toner; a mitchsen fanfic

A/N: This one’s not my greatest work. I lost my muse halfway through and had to push through it; please put up with my awful writing!

Title: Toner

Fandom: Pitch Perfect

Pairing: Mitchsen (Aubrey x Beca)

Rating: M

Summary: No sex on the desks is one rule at the station. When Aubrey shows up with a ‘surprise’ for Beca, they break a few more.

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nothings pt 1, a mitchsen fanfic

title: nothings pt 1

pairing: aubrey posen & beca mitchell (mitchsen)

fandom: pitch perfect

rating: nc-17/m whatever you prefer

summary: aubrey and beca have meaningless conversations and debaucherise the chaubrey apartment. 

a/n: fluffy and slightly smutty piece i decided to write for whatever reason between the hours of 12-3am this morning. please don’t hate me. un'beta-d and probably not very good considering the time but anyway

nothings pt 1 because it’s just a random snippet of mitchsen life

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biology, a mitchsen fanfic

title: biology

pairing: aubrey posen & beca mitchell (mitchsen)

fandom: pitch perfect

rating: nc-17/m whatever you prefer

summary: aubrey helps beca ‘study’ for her exams.

a/n: this was going to be another part of ’nothings’ but i decided it could work well as a standalone too so yea. basically pwp, un-beta’d, don’t hate me.

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