some ways Malachite, can be regarded and treated as individuals while fused–requiring those who have relationships with them to take them as a whole–you would also have to have at least some kind of relationship with that relationship’s members. You’d understand them as a package deal, but you might have different feelings about its members. Steven, for instance, loved Lapis and disliked Jasper, but understood Malachite as someone he needed to fight.

Now here’s the sad thing. Garnet states that she’ll “always exist in” Ruby and Sapphire, and that she embodies their love (even though they can still experience that love when they’re not fused, too). But I imagine that if Garnet were separated for a long time, Steven would miss her a lot. And I can imagine if one of Steven’s guardians decided to, say, form a new Fusion with Fluorite and stay that way, he would miss her too. You can’t have both the single Gem and the perma-Fusion in your life consistently.

Most of us have been there. “Losing” a person to a new relationship and nothing is ever the same with them again. They give themselves to the relationship, they go everywhere together, and you can’t invite one without them bringing the other(s). Sometimes, you probably miss that person and want them back. But when they’re part of the relationship, that’s part of who they are, and even when they’re not with their partner(s), they’re part of that relationship. Sometimes that can feel sad, especially if it means your special relationship with that person had to end, lessen, or significantly change. 

Fusion relationships are very different from ours in a few obvious ways, but they’re not so fundamentally different that we can’t draw the parallels. Sometimes you wish the Fusion wasn’t there because you think the relationship is bad for those involved, like Malachite. If you’re Steven, you want your Lapis back and you want Jasper out of both of your lives. You might try to advise Lapis, you might try to protect her from Jasper, but she’s the one who has to decide what her relationship is. You can only hope she sees reason, or you could lose her in more ways than one.

With loving relationships, like Garnet, you want them to be together. Not necessarily because you like Garnet better than you like Ruby and Sapphire–it’s fun to see them now and then, sure!

But you know they prefer to be together, and that they experience anxiety and pain when they’re apart, and that they’ve chosen a life together where some of their individuality is given up for that closeness. You respect their decision and have a relationship with their relationship.

For humans, our relationships do not literally combine the traits of multiple people into one person that then has its own conscious will. The individuals in the relationship still function, while “the relationship” has no physical manifestation despite its influence being felt in the components. But it still changes the “color” of their lives together and brings the people involved close together to serve many shared goals, just like a Fusion.

So when a hypothetical new Gem does come along and establish a relationship with Fluorite, I think she would dance with her. Not with her components individually, but with her. We know Garnet as Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship–not as Ruby and Sapphire combined, but as the result of that combination. For a fused Gem, the Fusion is the new identity who can now make decisions and have experiences, even though they ARE an experience at the same time. It isn’t the same as individuals deciding to do the same thing. They made the decision to become the thing that decides on its own. And that Fusion, in the reality of their life together, can sometimes decide that’s no longer what they want to be. Or they can realize they’d rather be this than anything they were supposed to be and that they’d rather do this than anything they were supposed to do.

If a Gem has a relationship with a relationship, it’ll always be with the relationship first. The new relationship will need to be understood as coming into a shared, existing intimacy. Pearl and Amethyst don’t individually get consent from Ruby and from Sapphire when Garnet acts on their behalf to form Alexandrite. Garnet feels and acts differently from Ruby and Sapphire sometimes, and their choice to fuse into her has influenced the subsequent decisions they make as her. 

They may or may not disagree with how Garnet acts sometimes–like, if you were to ask Sapphire or ask Ruby what they would have personally done when Garnet did something different, you might get some answers that are as different as Amethyst and Garnet’s answers would be from Sugilite’s. But within the context of the relationship, with the relationship actively existing, it has the power to influence how the individuals feel. They have a relationship, and then that relationship can feel and think in unprecedented ways–with some of them not being so good. Being in a relationship with an abusive person, for instance, can sometimes make the abused party accept treatment they wouldn’t outside the relationship, or might have thought they wouldn’t tolerate before the relationship was established. And sometimes it’s neutral, like what a married couple decides they want in a shared home is different from what kind of place each might buy individually.

But what’s important about this is that fusion of goals, opinions, and thoughts in human relationships isn’t necessarily a sad thing. It’s a natural thing. We all influence each other. Allowing yourself to be influenced does not mean the relationship has eclipsed your life, or that you’re in an unhealthy dependence, or that you’ve lost your individual will–you’re still part of what you’ve made together. And if you’re happy in your relationship, anyone who comes along afterwards needs to understand who it’s made you, and be accepting of it, and most of all, be willing to have a relationship with your relationship. Not just one of its parts.

I was sketching and messing around and it turned into this somehow.

Mystic Topaz is a fusion of Morganite and Fire Opal. 


Did I ever show my off Gem OCs? Because they’re so pretty and glittery.

Unfused Opals naturally glitter and shimmer under light and because of these eye-catching qualities they are dancers at heart, these gems are commonly seen in courts as groups to entertain guests. However, unlike pearls these gems are only used for entertaining purposes and have no other use whatsoever, despite this they can become extremely protective of their masters and will risk their lives to protect those they value.

When fused together Pacific Opal and Fire Opal create Boulder Opal.

So I made a ton of the gems, even though they’re not super accurate, they work. Anyway, you can fuse gems that you’ve made.

For example, here’s my gemsonas of Nacre and Kornerupine, and their fusion, Blue Lace Agate. 

So the program will spit out a likely gem to be the fusion of the two inputs, and it involves canon fusions (Garnet, Opal, Sugilite, Rainbow Quartz, Sardonyx, Alexandrite, and Malachite), all of which you can customize to your liking. Something I’ve discovered is this.

Here, we have some gems that I’ve customized to look like the ones we have seen in the show.

When one of your gems in selected, you can choose to fuse them with another gem, by clicking on one, then selecting “fuse” in the bottom left corner.

I’ve selected Amethyst and Pearl, which will, canonically give me a randomly generated Opal. 

Before customization:

After customization:

Unfortunately, you can’t choose to fuse three gems at once, but you can fuse another gem (or another fusion) with a fusion. So, I’ve chosen to fuse Opal with Garnet. 

And (according to canon) this gives me Alexandrite.

(Sorry, I was too lazy to customize her to look like the Alexandrite we see on the show.) 
At some point I got curious. Obviously, there is no canon for what happens if Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, AND Rose Quartz fuse together. So, to find out, I decided to fuse Alexandrite and Rose Quartz. 



Wondering if that was by happenstance or if it was a theory of the creator’s, I tried something else.

I made Sugilite and Rainbow Quartz and decided to fuse them together.

Yes, another randomly generated Diamond.

That’s right, folks, according to Doll Divine’s coders, when Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz fuse, they create a DIAMOND.

Pearl & Amethyst - Season 1 Analysis (PART 2)

Part 1 is HERE!

TLDR; At the start of the series, Pearl and Amethyst’s relationship was shown to be a bit rocky (pardon the pun). However, it was also implied that this was not always the case. Season 1, in many regards, was set-up for Pearl and Amethyst’s growth in the seasons to follow.


Giant Woman

(This episode is big, so it gets its own post!)

The episode begins with Pearl and Amethyst playing checkers. At first, Pearl says she is impressed with Amethyst. However, after Amethyst teases Pearl (while twirling her hair), they get overly competitive. 

Pearl nags Amethyst about her style of fighting, which prompts Amethyst to mention Opal. Amethyst also tells Pearl that she’s “no fun anymore”. This is another hint that Pearl and Amethyst’s relationship wasn’t always so tense.

Many episodes later in “Last One Out of Beach City”, Amethyst’s opinion of Pearl is much different. Perhaps they are going back to the way they were before the start of the show?

Interestingly, while not having a very positive opinion about EACH OTHER in this scene, both Pearl and Amethyst praise Opal greatly.

Amethyst also mentions that she does not dance like Pearl. 

However, she DOES dance like Pearl… many episodes later, in “Log Date 7 15 2″. Pearl also takes on Amethyst’s dance style in “Steven’s Birthday”.

At this point, Garnet arrives home. Once Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven are given their mission to retrieve the Heaven Beetle, Garnet asks Steven to “keep the harmony”. Pearl and Amethyst don’t looked pleased about this order.

Once arriving, Steven asks them to fuse again. Pearl tells Steven that they only fuse for “deadly situations”. This is interesting, since in “Log Date 7 15 2″ they fuse to lift up a drill, and are not really in danger. This suggests this was just an easy excuse, at the time.

Steven proceeds to sing the famous “Giant Woman” song. Throughout this song, Pearl and Amethyst get on each others bad side. Steven, however, is excited because he “can’t wait to see the person you are together”, and suggests “you might even like being together”. This is likely foreshadowing for their relationship in future seasons/episodes.

After the song, Steven accidentally falls off a cliff. Despite fighting the entire episode, Pearl and Amethyst immediately work together to save him. Steven tells them “That was so great how you worked together! Why don’t you do that all the time?” Pearl and Amethyst contemplate this statement for a moment, but decide to go back to bickering.

Once on top of the spire, everyone is attacked by a corrupted gem. Finally, Steven is able to convince Pearl and Amethyst to fuse. Amethyst seems to be pretty into the dance/fusion, while Pearl only attempts to fuse halfheartedly. She also looks away in disgust at Amethyst’s dance moves.

Interestingly, in the future short “Gem Karaoke”, Pearl’s reaction to to Amethyst’s dance is very different. She even blushes, slightly!

Furthermore, this failed fusion dance is in sharp contrast to their fusion dance in later seasons, particularly “Log Date 7 15 2″.

However, back to the current episode, Amethyst points out Pearl’s lack of cooperation. Instead of denying this, Pearl looks away with a shameful look on her face. This suggests that she knew she was being difficult with Amethyst, but doesn’t want to admit it at the moment.

Shortly after this scene, Steven is eaten by the corrupted gem monster. Finally, because of their shared worry/love for Steven, they are able to fuse into Opal and save the day.

In the book “Guide to the Crystal Gems”, Opal is described as follows: “Amethyst and Pearl are extremely powerful when they are willing to work together in the form of Opal. Amethyst’s ability to live in the moment along with Pearl’s obsessive single-mindedness results in a stable fusion. Opal achieves a sense of peace in that balance that Amethyst and Pearl rarely experience on their own. At times, Opal is so calm and at peace that she forgets the task at hand.” This says a lot about Pearl and Amethyst’s relationship, overall.

Opal’s bow and arrow might also be symbolic of Amethyst and Pearl’s relationship. Each item, on its own, isn’t horribly powerful. But when combined together, they are. You can’t have one without the other!

After saving Steven, Opal returns to the temple. It would seem that Opal had plans to stick around after the battle was over, despite the fact that Pearl said earlier they only fused for deadly situations. 

However, this is short-lived. Opal vanishes when Pearl and Amethyst realize they forgot the heaven beetle. Luckily, Steven had it! After complimenting Steven on helping his teammates to fuse, the episode ends with Pearl and Amethyst looking awkwardly at the floor, likely thinking about the day’s events.



If you think I missed anything in the episode above, let me know! Maybe I’ll add on!

✨💖bitches all want gold but i want opal💖✨

Triple Double

Peedee clues in Steven and Amethyst on the existence of a secret menu at Beach Citywalk Fries that only the most loyal customers are allowed to order from. Amethyst becomes obsessed with proving her worthiness of obtaining the coveted “Rodeo Cheeseburger,” a mysterious burger Peedee isn’t even sure actually exists that’s said to topped with a cowboy hat and smothered in secret sauce, but she’ll need to solve a series of increasingly-difficult challenges. When the final test proves to be too much to handle on her own, she has to convince Pearl to fuse into Opal to win the burger of her dreams. 

Pink Opal! I fused @pizzapupperroni‘s Pink Pearl with 8XJ from the Famethyst. :D I saw THIS drawing in my suggested posts a few days ago and just had to fuse them. I figured, if our Pearl and Amethyst make Opal, then Pink Pearl and an Amethyst make a Pink Opal!

It was fun and difficult coming up with a design for their fusion. Naturally, Opals have great fire and lots of colors, but at the same time, I tried to stick to an overall pinkness despite being in Blue’s court. c: I loved the hair, sticking with how 8XJ has that oooooone Rose Quartz-y curl, and turning it into their Opal’s loooong beautiful hair.

c: Lineart by @sparkly-jizz. <3

townwitch  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you're still doing requests if youd wanna fuse my gensona, Eggy Opal, with any one of your amazing gemsonas! Also i super love your art 💖💖💖 i put a reference in your submit box! 😋

Here it is! I guess eggy and siam will form purple amber together? it was fun drawing themXD


Summary: Homeworld’s back once more, and the Crystal Gems are giving them a run for their money. However, Lapis Lazuli gets caught up in her past, and as a result, someone gets poofed.

She doesn’t react very well.

[AO3] [FF.Net]

Lapis hated this.

The entire situation was too much like the last war for Lapis’s tastes, but she continued to fight. She tried to comfort herself that at least time she chose to get involved in this battle, but really, what other choice did she have? Fight or be shattered?

So she ignored the way her chest seized up and the way her throat tightened and fought on.

After all, she had people relying on her.

Homeworld had returned to Earth. The cat had been let out of the bag about the Crystal Gems, Steven, and the Cluster, so, of course, Yellow Diamond was not about to stand by and let the Earth continue to peacefully exist.

She’d sent more than just Rubies this time. It wasn’t as large a force as it would have been in the past, but the gems were effective enough at their job.

Lapis’s water whipped through the air. She effortlessly manipulated it, going on the attack then switching to defense and back once more as easily as twitching a finger. As Garnet had reminded her, while they waited for the ships to approach and tried to take out as many as possible with the light cannons, she had once easily handled all the Crystal Gems with a cracked gem. She could more than hold her own on the battlefield as long as she focused.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever imagined Pearlmethyst having a duet. Like maybe an angsty one where we go back in time and they're arguing. Or maybe it's the present and Steven is playing the ukulele while they sing together. Because I think about it. A LOT.

Yeeeees! Aimee Mann (Opal) is Rebecca Sugar’s favorite singer. I will be very amazed if she doesn’t get a song, at some point. My shipping dream is to have Amethyst and Pearl start singing something together, and then halfway into the song they fuse and Opal does the last verse. It could be a sad song, a happy song, or both. I just think it would be amazing.