fuse with kami


The first character in my analysis series is none other than Piccolo, the character in Dragonball who, in my opinion, has the most depth. Honestly, I used to not pay too much attention to Piccolo. I mean, I always thought he was cool, but “so is everyone” would be my logic. Recent years though, I’ve felt respect for him much more consistently. At once he is calm, analytical, and grim. Yet at the same time he’s completely fierce and savage. It’s sometimes hard to remember, but his mannerisms and outlook on life, as well as his physiology is completely alien. What I like about him? He represents the deeper part of Dragonball, and he arguably has the best character development out of all the cast. His development isn’t painstakingly, insufferably slow like Vegeta’s, however it’s gradual, and not a relatively quick transition like Tien’s.  It’s the most realistic by far. He goes from being the complete negative energy of God, to being humbled twice by Goku (including King Piccolo). Which leads him down a path of training for 5 years. It didn’t necessarily change him, but it looked like the solitude and self reflection calmed him a bit, making him more intelligent and less prideful. Then, teaming up with his greatest enemy, and spending a year with Gohan began to change his heart for the better. By the time the Saiyan’s arrived he’s calm enough to fight with the earthlings further, and by Namek, Krillin seems to have become his companion as well, more or less. And then…he goes back to earth. If you think about it, from Raditz’s arrival, Piccolo has been influence back and forth nonstop, and even someone as brooding as him begins to change. He just fused with Nail, who’s good nature sways him a bit, and he’s just seen the planet of his people. Now he’s back to his home, with something he never knew he would have. Companions. Friends even. He’s aloof of course, (not because he’s shy or some weird theory like that) because he’s still so different from the rest. But he loves Gohan, and has fought beside the others. They’ve grown on him. Even Goku. It happened so gradually and naturally that him acting like he turned on them when he went to fuse with Kami surprised the hell out of all of them. I loved how they were “oh yeah…we haven’t really signed a document that makes Piccolo in our official friend club. Ooops.” However, when he fuses with Kami, the God’s personality further calms him and gives him additional insight. It aids him in calling the shots both in the Android Saga and Buu Saga. There’s really not much I dislike about Piccolo, that I can think of.

  He’s not perfect, but he doesn’t have a lot of obvious flaws that aren’t me just being pedantic. His training is extremely overpowered sometimes, but it’s not a flaw per say. He knew all of Kami’s tricks, and Kami knows how to train someone to grow exponentially in power. I do love his relationship with a few characters. Gohan is obvious. Piccolo is now his uncle pretty much, and they both share a bond that’s so pure, even though it’s so strange. I really enjoy how Piccolo can play the part of Obi-Wan mentor, yet also be this independent power and character all on his own.

I think my favorite friendship Piccolo has is with Goku.

After Frieza, they’re just buddies. They respect one another, and they do so well as training partners and friends. One is trusting and open, and the other is brooding and cool, and it works.

“Heeey buddy! Wanna get stronger?”

“Let’s do it.”

I also love how, for some warped reason, every DBZ movie, Krillin is scared shitless of Piccolo. DeadZone, World’s Strongest, Tree of Might, Bojack Unbound. Krillin even has to mess with him in Broly the 2nd Coming with that outfit lol. Like “ok Piccolo is nowhere around so I’ll make fun of him.”

Tien and Piccolo really bond in the Android Arc. Honestly, they probably do it because they are the only two there that don’t trust Vegeta. Because both of them used to be in his shoes, and they both took their chance at redemption. But Vegeta is still walking around bragging about how he’ll kill Goku and finish the rest of them off eventually. I think Piccolo and Tien have mutual respect as being the introverts of the Z-Warriors too. They both rely on skill as well as strength, and both have best friends who barely reach their waist (Tien and Piccolo are huge too. Keep in mind the average man in Japan is 5 feet 5 inches. Tien is 6′1 and Piccolo is over 7 feet.)

I think his voice actors did well. At least in the dubs. Chris Sabat really shows his powerful but calm side, while Scott Mcneil really shows his alien nature with those radical screams and fighting spirit.

All in all, Piccolo is smart, capable, powerful, and an odd character in the series of fighters who really show a lot of passion and emotion. I feel like DBZ wouldn’t be the same without Piccolo. Awesome character.

I feel like I finally have a bit of a good idea for XV!Clarinet’s character and story, so OC rant below, yay!

First of all, DBL Clarinet and XV!Clarinet are different characters, so that’s something to keep in mind. DBL Clarinet is just a cameo in my story and has no impact, so whenever I talk about Clarinet - I’m referring to his Xenoverse iteration.

In the Xenoverse universe, Clarinet spawned from one of the mutated eggs of King Piccolo in a timeline where he fused with Kami and defeated Goku, ruling over the world. Clarinet wasn’t as evil as his brothers and was considered a failure once he refused to kill defenseless humans - this costed him a position in the demon clan, and was hunted down to be disposed of, no kindness of any kind was allowed among them.

When Shenron summoned him, Clarinet was furious - he was taken out of his (broken and incorrect) timeline to help someone do GOOD deeds? Dude, no. He rebelled to Trunks and wanted to do his own bidding, but Trunks defeated him and gave him two options - help him correct the anomalies of time, or go back to his timeline and be erased with it once it’s corrected. With such options given, Clarinet stopped fighting back and reluctantly decided to work with him.

At first he was VERY angry about his job. Clarinet didn’t like helping people, but he did like beat the shit out of others - if anything, that was something he could do. He didn’t rebel as much as the first time, but he still gave Trunks hell, like threatening Goku instead of directly fighting Raditz, finding the Ginyu Force to be charming and wanting to join them rather than defeat them - those kinds of things. But at least his bullshit was manageable, despite the headaches that it gave to Trunks.

What started to change him a little bit was seeing so many of those he protected die regardless. It doesn’t seem like much, but seeing so much death took a toll on him, especially since his job required him to protect the same people over and over from different time anomalies and powerful enemies. With time he became mostly fond of Trunks (whose death during the Cell games really did do a number on Clarinet) and Gohan, who always seemed happy to see him during the parallel quests, as if he retained some memories of past events involving Clarinet’s help - most likely during the Frieza saga. 

So, a vengeful, angry, really impossible to deal with Clarinet became a calmer, simply annoyed and irritated one. He stopped giving Trunks trouble, especially after saving him from the anomaly that would have caused him to disappear, and became more cooperative during the missions. He was still irritated, snarky and pretty sarcastic, but at least he wasn’t a mean asshole who threatened others for fun. And that’s the Clarinet of the present - he hasn’t changed.

As for his master, he chose Perfect Cell. The reason for it is that Cell is powerful enough to give him a good challenge when training, and he’s supportive while still being a bit of a dick about it. The Cell that teaches him comes from an erased timeline, so he knows that it’s either “behave and you can stay” or “get erased as well” just like with Clarinet. The two haven’t really bonded on a friendship level, but Clarinet really looks up to him and enjoys his attitude and jokes. 

And as a plus, Clarinet gets to babysit the Cell Jrs. He hates it but he either does it or Cell quits being his teacher, so he’s stuck with those brats.


Something that’s kind of bugged me in DBZ and DBS is Vegeta was supposedly undefeated until he met Goku.

Now that he fights alongside Goku(however reluctantly he does so), I keep seeing a pattern that’s getting annoying. He gets a few minutes to beat up the Big Bad and then he’s smacked down and defeated like it’s nothing.

Vegeta often gets to kill the minions of the Big Bad, but never the Big Bad.

So what happened to this undefeated Saiyajin prince? Why is everyone second fiddle to Goku?

It just…bugs me! Okay, I can understand Tien, Chaotsu, Krillin and Yamcha backing off because there’s no way they can keep up.

But Piccolo? He was badass and after he fused with Kami he got hella strong…until Perfect Cell. Then guess what? Sidelined. I really hated how Piccolo got sidelined as nearly useless in battle against anyone other than the Big Bad’s minions. 

But now I see it happening to Vegeta too and it’s so frustrating.

I really, really, really want to see Vegeta beat Goku Black. He deserves that win. >.<;;