Featured in 17th issue of Fur magazine. Enjoy my mini interview


FUR Magazine 17th Edition 

: Muse

“ Sing to me of the man , Muse , the man of twists and turns
driven time and again off course…”

The opening of one of the most famous epic poems throughout history reminds us that we are just shells that continuously filled by the music and poetry of Divine inspiration . We are still not understood what is “inspiration” although we called it feminine way. For many of us “inspiration” is still a Goddess even when many temples become ruins and paradise only exist in poetry .

That Goddess was very humble and yet mysterious because we can find her lived in the hubbub of the market or a quiet corner of our room . She was very quiet but not shy when we asked her to come . This Poem issue is our delayed greeting to her. That morning when we drink coffee with her, complaining and telling stories, she said,
“ At the touch of love , everyone can be a poet “
Instantly we fall in love .

* Perhaps there are readers who refute and determine the words above are from Plato , forgetting a goddess can turn into anyone she wants .

Rumi Siddharta
Editor in Chief 

Amna Oriana 
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Rifat Attamimi
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