Remember, remember! The fifth of November! Happy #bonfirenight for tomorrow folks. Keep your pets indoors 😻

Shout out to our talented @fridulph for this one!

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So yeah, in news besides my recent discovery of the existence of season 7, I’ve been doodling all my nindroid ocs (plus a cryptor) today, and am actually starting to realize how many i have. this is too many. Kinda wish i had my computer right now though so I could draw some cool colored ninjago pics…


Artist Fuses Vintage Photographs with Present-Day Paris to Make History Come Alive

These historical composites layered over modern day scenes showcase the timeless postcard perfection and rich narratives that flow through the streets of Paris. By combining past and present portraits of the famous French capital, art director Julien Knez showcases just how many changes the City of Lights has seen over the past 100 years.