It wasn’t often the Supernatural came to Smokes little town, and when it did they were usually drove away by the odd hunters that lived here or the creatures that were accepted here.

Smoke had been stealthily tailing thus creature for awhile now, wanting to find out who and what they were, and why they had that funny aura that seemed to almost scare everyone else,

All he had to do was remain quite, unless the thing knew it was being tailed which was highly unlikely…

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“Well, this is unfortunate… ” Unfortunate probably wasn’t the best word to use, but Smoke wasn’t thinking at the moment. Who would be in his position? Crouched over someone who seemed Lifeless. Blood on his face and the person on the floor. Luckily he looked human at the moment. He had changed back in time. How was he going to explain this? “Don’t… Don’t run, or scream… I can uh… I can explain… I swear…” Thank God it was dark,


Smoke liked water. You’d think It’d be something he disliked with what he is but he loves it. Swimming was one of the ways he exercised. People didn’t often go to lakes or rivers so they were perfect.

He was doing that now ; Swimming. He had shorts on of course, not like he needed them. He was woged. Fur covered his body and he had claws instead of finger/toe nails. His face had fur as well and features of a fox. Thankfully there was nobody around to see him.