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Airin’s Birthday


Yes, it’s my birthday!

Thank you for your messages

I spent my birthday while watching Game Center CX so I had a great time

I’ll keep doing my best to make some illustrations which can satisfy you

Picture: Why aren’t I getting older… Why aren’t I getting older… What is a year

(In speech bubble): Everyone thank you!!


Happy Dirthday!




It seems as though the person who’s birthday it is is not looking at Twitter

It looks like she is watching Game Center CX

On LINE we are sending messages to each other so I’m not expecting an exchange on Twitter


Woah! I just got congratulations from Akane-chan wow!!!

You need to tell me that Transit Girls is on !!!


Hm? Are you emotionally unstable?

I told you to watch it last week too, idiot!


Happy biiiiiiiirthday!!!

Come over again to play anytime you want ( ̄▽ ̄)


Thank youuuuuuu

I accept to sleep over (*´▽`*)w

ちびあいりん(本物) ‏@chibiairin_f


I couldn’t go to today’s theater performance but,
Rena-san figure while singing 2588 days during the concert was incredibly beautiful, It was really great.
Rena-san’s smiling face was really really beautiful until the end♪
I’m glad I met Rena-san♪♪
Congratulations on your graduation♪♪

Matsui Rena official blog March 30th 2015  22:54


Rena speaking

Today was Airin last stage.
I couldn’t attend it and I won’t be there either tomorrow for her last handshake event. That makes me really really sad, and yesterday when we realized how it was our last moment together in SKE, I couldn’t help but cry a little.

I’m sure Airin is stoic, or should I say, she certainly completed her last performance in the theater with professionalism, didn’t she? That’s what I’m thinking.

She has been by my side for so long, before I knew it her presence had become countless times more important to me than I thought, I like her so much, all in me screams that I don’t want to be separated from her.
But I’m sending her off with a smile.
Because I want to see her accomplish what she wants to do.

I love Airin no matter what.


Furuyanagi Update/Churi Twitter

Since I had time before work today I went to the owl cafe in Sakae, which was refreshing.

Afterwards I went to eat ramen, which was very meaningful.

But when its night my physical condition crumbles

I want to do something about it

T/N: That’s Airi taking the picture, and she was also present for the ramen, as you can see. It’s fitting that Airin took the picture of Churi and the owl, considering Churi took the picture of Airin and this cat:

Also, here is the book’s sash I mentioned previously, as you can see Churi is on it. I hope the bird is featured at length in the book.

2014-09-21 10:29:11 Furukawa Airi's Ameba Blog

Lololol the usual Furuyanagiba


Furukawa(゜∀。*)Photos with Bird and Koro

Good morning!
This is Furukawa
who have liked deep blue clothes recently,
and come to buy only deep blue clothes.
Ato, the clothes are striped, okay?
But today I’m wearing black w
Because there were various photos in folder so I’ll publi~sh them

Photos, photos~

These two have good relationship, don’t they~?

Are, this kind of flow…no way



This flow

is liked←

There is a handshake meeting in Fukuoka today
While coming to it
Listening songs of THE BAWDIES-san in high volume in the car has made my tension rise up
Ah, the password of today is
「Stag stag stag stag beetle」
※The password isn’t compulsory
It’s okay only with the ones who want to do w
Those who don’t know how to do it, please ask
I’ll tell you w
The farewell with a sexy photo of Churi




2014-10-23 23:45:16 Furukawa Airi's Ameba Blog

They are just too dawwwwwwwwww!!!

I can’t resist!!! They sound exactly like a couple! (´Д` )


Furukawa(゜∀。*)Conversation with bird

Good evening!
Now, Churi began to talk
about her favourtie scent suddenly.
Bird 「What is my favourtie scent?」
Furu 「…」
Bird 「*chirp chirp chirp*」
Furukawa ignored
Bird 「No.1! Scalp’s scent (Hat’s)
No.2! Pillow’s and futon’s scent
No.3! Bird’s scent
So, which one!?」
Furukawa ignored
Bird 「The correct answer is surprising! First place is the scent of pillow and futon, and with that! It tied in the first place with scent of birdddddddd!
The second place(←?) the third place is scent of headdddddd!
*clap clap clap clap*!」

Then Furukawa began writing blog.

Churi often begins to talk in high tension somewhat like this.

That kind of Churi
began a quiz about her favourtie music next.

Today is also peaceful.

The story behind
Quiz has three multiple choices
Although I intended to answer only one
She seemed to end up announcing the best 3 results without thinking.
Even though I didn’t ask, she started speaking.
Today is also peaceful.
However, she apparently can’t stop coughing.
Meanwhile, I’m sorry for ignoring.
I think I’ll try to be kind to her.