Avex (big music label in Japan) held an aidoru audition. It’s not ordinary aidoru, but “Yankee audition”.

Yankee here doesn’t mean Yankee in the English sense. It’s street rogues who ride around in motor bikes, making noise.

They don in specific attire, as in the pic. They are basically 不良, they are proud to be ones.

The concept is interesting. It’s more surprising that a big company like Avex would hold such a bizarre audition.

The application deadline has passed.

I’m looking forward to see how their music video will come out.

Supplement picture to this article.

When you’ve meet with Japanese businessmen, you’ll have noticed that none of them dyed their hair silver blond or any conspicuous color.

In Japanese compulsory schools, dying one’s hair is prohibited.

The ban is an incentive for furyou (不良)to dye their hair. Not only that, they think it’s cool.

Image Google with 水商売 キャバクラ. You’ll notice that most of them dye their hair.

Dying is a symbol of asobinin (遊び人)…which probably came from there.

Also gyaru like to dye their hair.