fused clothing

Here are the cuties :3. I love them so much so I had to draw them together because, you know, they’re my OTP.
And I want to draw Stevonnie?? Fusing their clothes?? Maybe??…if I don’t feel too lazy…Uggh.. And yes, this is part of the 80′s thing I’m drawing and the next one is Lapis ;)

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so I’ve seen people talk about the symbolism of the extra bodyparts that manifest when gems fuse, but what about the clothes?

Garnet talked about how fusion is about gems inventing themselves together, and I just kinda wanna talk about how the fusions’ clothing plays into that.

Malachite is an unstable fusion held together by hate who looks messed up physically. Lapis and Jasper have never fused before, they don’t really care about each other and don’t care to know anything about each other. Malachite’s clothes are basically Lapis’ top and Jasper’s verbatim, and that’s it. No redesigning, no exploration, no care.

Sugilite is a relatively unstable fusion due to Garnet’s and Amethyst’s personalities combining into something that’s a little more… impulsive than thoughtful. Since they’re unstable together, it’s probably safe to assume that Sugilite is a last measure and that Garnet and Amethyst don’t fuse often. Sugilite’s clothing is a very logical conclusion from Garnet and Amethyst’s; it looks almost like their clothes were just hastily overlaid on top of each other and mashed together.

Opal’s a little different. She’s a pretty stable fusion, when nothing unexpected is going on. Without getting too much into thoughts about Pearl and Amethyst’s complex relationship, I’m going to hazard a guess that because they’re mostly stable, Pearl and Amethyst used to fuse more than Garnet and Amethyst did, and Opal has probably been formed a good number of times. Opal’s clothing is different from Malachite’s and Sugilite’s - it’s not a direct mashup of Pearl and Amethyst’s regular clothing. It’s reminiscent of the two of them, and it definitely makes sense, but Opal’s clothes would look very different if, like Malachite and Sugilite, pieces of each gem’s clothes were just taken and put together on the same body.

And then there’s Garnet. Ruby and Sapphire have been fused as Garnet for a very long time and are super close. Garnet’s design makes a whole bunch of sense, but again, is very different from if Ruby and Sapphire’s designs were just mashed together without care. There are elements present on Garnet’s outfit that do logically follow from Ruby and/or Sapphire’s outfits but are not explicitly present and are more of an extrapolation or a creation than a mashup.

What I’m getting at here is that I think a fusion’s clothing is just as indicative of gems’ relationships and how well they know each other as other aspects of their designs. Which isn’t surprising, I mean, that’s how good character design works after all! So like, I think a first-time fusion’s clothes would be more straightforward than a fusion who gets formed over and over again made up by two gems who know each other very well and know themselves very well in the context of their relationship.

(mildly nsfw/discussion of nudity and sex to follow, it’s all mostly clinical)

Speaking of clothes and the fact that Gems’ clothed are fused to their bodies, I always get a little weirded out when people draw or narrate Gems undressed or undressing in a manner that’s supposed to be titillating or hot I guess, not because I’m in any way baffled by people’s ability to sexualize basically anything but because in the ‘universe’ of that work it’s usually suggested that the Gem themselves is trying to suggest this is way hot, when that makes literally no sense for how we know the Gems work.

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