| Toudou Heisuke —“Hakuouki” |

I wanted to draw something related to a scene of a private RP thread that @shippingduck & I like to write! So here it is, Heisuke holding the little street pup “Yokai” that Chie adopted later~❤️

—Pssst! by the way! I got inspired by a Kaze Hikaru´s artwork!

i love when I go on ifunny and see implied/related saigenos stuff in the opm tag and butthurt anime elitist #nerdboys call the posters shit like “faggot” and “kys” and i saw one that said “you ruined opm for me”

im sorry

they ruined opm?

hate to break it to ya, buddy ol pal

but uh

have you seen

why do you guys act like its so awful and “cancerous” like you didnt expect it?

r u sure ur following the right fandom