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daiya act II spoilers


Okay but Furuya probably started calling Harucchi ‘Haruchi’ around the time Kuramochi started calling him Haruichi as well. He probably asked if he could ask him Haruichi too. Or maybe Kuramochi heard Furuya call him Kominato and he was all ‘Just call him Haruichi’ Hah! 

AND EIJUN, he’s all, “Haha! Finally Satoru-kun has grown into a man. For that, you may address me as Eijun from now own.” And Furuya is annoyed but he does call him Eijun anyways pfft.






💖 Some Daiya no Valentines in the last few hours of Valentine’s Day ‘16 💖 

I would’ve loved to draw more of the baseball sons + lame pick up lines, but this is all I had the energy to crank out. Kuramochi’s is my favorite. Who would you choose? (*^∀゚)

Secret Seido Baseball Club Rankings

A man that is loved by other men / 男が惚れる男!!!

  • #1 is Tetsu-san♥
  • #2 is Jun-san ♥
  • #3 is Ryo-san♥
  • #4 is Chris-san♥
  • #5 is Kanemaru♥

That’s Seido style men’s way of life!

Facing strong opponents, overcoming weakness, bonds with your comrades….that’s the moments when their chivalry is shown!


  • #1 is Kuramochi!
  • #2 is Haruichi!
  • #3 is Nakata!
  • #4 is Endou
  • #5 is Asou

Battle that determines the ‘King of Games’.

In the final game Haruichi misread wind’s direction and because of that regretful miss Kuramochi got the easy victory!!

A person who seems to become a big shot

  • #1 is Furuya!!!
  • #2 Tetsu-san!
  • #3 is Ryosuke-san!
  • #4 is Miyuki!
  • #5 is Sawamura!

I want him as my little brother

  • #1 is Haruichi♥
  • #2. Special appearance! Mei♥
  • #3 is Sawamura!
  • #4 is Toujou!
  • #5 is Kanemaru! 

Fujiwara: Little brother-kun is the best!

Natsukawa: He is awesome while playing and he has high points as he can be Sawamura’s companion. And it’s also good when he’s shy after he gets a hit!

Yoshikawa: Haruichi-kun is really popular with senpais. The 2nd is…Narumiya from Inajitsu!?

Umemoto: That’s my recommendation. Isn’t it okay to include another school!? I want to become a big sister with ll my power!!

I want him as my older brother

  • #1 is Jun-san!!!
  • #2 is Tetsu-san!
  • #3 is Ryosuke-san!
  • #4 is Miyuki! xD
  • #5 is Chris-senpai!

Fujiwara: Isashiki-kun is popular

Umemoto: It’s very manly when he casually backs you up from the shadows!

Yoshikawa: In that meaning I think Chris-senpai is very charming how he takes care of Sawamura like a dog….

Natsukawa: Miyuki-kun has nasty personality,but it seems like he’ll  protect you when needed.

Who’ll be cute dressed up as a woman

  • #1 is Haruichi (◍•ᴗ•◍)
  • #2 is Ryosuke-san!
  • #3 is Toujou!
  • #4 is Furuya
  • #5 is Watanabe

Yoshikawa: Kominato brothers have looks that may look really great with make-up

Natsukawa: They both are also slender, even if you make them wear onepiece, it seems like it’ll just normally suit them

Umemoto: Furuya-kun will be in Japanese clothes!

Fujiwara: If Watanabe-kun dresses as a woman, he seems to become like Japanese doll. His skin is white too. I want to make Toujou-kun wear something like flashy red dress

This Seido rankings were made by cute girl managers~


Seiyuu Spotlight
Touru Furuya 古谷 徹

Birthdate/place: July 31, 1953 in Yokohama, Japan.

Most notable roles:

  • Hyuuma Hoshi in Kyojin no Hoshi
  • Yamcha in Dragon Ball series
  • Kyouske Kasuga in Kimagure Orange Road
  • Amuro Ray in MS Gundam
  • Mamoru Chiba in Sailor Moon
  • Pegasus Seiya in Saint Seiya
  • Aka Red in Super Sentai series
  • Kosaku Tokita in Paprika

Other relevant roles:

  • Mario in Peach-hime Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! (movie)
  • Suppaman in Dr. Slump
  • Feff in Macross II: Lovers Again
  • Abel in Dragon Quest: Abel Yuusha Densetsu
  • Andrew Fork in Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
  • Kousaku Sakamoto in Stop! Hibari kun
height differences

{daiya no ace} → furuya!centric ; furuya/haruichi | wc; 1162

in which haruichi is underestimated and furuya really doesn’t understand why

note: old drabbles - purely for archiving purposes

Furuya has met a lot of batters in his time.

Just 15 years old from a no name junior high school and already he has several reporters trailing after him and masses of fangirls with their shrill coos of ‘Furuya kun’s and Furuya thinks that he might hate it.

A name is sloppily being forced over his head, stitched messily onto the back of his jersey; printed just underneath the number he’s worked so hard to get. The monster rookie. And it’s no wonder that scouts are searching for him, seeking him out; scribbling down statistics and analysing his pitches.

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(I hope you don’t mind me making this sorta-crack. Also, this can be part two of the Sawamura Eijun fanclub. Dunno.)
(Warnings: cussing. out of character-ness, i suppose.)


“We need to set an intervention,” is Miyuki’s solemn declaration, folding his arms in front of him. His figure, casually leaning on the wall of an indoor training gym, is foreboding and deceptive; while his body language speaks of nonchalance, Koushuu can feel the the aura rolling off of him in waves, not unlike Furuya when the pitcher is on the mound. But Miyuki is neither donning the catcher’s gear nor equipped with a helmet and bat, instead clad in plain work clothes, and a wolf mask in face. (Which fools nobody, but that’s not the point.)

It was Koushuu’s fourth meeting for the Sawamura Eijun club.

And today, their current concern is how players from other teams seem to be.. extremely interested in their southpaw pitcher.

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- Furuya-kun pitched well.
- Yeah, he pitched like a true ace.

[Daiya no Ace] Brand New Blue drama cd translation

I’m too in love with Eijun and Ohsaka Ryouta so I bought my own copy of the newest ending “Brand New Blue”!!!!!! I have decided to contribute something to the Daiya fandom so I did a ‘rough’ translation of the drama CD~! 

This is ‘rough TL’ because both Japanese and English aren’t my main languages but I hope you enjoy! my confidence is at least 80%

I’m gonna miss these dorks I swear now that the anime ended. 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

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anonymous asked:

How would Kuramochi, Miyuki, Furuya, Chris, Raichi and the Third years react when their S.O is saying their first name for the first time?

ahhhh, this is scenario always so cute c:

Tetsu: “Tetsuya!!” They finally found him before they had to leave before his upcoming match. He was shocked to see them and even more shocked to hear his first name. “Good luck!” He was feeling a lot more confident after that.

Isashiki: “Jun…” His s/o complained as he was glued onto his shoujo manga. “H-hey!!” His full attention was now in them after hearing his first name. “Don’t use my first name so easily like that!” he was totally blushing after that.

Ryosuke: “Ryosuke, see you tomorrow.” His s/o waved and he just had to stop them. “I’ll see you tomorrow too, _______.” He also used their first name causing them to turn red.

Chris: “C-Chris!” His s/o surprised him bu peering out of no where as he was working on some things. “Chris?” He repeated and saw them behind him. “You are Chris right?” They continued and nudged him. “That’s right.” He chuckled. “You should use it more often.”

Miyuki: “Kazuya. Kazuya. Kazuya!!” Miyuki’s s/o kept saying his name as they both laid together on his bed. “I let you say it once and you say it three times instead.” “I like your name a lot, that’s why, Kazuya.” “Well, it sounds good coming from you!” He turned to his s/o and hugged them tight.

Kuramochi: “Yoichi!!” Kuramochi’s s/o called out to the male as he was leaving practice. He was startled to hear his first name but once he saw his s/o he lit up. “Who gave you permission to use my first name?” He teased them as he picked them up in a hug and spun them around. “You have to keep calling me that now.”

Furuya: “Satoru..” Furiya’s s/o was sitting across from him at lunch. “Satoru-kun..” Furuya was already blushing from hearing his name once he couldn’t handle hearing it again. “Satoru-san. Satoru-” “Just Satoru us okay..” Furuya said quietly to his s/o as his cheeks were a shade of red.

Raichi: “Raichi!” His s/o sang to him as they walked next to each other. “I like the sound of that!” They added. Raichi was so flustered by the fact you used his first name that he could only look at you with his large eyes. “It’s okay to call you Raichi, right?” He nodded his head, “I-I like that a lot!”

[drabble] Stop and Go

A quick drabble inspired by something I saw on the way home today.

AU. Misawa. Where Eijun jumps out of Haruichi’s car to give his number to the guy in the lane next them. Yes, in the middle of traffic.

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