I found a nice settings for a brush and felt in love with it. Lines are so soft and kinda blurried and that’s why i liked it so much!

So i decided to test this brush in action and drew a fuse of Harrison and Nerris /didn’t create a name for this/ and it looks… Nice? I dunno, but still, i like how it came out and hope you like it too.
Here is some facts abt the fusion:
- about 20 y.o.
- hermaphrodite even despite the fact, what it looks more like a girl
- very artistic and cheerful person
- might be arrogant tho
- loves both tricks and fantasy stuff /probably best fan of Tolkien’s books/

I just saw that the vlive stream regarding the comeback, is called “BTS news, Comeback special”.

They make it sounds like they’re going to drop something huge alongside the comeback. Maybe that weird thing what everyone is feeling lately, something that will shock us. And after what I read on Twitter today, about the interview from Billboard/Fuse with Rapmon and after mentioning it, he suddenly wrote like he was answering Rapmon, I’m getting more and more anxious about everything.

Doesn’t that sounds like it’s something important, that would make people look different at bts, and that they are scared and searching for support?

I’m not implying anything like it’s jikook, but it could be a one possible things that they search support for.

… Scared me is at it again \°3°/

And sorry for rambling, it’s like 1 AM here +_+


Gold Audio

Apparently using gold plate in hi-end audio equipment sounds better because:

Gold is highly resistant to corrosion or oxidation, so prevents poor connections from those sources.It is also fairly soft, so the mating surfaces deform slightly, increasing contact area to reduce resistance. The gold plating is very thin, so the added resistance from the gold is easily overcome by its other properties. 

When I saw this gold plate fuse I just had to use it.  It looks like it’s fairly simple but I did have to pop the fuse so the pins went right through. It’s available in my Etsy shop.